Splinterlands, my time ahead!

Hello Splinterlands family!

It is good to see things are running very smooth on the land of Splinterlands. This week has been pretty awesome so far! With the airdrop of ASTRAL ENTITY, seems like players are enjoying the card within the game. Upon talking with some veteran players about this card, they seem to like it in the battle field. While I was able to get 3 cards from the airdrop, which at current value comes to approximately $60 . Not that bad to start the month, I would say!

my game plan.png

Chaos packs

Since we are talking about cards, lets see where the Chaos Legion cards are standing at. While the burning mechanism of Chaos Legion packs have been initiated, the price of packs have seen some rise in the secondary market. As of today, the price has risen to $2.4 per packs. Which is sort of massive, considering the price when it was around $1.5 few weeks back.

I am trying to get some packs before they run out completely on the official market of Splinterlands. I Can not believe things are going very fast in the land so of Splinterlands. Just think about the fact, those who purchased packs few weeks back they are already on the verge of 100% profit on packs, if they are to sell their packs after few more days. That is sort of insane returns and that even in the period of this crypto market.

My initial target was to get at least 1000 packs before they completely run out but as of now seems like I will not be able to get that much, since I have few other assets to collect. So getting as many as possible they run out!

Validators Node Licenses

Seems like, this is where things are going slow at the moment. Node license sell are currently going at a very slow pace. With the recent update on the roadmap of Splinterlands 2023 journey, Validator Node has a huge place holding down the pipeline. In Q3 the main net would really allow us to see the true potential of the node and its earnings related to it. So its a long way! I suppose things will stay this way for some time until we get something exciting about node licenses along the road.

I currently own two license nodes. Which I intend to keep for the long run. An investment made in mind in order to get a passive income generator for long term in crypto. Current Rewards for owning one node 4.0 Vouchers per Node/day and 22.2 SPS per Node/day. In a month one can earn approx 120 vouchers and 660 SPS per month from a node. Once the price of SPS recovers this numbers are going to give wonders!

My Account value Increased

Couple of weeks back, I saw my account value residing just above $1000. But coming to today's feed price from SL server it has crossed just over $1700. I am not saying that is a huge amount but the value of the cards are increasing which is the key point out here. The effect of chaos packs burning are already in effect. Since most of my cards are CL, so the effect is seen clearly in my account. I have been slowly getting some cards and building along the way! Although, I wish to purchase in bulk but my wallet is saying something different ;)

Screenshot 2023-02-04 003949.png
Image source : SL Discord


I desperately want a piece of land in the realm of Splinterlands. So far the price of land is slowly decreasing and I am planning to get one ASAP. Hopefully in next couple of days, I will be able to hold one or two in my account. Fingers crossed!

Screenshot 2023-02-04 012123.png
Image source

Curation has been getting tighter

Curation is such a duty, where one has to be cautious about what you are giving. Since, the the purpose of this is to serve community and help genuine and authentic content creators of Splinterlands. So, think of it as this way, any one who is farming the vote of Splinterlands (Steemmonsters) you (genuine content creator) is getting less from what you are suppose to get. So someone else is stealing your reward from the reward pool.


Image source

As a curator, it is our job to make the curation as smooth as possible. Yes, mistakes will happen by us. As we are human beings. As a content creator it is our duty to make our content consumers get the value they deserve. Since they are spending time into our content.

So please, do not do such things as farming, repetitive content, template posts or any do anything which might look like you are trying to farm or abuse the system. As if it happens, be sure that you will get caught and who knows be blacklisted as well.

Increase your standard and be better than you were!

So what I would suggest is, up your game and deliver contents that will help others. Share your battle tactics, future plan, increase your assets within the game (slowly) and always be genuine. Good contents are subjective! As what you like I may not like it but being original is the real deal out in here and that is always appreciated without a doubt.

Best regards

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Good luck with getting your hands on a piece of land. 🤞
I want one also, but it's way out of my league 😖


Well all the best to both of us then ;)