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Hi Everyone!

A couple of days or weeks ago came my 1st Hive Birthday and 1st Year in playing #Splinterlands. If you had read my introduction blog, you already knew how and why I came here in Splinterlands. But if not, I will tell that again here 😆 :

At first I was hesitant to play Splinterlands because I thought I will be needing a lot of money in order to play like Axie Infinity. So I searched other #playtoearn games. Then one day my boss(also playing play-to-earn games) asked me if I know Splinterlands, I said I heard about it. Then he told me that for only $10.00 I can start playing it. I did not believe him because I need to have cards in order to play and cards are expensive, that's when he explained to me about the Renting System of the game. I got interested and I tried it and I liked it. And here I am still on it. To be honest, I did not think that I can be here for a year. Because besides from Mobile Legends, there are no other mobile games that I keep on playing for a year. Well, the "play-to-earn" factor is one of the reason, but along the way I started to enjoy this game more and more, and I also started to crave for more wins, I enjoy this game more than ever.




On my 1 year of playing Splinterlands, there are so many things that I have experience for the first time. The first to list is the "Play-to-earn" feature. I have played many games before but this is the only game that I am playing at the same time I am earning. Because of this, I have enjoyed this game more.

I remember my first cards that I got from a Daily Quest Rewards is Demented Shark and from the Season Chest is Nigthmare. I'm not knowledgeable that time that on how to get more chest on Daily Chest and Season Chest. Then a couple of days has passed, a new rewards cards has been released. After some DQ, I got my first Epic Card which is the Djinn Chwala. I was in awe that time to get an Epic Card. It's like a very rare occurrence for me 😁. Then I got my first Legendary by October which is the Djinn Oshannus. I was very happy and excited when I saw my chest wiggling. I was really in need of funds that time because of a medical reason, that's is why I was bery happy. I was able to sell Djinn Oshannus for around $40. Then the next day it goes up to $60. I was regretful at first. I thought that I should have HODL it, but still I got what I needed for the Medical so I thought it was okay. 😁.

Then on December 2021. just days before Christmas. I got my very first LEGENDARY GOLD FOIL!!! which is the Zyvax Vuul. A Dragon Monster from the Chaos Legion Pack. When opening a Pack you will know what Rarity of that card by hovering the mouse pointer on the card. With that, I have known that I got a Legendary Card. So when I click to flip it, it wiggles then to my surprise it shine. I was literally staring at my monitor that time. I can't believe it. I am very very happy. For those you got their first LGF, I know you know what I mean. 😃

So now, this is my Splinterland Profile or Status after a year. My Highest Rating is 3,543. With that Rating, I have gotten to Diamond 1 League. I have won a 4,216 battles out of 7,537 giving me a 55.94% win rate.

I planned to advance already to Champion League, then the 2-Day Rentals has been implemented. As a renter for the higher leagues, that makes it harder for me to go on a higher league. Then now that the DEC has been replaced by SPS as a reward, it much even harder for me to rent for a higher league that is why I am just playing up to Gold League now. But I know and understand that these updates is for the betterment of the game as a whole. I just need to adjust to these changes first then I will be on my way to the Champion League. 😄



I started playing Rising Star Games on December 2021. But I had to stop it because I can't consistently play it well on my phone that time. Then when I got a new phone this April, I continue on playing it.

As of this writing, I am on Level 49 already with the following stats below :

Cards : 125
Fans : 4,075
Luck : 1,551
Skill : 5,854
IM : 85

I think that this is a slow progress 😅. Because I have read on others post that they have reached this level by 2 months only or less while mine reached it by 4 months 😆. Still, a progress is a progress no matter how slow it is.

My goal and focus now is to reach Level 50 to unlock the Starbits Millionaire Mission. With that, I can earn an extra 10,000 Starbits a day. I just found out about the changes for the Millionaire Mission, that there will be an addition to the fans required for every succeeding Millionaire Mission. With that, I can still play it for a couple of days without a need to increase my fans since I already have 4000 fans. 😄

After I reach Level 50 my next goal is to unlock the Band Members Slot by completing all Local Gig Circuit Mission. For the longest time I really want to put a card on that Slots, but I think that is still a long way to go. 😅



I have never thought or seen myself that I will do Blogging or I am into Blogging. I always thought that I am not good in English, much more constructing sentences and paragraphs. When I am still studying, the English subject is the least of my favorite, if not, atleast it is one and my favorite is Math which is the opposite of it as some say. But still, here I am, writing blogs, although most of my blogs is about Splinterlands 😅.

My first blog was about an Introduction about myself. I explained there about my IGN, I write there a little bit about me, my Likes and Hobbies and about how and why I play Splinterlands as mention above. I started constructing my Introduction Post on December 2021 but posted it this March 2022. I really took my time doing that. One of the reason that it took that long is because I am not consistently giving it the time and effort needed to make it. The other one is that I really can't construct the sentences that I want to say. Thankfully I was able to finish it. Even now, I still have post or ideas that I have started but not yet finish. I just saved it on the Drafts and when something came on my mind, I will just add it up on the post 😅. If you are interested in my Introduction Post and want to read that, just click this link below 😁 :


On the right is my PeakD Status. As you can see there, I have accumulated a 113 Total Comments and a Vote Value of 0.00(0.003). I know that this is still very low, but I am working on this. As you can see on the graph, the Author and Curation Rewards have their Ups and Downs but my Account Growth is going up. I also plan to invest more on Hive Power as it will help my Curation Rewards as well as the Hive as a whole.



For Splinterlands, I will now pursue to be on the Champion League as I originally planned. I will also build my own deck now. I have tried building my deck in the past but emergencies arise where I am force to sell my cards, but now that my financials is much stable compare to the time I started playing Splinterlands, I am confident that I can build my deck even atleast up to silver league of modern format. 😁

For Rising Star Games, as I mention above, I want to unlock the next missions and zones. Well, I think that is the goal of most players. My challenge here for me is how I can get there as fast as possible. I also want to learn about the Music Promoter part of the game.

For PeakD, I will still making blogs about Splinterlands, mostly on their Challenges, but I will try to create blogs about other topics as well. Maybe it will still be on the draft for a long time though 😅. I will also make sure to add up Hive Power, whenever I still have extra. 😅

I would also want to try the other Game DApps on the Hive Blockchain like Rabona, dCity and dCrops. And also the Wrestling Organization Online (WOO). Although it will be released on 2023, I already staked some WOO tokens for the airdrop. I would still like to add to that as well cause I believe that this game will succeed as well and I just don't want to miss this opportunity as I already miss the SPS Airdrop.

Lastly, I also want to run some giveaways for Splinterlands and Rising Star Games. Maybe I will start for some token giveaways then next will be cards. I am just preparing the necessary tools for that. 😃

To conclude this blog, I would like to thank this amazing Splinterlands and the Hive Blockchain. Because of these projects I have survive with my finances and paid most of my debts. There are still some but that is already manageable. So, more power to Splinterlands and Hive and Us.



thank you for dropping by 2!.gif

and for reading and taking an interest up to this.

I hope you enjoy my post. 😃


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Congrats for 1 year on the hive. This post is not only for splinterlands. We expect the post only about splinterlands in the challenge.


Thank you sir! I was thinking about this as well if will it get an upvote since its not entirely about Splinterlands yet you Upvoted it. Thank you very much for that! I'll make sure to make an entry for the challenge that it is about Splinterlands only. Again, Thank you very much sir @alokkumar121 ! 🙂