Splinterlands Rental Income - Day 40


Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 1.12.08 AM.png

Alright, so it is day 40 of me using Splex.gg

The aim of this is to earn as much DEC as possible, achieving some sort of passive income from the Splinterlands game. So here is the breakdown

Breakdown Statistics
Card Value: $427.82
Cards Rented: 487/528
Rental Income: 33.94 DEC

Daily Revenue: USD$0.015

Rental Income till Date: 981.72 DEC

Now, that is pretty good. I mean, not a lot, but I guess, the rental income allows me to buy more cards, increasing my deck while gaining more cards to rent out and earn more rental income! So yea, lets see how well this goes!

Anyway, I have been delaying my post for today because something weird happened. Seemed as though splex.gg went down? Somehow, they stopped providing me with a fee, so not sure if my rentals are still being processed not. Really have to observe for the next few days


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