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For today's blog. I want to share my knowledge about yROA-B%.

Renting out your card or Rentals is one way to earn in Splintercards. So if you are renting out your cards, maybe you already know about this. But if not yet but you are planning to and you also don't have many cards, Rentals will not become a sufficient way to earn therefore you will need to buy some cards. That's where you will need yROA-B%. This will help you determine what cards are best to buy for Rentals. And I think you will be interested in Rentals after you learn about how yROA works.

I just discovered this myself just recently. Before, I'm not really paying attention to this yROA-B% and maybe because of that, my Rentals is just ranging 15-20 Dec/Day. I planned to increase my Rentals by getting cards thru grind and also by buying some. But I am lost on what cards to buy. I am manually calculating the Ratio of Sale to Rent of cards so that I can use my DEC efficiently. But that was a so slow progress. Then I stumbled the definition of yROA-B% on Peakmonsters, that's when I understand what is it about. And after I learned about yROA-B%, My Rentals became 300dec/day. Now as of this writing, it is ranging between 500-600 dec/day. 😁

What is yROA% / yROA-B%?
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As what on description says :

yROA-B% = Yearly Return on Asset using Splinterlands low bcx price

This term and formula are used in Peakmonsters to determine how much your card will grow in a year if you rent it out considering it will be rented out everyday. The higher the percentages are, the higher the profit that you will gain.

Let us look at some examples to explain this :




As of this writing, Level 1 Supply Runner yROA-B% is 361.30%. For me, this is already a decent percentage. Below are Supply Runner market details :

Supply Runner
Daily Rent Price for Level 12.50 Dec
Lowest BCX Price252.561 Dec ($0.143)
Card Level BCX1

Applying the Formula :


This means that the 252.561 Dec that you invested will grow by 361% in a year and will become 912.5 Dec. If you feel that this is still a bit slow, just look for a higher yROA-B%. Many Level 1 Cards is quite much higher yROA-B% compare if it is a high level card. But BE EXTRA CAREFUL on buying Level 1 Cards with high yROA-B%. Sometimes the yROA-B% that you can see on Peakmonsters is not the yROA-B% of that card. What do I mean by that;

For our example above and the image below, Supply Runner Low Card Price and Low BCX Price are the same :


But if these Two Factors are not the same, then the yROA-B% of that card is also not the same with what is on Peakmonsters. Let us do another example with Xenith Archer:


Xenith Archer has a Low BCX Price of 803.226 DEC ($0.45) and a Low Card Price of 1,413.67 Dec ($0.80). Peakmonsters will always get the Low BCX Price that is why the yROA-B% that it will show on the site is much higher compare to what it really is. See the difference of its yROA-B%.

This thing happens to me. The yROA-B% that was displayed on Peakmonster was 1,800%. This is the highest I saw that's why I bought immediately the Level 1 of that Card and put it to rent. After that I felt something was off, so I try to think what it was and it came to my realization that it was not the Level 1 card yROA-B%. The real yROA-B% is just 500% something which is still good but I'm still quite disappointed because that wasn't the one that I'm expecting. So what I'm saying is don't do the same mistake that I made. Check first if the Low BCX Price is the same with Low Price Card. But if the difference is just a small amount, then maybe it is tolerable.

Now if you want to know if how much your investment will grow for just a month, you can adjust the formula and change the duration for only 30 Days Period and let us call it mROA-B%. With the Supply Runner above market details as an example :


This means that you will earn a 75 Dec for a month and after 3-4 months you will get back your 252.561 Dec investment and what you will earn for the succeeding months will become your Profit.


So this is it guys.

I hope I had explained it well and you learned something from this.

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This is not a financial advice of any kind. This just serves as a guide for the above subject.

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