Battle Share with Elven CutThroat - Powerful Monster in Neutral Splinters


Hello and Namaste Friends,

The weekend is almost over and I am back to share my battle with the splinterlands game. I hope you are having a good time with your family and friends. Sharing battle is so much fun and I try to share the tips and strategies that I followed to win this battle with the Elven Cutthroat monster. This splinterlands season is halfway and I have finished my quest for the day which is without the neutral monster.

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This week's theme card is Elven Cutthroat from neutral Splinter. Since this week's theme card is Elven Cutthroat so I have played many battles with this card. This is a low mana card in the neutral splinter and should keep in middle one for a better attack. I already have this card with me that I received through the starter pack. This is a level 1 card with me and since my summoner is also level 1 so its fine for me.


Now Let's also have a look at the statistics for this card named Elven Cutthroat. We need to go through it to know more about the Elven Cutthroat card and figure out the capabilities of the card. It's a very important part to know about any card on the game. Without going through statistics it's difficult to conclude whether the card is good or not so let's go through this.

Elven Cutthroat is a Neutral Monster card monster in the beta print edition. This card is available from level 1 to 4 and it gets the divine shields and void abilities on the level and it keeps on adding more abilities.

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Cards Line-up and for the Battle

I got 29 mana for this battle which is good but not great and I managed to pick 6 cards including Flesh Golem, Mustang which are powerful cards in the earth monster. Elven Cutthroat is low mana and I picked this card ad placed it in the middle. I played this battle with earth summoners which I have in level 1. I played the battle with HORNYBOT13 and the opponent player played with the earth monster as well. My cards played pretty well and this helped me to win the battle.

  • Unicorn Mustang
  • Flesh Golem
  • Wood Nymph
  • Elven Cutthroat
  • Earth Elemental
  • Failed Summoner

Now Let's talk more in detail about the cards I used in the battle to know more about them

Unicorn Mustang

Unicorn Mustang is a powerful card in earth splinter and best to keep in front. It costs 8 mana to be in the game and get 3 abilities at different levels which makes it a powerful card. It gets the void ability from level 1 which is why its reduced damage and this is the reason I prefer to place it in front.


Flesh Golem

Flesh Golem is one of the best cards in the earth monster team having 2 abilities. One is Heal and another is Void. It's one of my favorite cards that I prefer to pick most of my battles with earth monster. It costs 6 mana and this cost is certainly justified with its power and abilities.

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph another nice card in earth splinters and it helps to restore the life of fighting a monster and it also attacks in the battle. It's like a sweet girl that is helping the player to win the battle while damaging the opponent's cards.

Elven Cutthroat

There are very few cards that get ability from level and this is one of the cards having the sneak ability from level 1. It has one life but 3 speed and this is why it attacks faster. This card is good for small mana battles but should not be placed in front and is better to keep in middle.


Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental is another low mana but a good card that can be surely picked in battles where mana is low or average. This monster gets heal ability from level 4 but since I have a starter pack card so I am not able to use this power of the card. Its a rare card from alfa and beta print of editions.


Failed Summoner

Failed Summoner is a common card in earth splinter which costs 2 mana. Its from an untamed edition and has magic reflect ability. It has 2 speed and 4 life but because of the reflect ability its a good card in earth monster. Its a nice card for low mana battles up to 30 and if mana is more than this then there are some better cards than this.


Battle Details-

This is the direct link to my battle which will take you to my battle-

Also sharing some snapshots from the battle.

Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 7.04.17 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 7.05.03 PM.png

This is the result of the battle and I won the battle. I got 38 ratings added and also got a 10.36 DEC reward

Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 7.05.23 PM.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Whatever strategy I planned for this battle went pretty well and I won this battle. I will try more ways to play with it in future battles depending upon mana and theme.

Do you use the Elven Cutthroat often? Why or why not?

Elven Cutthroat is a tiny but good monster card in neutral monster and I have a level 1 card that came with the starter pack. I have played so many battles with this already and I pick it most of the time I play low mana battles using neutral monsters. This is a nice card and I play lots of battles using this card.

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Have a great time and Battle is ON! in the game and even with COVID
Namaste from India 🇮🇳

(Photos and gif is taken from splinterlands and not my property)


First of all I have to say wood nyphm is tge most attractive charcter to me in the whole game.

I typically like to keep failed summoner behind the mustang.

Cool line up. Cutthroat is a nice card for when you have other sneak characters for me and you need extra...but she's not my first choice


yes, wood nyphm is a better option for sure. Cutthroat is also good but not all the times.