Free Card Delegation (Round 66)


Hi everyone!

I have been playing Splinterlands for a while and I have benefited greatly from some of the giveaways/contests in the community. So I have decided to do my part and start a free card delegation. I don't have many good cards to delegate yet but I hope these cards can still be useful to new players.

  • All you need to do is to comment below which card(s) you would like me to delegate to you, along with your Splinterlands name.
  • Only a maximum of three cards per account is allowed.
  • If there are too many requests for the same card, I will do a lucky draw.
  • All delegations will be at least 5 days!
  • As always, an upvote is not necessary but greatly appreciated if you would like to see more of such delegations! :)

Update: I have also expanded the current selection from 29 cards earlier to 48 cards now!

Putting them in a list (instead of card images) so that it is easier for me to make changes and add more cards in the future too!

Epic Cards

  • Djinn Chwala (Dragon)
  • Djinn Renova (Life)
  • Lava Launcher (Fire)
  • Tide Biter (Water)

Rare Cards

  • Celestial Harpy (Life)
  • Dhampir Infiltrator (Dragon)
  • Exploding Rats (Fire)
  • Gargoya Devil (Neutral)
  • Naga Assassin (Dragon)
  • Twilight Basilisk (Dragon)
  • Vampiric Blossom (Earth)
  • Venari Bonesmith (Death)
  • Venari Crystalsmith (Life)
  • Venari Seedsmith (Earth)
  • Venari Wavesmith (Water)
  • Vulguine (Life)

Common Cards

  • Barking Spider (Earth)
  • Blood Maker (Fire)
  • Carrion Shade (Death)
  • Chain Spinner (Life)
  • Chaos Knight (Life)
  • Cruel Sethropod (Water)
  • Crypt Beetle (Death)
  • Deeplurker (Water)
  • Demented Shark (Water)
  • Disintegrator (Neutral)
  • Ever-Hungry Skull (Death)
  • Flying Squid (Water)
  • Gargoya Lion (Neutral)
  • Gargoya Scrapper (Life)
  • Goblin Psychic (Earth)
  • Hardy Stonefish (Water)
  • Hill Giant (Earth)
  • Kulu Swimhunter (Water)
  • Lava Spider (Fire)
  • Merdhampir (Water)
  • Mycelic Morphoid (Earth)
  • Pelacor Bandit (Water)
  • Pelacor Conjurer (Life)
  • Pelacor Deceiver (Death)
  • Pelacor Mercenary (Earth)
  • Radiated Brute (Fire)
  • Scavo Hireling (Neutral)
  • Sunkai Harvester (Life)
  • Supply Runner (Neutral)
  • Vampire Bat (Earth)
  • Venari Heatsmith (Fire)
  • Wave Runner (Water)

Round 65 Results

3 cards were requested this time! Have delegated them out! (Tide Biter is currently on the way back from rental, will delegate in a couple of hours' time)

PlayerCard RequestedRarityCard Delegated
@txroseBarking SpiderCommonYes
txroseTide BiterEpicYes
txroseFlying SquidCommonYes

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Keep up the giving back spirit bro.