Splinterlands & Warner Music Group: A Collaboration I Didn’t Expect


Warner Music Group is big time music label company that has lots of reputable artists like Ed Shearan, Lizzo, Cold play and more. Seeing a blog post by coindesk talking about the collaboration got me thinking of so many things. What could the partnership be all about. Are we about to see some celebrities advertise splinterlands? Are we about to see some music by their artist used on the game? Well stay tuned, you will find out soon from splinterlands



Splinterlands has done successfully well as a blockchain game, helped on board lots of people into Hive because the game is built on the Hive’s blockchain. It’s currently ranked to be one of the best blockchain games in the world. The team behind the game is one for the most hardworking team on the blockchain. It’s blogging community which is known as the Splintertalk, with its own unique front end and reward token called the SPT. That community is a busy one filled with numerous content about Splinterlands. From your observation in the community you will understand that community is whole different blockchain vibe.

Just incase you are reading about splinterlands for the first time, Splinterlands is a card game built on the Hive’s blockchain game. So if you have a Hive account, you can log in and start playing. But to earn from the game you need to buy a spell book which cost about $10. But you can play the free to play version, you can only pay but won’t earn.

Coming across the collaboration and reading about what the splinterlands and the Warner Music Group collaboration will be about, I think I got a glimpse of what it is. It’s a collaboration where Warner Music Group probably wants to get their artist into play to earns. Since the world is evolving and almost everything is going into crypto or at least adopting blockchain, they don’t want their artist to be left out. Glad to see that splinterlands was chosen to help their artist get engaged into play to earn. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing splinterlands in Ed shearan’s videos. I’m kidding, there was no announcement about that, but it will be really cool. This will give splinterlands some amount of publicity, being that Ed Shearan is one of the most streamed and most viewed artist in the world. Don’t forget that a win for splinterlands is a win for Hive.

Play to earn games have massive potentials and we are seeing them gradually becoming a norm, so it’s right people start investing in it now, because it’s still early. So this is possibly what the Warner Music Group is doing so they don’t get left out in this new trend that is changing the entertainment gaming space.

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