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In the recent times, a lot has been happening in the world of Splinterlands. If you have been keeping a keen eye, you must know a new roadmap has been recently launched by the team. It shows some significant updates about the year 2023. This roadmap does shows some significant updates regarding what is about to hit us. Almost all the concerns are taken care of by the team of Splinterlands.

Since the beginning of the year, we are already seeing the plans coming to fruition. To start with we have seen the DEC batteries coming to reality. Overall, the community has spoken and as of now we will have DEC-B in the splinterlands eco system.

Players will be able to burn DEC tokens in order to receive 1 DEC-B token (known as "DEC Batteries"), typically at a discount, such as 0.8 DEC per 1 DEC-B, for example. In the future, for any things within the Splinterlands game which require the burning of DEC, DEC-B tokens may be used instead on a 1:1 basis.

Splinterlands Road Map 2023


Where is your position regarding the year 2023?

There are lots of if's and but's related to this topic. Overall crypto market is going through turmoil. But coming to talk about investments people have invested in crypto when it was at peak. They literally were saying this is the future. While crypto has come down and going through price correction and all it is literally the same crypto which has peaked during the bull run. It has the same tech still today and it is fully operational. Than why not invest at the same coin, which is currently available at a discount. I guess, we all have our own way to deal things regarding finance.

The year 2023 is going to be quite amazing. Why is that? One of the main reason is the BTC halving is going to happen in 2024. While we can figure out from the past activities of BTC halving incident there is a chance that the market might get a quick reverse from this bear market. Which is why accumulation at this current phase is going to be quite astounding. As this whole year(2023) might be quite a nice chance to design our portfolio for the upcoming event.

Play to earn

Needless to say, this industry is going to be quite big! Couple of reasons might be the upcoming recession, inflation and what not. Play to earn or move to earn sector in crypto can really make a huge change for us. It has already shown us how things can really make a difference for us during the peak of its time. Which is why not only SPlinterlands but other play to earn games such as Axie infinity could really make things go in their side during the next bull run.

As a fellow crypto hodler there are not many scheme or opportunities out there in crypto related where one can get a decent ROI . Which is also one of the reason crypto play to earn games can make a huge difference in the upcoming days. In terms of Splinterlands, there are several ways to earn from the investments made within the game.

To start with buying cards one can rent out the cards and get everyday rewards in terms of DEC. Also if one can find a scholar than they can use that account and split the rewards as per their rules, which is much more beneficial than renting. There is card filliping benefits and much more. Not only that Splinterlands has become much more than just NFT card game. Its tokens and assets utilities has surpassed the usual way of seeing play to earn games. Validator Node Licenses, SPS staking, Vouchers, DEC everything is literally printing money even in this bear market.

Community Matters

We just need few more ins an out regarding the upcoming plan to sustain the economy of this game. Which I believe has hit us at the correct time. Community has been a massive support and it does shows even in bear market people are showing support towards the game. In the ongoing event of Chaos Legion packs which is being burnt everyday, the number has literally crossed 1 million (packs burned) which is the 7% of the total supply.

Screenshot 2023-01-12 114225.png
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Can you imagine, packs which is literally money is being burnt away just to sustain the economy of the game. And this decision has been taken not by the DEV's or CEO of the game but by the community itself. So a lot has been going in the game of Splinterlands. You just need to notice and have a keen eye where to jump in on the game.

I am yet to design my plan on how to utilize the year and time which has been rewarded to us. A lot needs to get decided. SPS, DEC, Cards, Nodes, Lands, packs and what not. A solid and strong foundation needs to be build upon in order to utilize this year and make the best in the coming days. Although, I really hope we all get to take benefit of this time and maximize our profit in the long run.

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