Expanding Your Income Through Splinterlands

As a person who is deeply invested in crypto and the blockchain, it’s wise you make sure your money work for you and not idle. The Hive blockchain is filled with a lot of earning opportunities and utilizing these opportunities is the best way to gradually acquire wealth through Hive. There are lots of people that think Hive is limited to just blogging, earning author and curation rewards. This is because they haven’t explored the Hive’s ecosystem properly. You can go to Hive.io and go to the ecosystem section to see that Hive is way more than just blogging. But I will be focusing on Splinterlands and some of the cards.


Buying Undervalued Cards Right Now and Accumulating

I could be wrong but am talking based on my personal experience. Currently due to price volatility of the crypto market the DEC token along with Hive and other cryptocurrencies in the market have gone down. Don’t forget that DEC is the native currency on splinterlands and all assets have can be sold, bought or rented with DEC. So right now can be considered the right time to buy lots of splinterlands assets that are valuable.


I used to think that the more expensive a card is, the more powerful it is. But I have noticed that some cheap cards are quite powerful regardless of the price. For instance look at the Flying Squid, although the Mana is quite large, 7, but the health is 8 , the speed is 3 and the malee attack is 2 but cheap. In my opinion I feel this is an undervalued card that is very cheap to acquire.


If you want to level this card to level 10 you need to buy 400 of these cards and combine them to give you a level 10 card. You might not be on level 10 right now but do you know you can level it up and rent it out? Buying 400 of these cards to level up will cost you $80. When you level this card up and rent it out, you will be getting passive income from this card. It’s way cheaper right now, in the next 6 months this card can be worth $500 or more or less.


Another card I consider investing on right now is the Djinn Chwala, this is a dragon card with 5 armor, 9 lives, 2 Melee attack and 2 speed. This is a gem in my own opinion that is cost about $2.33, very cheap and it’s a level 1 card.


If you want to level it to level 6, you will need to have 46 of these cards and 46 of these cards will cost you $107.18. Level 6 will give you 4 Melee attack ability, 3 speed, 6 Armor, 10 and 3 special abilities I don’t know yet. But am guessing they are cool, and renting the card out will yield quite much. It’s possible to be earning $0.2 worth of DEC everyday from renting these cards out. In a year you can make up to $72 from $107.18 investment you made and you can still sell this card and get your capital back. This is if the card doesn’t appreciate, but we know that the card will surely appreciate.

My splinterlands game play has reduced drastically because I have been extremely busy, between writing blogs, onboarding, engaging and doing other offline stuff. Whenever am done with everything and I want to play splinterlands, I feel so tired and I find myself sleeping, I now play splinterlands when am in a boring place and am trying to pass out time. So earning while playing is becoming difficult, this is the reason I want to utilize earning from renting cards. If you still want to expand your income even more, money generated from renting cards can be used to buy more cards and you can keep the earning expansion going.

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