New Guild is Born


Logo Splinterlands.jpg

New Guild is born ! It is named Rebels' Haven and it is free for all.

We are an Italian Splinterlands’s Guild whose goal is to get to the highest rankings in the events.
To our players we offer support including lending cards at low prices, participation to Brawl events and, of course, a lot of fun.
Entering the Guild is free for all, anyway we’d be grateful if someone wants to make a free donation each season to give us your support, but it is not mandatory.
Staying in the Guild implies following these simple rules:

  1. Use always respect with other Guild members and with those outside the Guild.
  2. Don’t use vulgarities in the Tavern.
  3. You’re encouraged to welcome the new members in the warmest possible way and be always propositive to help new members to improve themselves.

Breaking one or more of these rules will result in a ban from the Guild.

Actually donations will converge in leveling up the STORE building.
You can follow us outside Splinterlands in the following channels:
-WhatsApp group
-Telegram group