SBT Raffles @ January 2023 Update - I Won 10 Cards and A Level 2 Uraeus!


It's time for another update for my experience as a member of the SBT (Splinterlands Battle Token) project and also share about the SBT token. This is a project which @itzninjafool has put a tremendous amount of effort and resources into, and I have been around into the Discord channel for a while and I really enjoy the events and raffles!


Currently, there are 5 raffles daily in the Discord server.

  • Legendary Tier (1 million SBT staked to join)
  • Epic Tier (100,000 SBT staked to join)
  • Rare Tier (10,000 SBT staked to join)
  • Common Tier (1,000 SBT staked to join)
  • SBT Holders

In my update last month in December 2022:

At time of writing now, 1 million SBT is trading about 35 to 47 Hive. That's almost a double in price (denominated in Hive)! I think that's largely due to the success of the project and the giveaways on Discord.

At time of writing now, 1 million SBT is trading about 36 to 39 Hive. It has come a long way from 10s and 20s so it's still a very decent price trend! I think that's largely due to the success of the project and the giveaways on Discord.



In my Dec 2022 update, I shared that my biggest win was a Chaos Dragon!


Since then, it has been about a month or so, and here are my wins in the past 1 month! As you can see from the table, I have won 10 cards from the raffles and the total USD value of the cards as of today is USD 2.721. It's slightly lesser than last month, probably because we have more members now so the competition has become stiffer. Come to think of it, this is still much better than what I get for my EOS chests! Hehe!

Date WonCardPrice in USD
13 DecSupply Runner0.131
13 DecTemporal Master0.212
20 DecGargoya Lion (30 BCX)0.240
25 DecPelacor Conjurer (14 BCX)0.364
27 DecSoul Strangler0.144
29 DecGold Foil Crypt Beetle0.414
5 JanStitch Leech0.067
8 JanGargoya Scrapper (5 BCX)0.105
8 JanUraeus (4 BCX)0.932
9 JanGargoya Lion (14 BCX)0.112

Prices in USD are at time of writing

Here are the screenshots!









So if you haven't been lucky with the Splinterlands chest rewards, why not join the SBT Discord and stake some SBT to see if you could get some good cards?

You can read up more about the SBT project under these links too! You can also use the tags #sbt, #sbtbattletoken, or #sbtbattle to earn SBT too.




Finally I just want to thank @itzninjafool for his generosity! So that's all I have and thanks for reading!

As a general reminder/advice, which applies to all coins/tokens, do remember that you have to do your own due diligence and the values of the coins/tokens are subject to market fluctuations. :)

If you are interested to sign up to play Splinterlands, my referral link is here.


Wow, just wow!


Thanks for sharing your wins @relf87. Imagine what I can give out if the price hits higher prices per 1000. I would definitely increase the type of rewards that are issued daily while maintaining a good supply of what I can buy using funds from multiple places. As long as I could continue to set buy orders, it would work well. I think this is still the beginning of SBT. We can only wait to see what happens over the year and how things turn out into the next year 😉. For now, I am going to keep doing what I do to improve the rewards for each tier and continue building the things I can with what I have. I enjoy doing it everyday. It gives me something to look forward too. I never really know what a person gets that they might not already have. Not to mention, if held, these cards appreciate over time and I am helping the community create wealth for themselves.


Thanks for dropping by! Always happy to share the wins and hopefully spread some awareness for the SBT project/token! Thanks for helping so many SBT holders with the giveaways!