2023, the year to Construct....

It seems like we have spend little less than two weeks of the year 2023. A new beginning of hope, opportunities, risks, passion, building for the future has started. Although 2022, has been a year full of experience! I Went through a lot of significant changes. Took some bold moves, got the results out of those. Made some good decisions also did some terrible mistakes. Overall the year 2022 will be a year to remember in my life. Alhamdulillah, for all the goods and bad that happened during the year and years before.

Since we have 365 days (353 Days to be exact) at our hand, there comes enormous ways to make these days productive, efficient in order to improve our way of life. Who knows, this could be the year for some of us to be financially free and fundamentally have a strong life ahead. Keeping that in mind, We do usually create a plan for the year to come and we desperately try to stick to those. Although, due to various reasons we may not be able to stick to those but lets try to make this year count and build the foundation for our goals.


There are several aspects which I tend to work upon this year. It includes myself, my investment strategies, family and friends, life and everything related to it and my virtual life (aka crypto and all the other things related to it).

  • Improving Thyself

Regarding myself, I want to change some of the course of my life. That includes my health. Lately due to several facts I have been gaining weight and it has been affecting me a lot. I plan on taking care of it before it becomes a liability for me. Work is in progress and hopefully within few weeks I will be able to make the best out of it. I am glad that my wife is supporting me in this phase and helping me to get over this issue.

Make no mistake, improving skills can make us choose a better future for our life. I have been a late recognizer of this fact but to this date I have been working on this particular aspect. In the list of improving thyself I am clearly keeping this phase at the top of my list. Hopefully within this year of 2023, I would be able to input some new skills in my CV. This is one of the top priority.

Be DEBT Free

Target : Zero Debt by the end of the year!

DEBT is a curse! Well, in the next couple of months I plan to be fully free of debt. Yes, I have some pretty big chunks of debt lurking on top of me. This is one of the goal that I plan to achieve as soon as possible. As one of the prime reason is, being in debt can really mess up the judgement of ours. I have been feeling this a lot lately. While being in debt has its perks. A lot can be learned during those moments and if used wisely one will probably try to avoid being in debt for the rest of their of their life. So here is also a lesson to be learned!

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Increase Asset

Over the course of my life, I have felt a crucial need and importance of assets. By going through some of the hard times of life there comes some situations where you get to witness the importance of stuffs. Needless to say, real life assets are a life savior in situations which I am going through at the moment. I desperately want to obtain few assets which will have a positive impact in the journey of mine along the coming days of the year 2023.

I do have few prospects in mind. Such as having a land property, business which will help me increase cash flow no matter what the situation is! Things those could turn out to be quite helpful for me during the bears and bulls of real life. So that I would not have to worry about this particular scenario of life.

Increase my Crypto-Portfolio

2023 is going to be exciting in various aspects. Among many fields cryptocurrency will see a massive development during the coming years. We can easily say, Crypto at this present situation is on turmoil! But make no mistake things are going to change for good in the coming years. Veterans of crypto are expecting to see some massive outburst in price action in the year 2024. BTC halving is one of those fact and reason for such expectations. Which does really gives us users a massive chance to recoup during this present winter season.

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  • HIVE-Power

I want to obtain power in the blockchain of hive, where I have spent more than 4 years of my LIFE (Previously Steem Blockchain). Due to several reasons I was not able to make the best out of my activities but during the last few months I have been gaining momentum in terms of obtaining HIVE power and increasing my portfolio along the way. Currently I own 3200 HP in account @rehan12! My plan is to become a whale in this blockchain. It is not really that easy to obtain that position that is for certain. But that's the plan to be at no matter how many days it takes.

2023 my blog is going to see a lot of power ups and hopefully I will be able to reach some certain lines and come up with improvements into my HP.

  • Splinterlands

The only play to earn game which I have stick with this long. I have played and invested in other play to earn games but I have not been attached to them this long. Which is why I plan to invest and keep on going with this game. I have created a post about my standing on this NFT game and I plan to improve few of my stakes in here for the long run.

Get a Max Chaos Legion set

I am not sure whether or not I will be able to obtain this as because things will turn really unpredictable once chaos legion packs goes out of circulation, which is to happen in the next coming weeks! Which is why this particular target of mine will probably be a very difficult one to obtain in the next coming days.

Now, why am I saying this? One basic reason that I can lay out is, according to the past history of packs going out of sales the price of cards tanks and so does the price of packs. So it would be quite difficult to obtain such cards which I would need to obtain a max chaos legion set for myself. So fingers crossed on this one.


I have been accumulating SPS from the very beginning of the airdrop. And over the time I was able to stake a small amount in my account. Currently I am holding little over 38k SPS (staked) in my account. Since this is the native token of Splinterlands, I desperately want at least 500k of these in my account in the coming days. With the price going down everyday, it has become quite easy to obtain those and if the price remains at this region hopefully my target will fill up with couple of months of the year 2023.

For DEC, since the supply is getting slowly less in production in the coming days it will probably get to see the pegged value that it was supposed to be at. So this is also a must to have in portfolio for the longer term.

  • Layer two tokens on HIVE blockchain (SPT, LEO)

Target : 1 Million SPT and 10k Leo

There has been many attempts to make tokens see the light of glory in HIVE blockchain. I can not name any of the tokens which has successfully seen the light which it was suppose to see in this blockchain of ours. Which is why I have almost stopped betting my money into these coins. But seeing the activities of few of these tribe tokens and investment coins I plan to keep on going even for this year and see for myself how far I can run and how much I can achieve with my gut feelings.

Among the tokens or coins that I want in my portfolio are SPT, the tribe token of Splinterlands. If in future Splinterlands come up with some sort of update with this tribe, things can turn really impressive for the hodlers. So I am creating contents and obtaining as much SPT as possible and staking those in my account. The same is what I am doing for LEO token as well. I have been using the front end and actively creating contents in here since most of my contents are finance related and the community is trying their best to make the best out of their efforts. Lets see how far we can go.

Lately @raymondspeaks has been gaining attention for his projects. I do want one of his token which he has launched recently, named as Legion. I was not able to be a stake holder of BRO but I plan to obtain some of this token and hold it for long term.

Last but not the least

I want HBD in my savings account. Yes, I have said it out loud! One of the best option to have even in this sort of situation (bear market). The numbers might look small as 20% might not sound that much bit when one has a huge amount lying around in this section, things could turn out to be more than exciting. I plan to feel those moment and use those profits to increase my holdings along the way.

The year 2023 has just begun! A lot of opportunities will come by us! Lets take those opportunities and forge our future. Hopefully we will not get dragged into wrong investments and loose our money. But yet, life is full of uncertainties and doubts. Let's get past those and reach our goal!

All the best everyone! Keep me in your prayers!

Best regards

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!1UP Reading your post made it feel like looking in the mirror as many of my goals are similar to yours. Standing firm in moments like this and continuing to evolve our heritage with hard work is the best way to grow and 2023 will be the perfect year for that!



Well seems like we have a lot of work to do bro!
Hopefully we get to meet our goals before the year ends!
All the best to us both!


Uh it would be so nice to achieve at least some of the goals.. I know one will not be reachable for me for at least 10 more years, and that's the "Debt free" one... Debt really is a curse! 😐

Anyways, great post, as always! 👍


Well lets try our best to reach there! While hopefully you get to be debt free before that time. I am not sure where you are at your debt position but try to maximize your way and find a way to make it work. Which will help you to get rid of the debt before that long period.

All the best!