Introduce Razinee To Hive

My name is Razinee & this is my #introduce post about me!

I want to talk about computer and systems here. I like to play games and now, I play with #splinterlans.

splinterlands is a perfect #game and I enjoy! I don't have many cards now. so I'm #newbie yet!

When I see hive #blockchain, send post , talk about anything in a #decentralized space , I so happy!

All government have their lows about crypto but why we must limit ourselves!

Blockchain is so pretty and if you can be a part of it, it's very interesting!

so all hivers

I'm happy here, I talk in #freedom place & enjoy it!

I talk about myself, places, #computer, #technology, people, countries, #hive and #hive-engine tokens such #lassecash that it's very good token!

I hope enjoy and follow me and support with your #upvotes!

good luck! bye


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