The Road to 30K SPS Holding in Splinterlands

SPS aka Splintershards is the governance token of the splinterlands game. The governance coins are not like regular points because there are some additional benefits with this type of coins. It's not that you are going to get all the benefits in one go instead it is a kind of process where we will continue to get additional benefits if we are holding the governance coin of any project. With governance coins, we also get the power to vote on various proposals which is like giving more power to the people who are the stakeholders.

The SPS airdrop was the biggest one in the market as far as I am aware that continued for the entire year. People made a good amount of money from the free distribution of the coins but I had a different strategy that I will continue to accumulate as much as possible. I am not taking it I believe that things are going to be much more valuable in the future as compared to what we have now.


Sps balance holding

I did not sell any coin even when the price was high because I had a clear intention not to deviate from the goal that I have set up in the beginning. Now the price is very low and to be honest, I knew expected that the SPS coin is going to be like this. Maybe because some people are trying to book profit even when the price is very low and that is why the growth is not happening in terms of the token economy however I also believe that this impact is also because of the current market situation. I heard that team is working to get it to listen binance and if this happens then we are going to see a boost in the token price.


My SPS Goal

I am very happy that I am very close to my goal which is 30k coins in total and I am going to make it in a couple of days. Maybe it can take a big time for me to make this happen but for sure it is going to happen so happily. The logistic symbol that can we think of achieving someone when we see that we are close make it happen then that is the moment we should feel happy. I am happy and once I achieve the goal then I will be even happier. This is not the end of my goal here one side additional numbers are added to the goal. As of now, I have not decided what is going to be my next milestone and in the main time I will continue to add up as much as possible.

The team has announced that they are going to reveal an apart which is only for the people who have SPS holding in the game in form of staked tokens. The eligibility to buy the cards will depend upon the tokens that are staked and not liquid. This is another benefit that is offered to people and I am happy that I should be able to take part in this event the cards into b very nice and powerful in the game and that too with the less Mana cost.

Do you also follow the goal of who holds more SPS and what do you think about the price value for this which is available at a high discount price now? I did not share any financial posts and whatever I have shared on my experience and my further planning in the game for the long term. The current price is one of the buying range that we should not be missing out on and try to buy as much as possible depending on the funds I manage. It seems that now the price is in the stable range and we are not going to sing much more fluctuation in the value but again it is to market and things cannot be the exact we think of.

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