Upcoming events || BTC Halving, Arcade Colony, SPS, Altcoins


Exciting things are going to happen in the coming days. Few upcoming events which I am very much excited about are as follows :

  • BTC Halving
  • SPS getting listed on a TIER 1 Exchange (although this one is probably going to take some time)
  • Arcade Colony
  • Few altcoins (that I am collecting)

  • BTC halving is nearing! This is one of the most anticipated event for the whole of crypto community. Making it one of the most crucial turn of event for crypto. As history defines, the crypto market acts very positively during this event. Which gives us users a slightly major upside for the coming days. As a fellow user of crypto and being in the crypto market for some time, I am quite optimistic for this event and I do believe, countless lives are going to e changed in the year of 2024.

  • SPS getting listed in a tier 1 exchange is inevitable. As sooner or later it will definitely happen. There are some users who are probably having a second thought about this tier 1 listing. Some are even thinking that this listing will be an exit for those who are holding SPS for a long period of time. Resulting in a dump of the price of SPS even more. But this situation will happen even if we get listed after few more months or so. Well, lets see what is going to happen in the coming days!

  • Let's be honest, this year is probably going to be one of the biggest surprise for all the crypto hodlers! So far the year has productive to many crypto enthusiast. The month of January has been literally rain of AIRDROPS. The community who usually hunts down these airdrops, they packed their bags very very deep. Literally life changing money were deposited into their respective accounts. Although, the hunt is still on!

Since we are talking about AIRDROP, I am literally excited about ARCADE COLONY! Arcade Colony is a web-based platform where mainstream games can deploy web3 features. Aggroad is behind this game and it is being a subsidiary of Splinterlands, makes me even more intriguing. While the airdrop is going to take place for over a span of 5 years or so. But it is still a gain from my POV. Which is why I am holding GLX and SPS in my primary account. As it is one of the criteria to fill up to get eligible for this airdrop.

  1. Accounts which stake GLX on the GLS platform with a 1:1 match with liquid COLONY tokens
  2. Reward accounts who hold GLUSD a 1:1 match with liquid SCRIPT
  3. Accounts holding GLX and GLUSD in liquidity pools on tribaldex will be eligible to receive liquid COLONY and liquid SCRIPT

Few points that I am excited about :

With the release of Arcade Colony, gamers will flock in the eco system. As Splinterlands being the parent company this will indirectly attract new user base to its eco system. After all, Splinterlands surging in the coming days is the prime goal.

  • Make no mistake once the market starts to create a clear trajectory of uptrend, we might see another bull run which many of us have been expecting. Which will probably happen as soon as we get closer to the BTC halving. Which is why there are altcoins which are developing their ecosystem very rapidly in this bear market and once we get to see the injection of new money coming into crypto, we will see the bull which we have been awaiting for so long. Which is why I am grabbing few of my favorite altcoins, which I have done my research on and bagging them as much as possible.

Well, 2024 is going to be an exciting year!

Best regards

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Arcade colony is certainly going to be interesting to watch. I'm looking forward to the airdrop, but nevertheless, I can't help wonder how this is going to bite in in the backside. Seems too easy.

I've guessing the real risk is in either holding the assets ( GLX, Colony, Script and GLUSD) too long and seeing them tank, or selling out and seeing GLX and Colony rise without you

I'm going to guess that the more likely risks are predominantly of the tanking type, but who know, I'm great at being wrong 🤣