pSPS & Polycub : An Option To Earn More With Your SPS

Polycub!!! It’s like this store you go to get all things you need and never find another reason to leave the store to another store. That’s how I see polycub but in the Defi form. Polycub is helping bridge Hive assets to polygon and providing extra yields. The opportunities of earning from polycub are too much that it’s hard to keep up, it’s like, if you think the yields you are earning on Hive is too low, why not bridge them to polycub and earn more. Just few weeks ago the pHive was launched, haven’t finished digesting how great that is as I am earning over 60% APR from pairing pHive and polycub now we have the pSPS-Polycub.


SPS is the governance token for splinterlands which when staked on splinterlands gives you airdrops for more SPS. Plus being active in the splinterlands eco-system gives you more opportunity to get more SPS airdrop. I tried being active in the Splinterlands community but how many things can a man do in 24 hours. But then, some people are there to play the game and have fun, while some are there to play the game, have fun and make money, then there is me, there to make money. My attention span is short, so sitting down and playing the game is something I can’t do. So why not take advantage of the opportunities in that ecosystem. Splinterlands have two native tokens which are DEC(Dark Energy Crystal) & SPS, DEC being the native currency and can be used to buy or rent assets in the game & SPS the governing token.

This is not the first time the Leofinance team is implementing splinterlands token into its defi platform as we have the SPS-BNB liquidity pool on CUBdefi that gives 58% APY and now we have the pSPS-Polycub giving over 100% APR. while staking your SPS on splinterlands give 56% APR. SPS airdrop was meant to last for 365 days since its release, but guess what? We have less than 70 days left for the airdrop to end, this means that in less than 3 months, the SPS airdrop will end, which other way can you put your SPS into use and earn more yield after the airdrop ends.

Well, now you have pSPS - Polycub to earn over 100% APR of polycub instead of letting your SPS sit idle after the airdrop. You can either use the polycub rewards to buy more pSPS or stake your POLYCUB to get XPolyCub. So it’s a win win for you. I have some SPS staked, it’s not that much, but I don’t mind getting some since they are cheaper right now.


If you are used to the polygon polycub bridging from Hive, then this shouldn’t be hard for you. I have noticed that if you want to bridge available hive assets from Hive to polygon for polycub you have to send the asset to p-X(the native asset) and use your Metamask polygon address as memo. For instance:


Sending the corresponding token to the address and using the Metamask polygon address as memo gives you the Bridged token.

For instance sending Hive to p-hive and using your Metamask polygon address as memo gives you p-hive on your Metamask.

So doing the same with p-sps gives you p-sps on your Metamask polygon, which can be paired with POLYCUB on polycub to give you over 100% APR.

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