Share Your Battle - An Average Ranged Card?


The theme for the current "Share Your Battle" challenge is Supply Runner. To be honest, I don't use this card often because I feel that there are many similar Ranged attack cards with similar stats as Supply Runner and some are slightly similar, e.g. Mantoid.

As usual, here's a portion of the lore for Supply Runner:

Every army should have them, every artisan should hire them, and every noble should own one. If you need absolutely anything, then a supply runner will get it for you. For their size they can carry vast amounts, they’re incredibly fast and they’ll even defend your deliveries with exuberant relish. Not only that but their expertise with the catapult they carry is renowned across the land. Countless confrontations have been recorded in the history books of these hired hands coming to the aid of convoys beset by bandits or roaming patrols attacked by the enemy. They have swarmed the foe, firing their shot down upon them and running havoc amongst their ranks with their incredible speed. Most of these forays have ended with the enemy fleeing, but those that did remain and fight didn’t last for long.

Battle Type & Team Lineup

SummonerObsidianThis was a 99 mana battle and only Earth and Death lineups were allowed. I didn't have a lot of big cards for Death so by elimination, Earth was my best bet.
1Unicorn MustangOne of the better Earth tanks, especially when there is a possibility of facing Magic lineups.
2Almo CambioAlmo Cambio was placed in the 2nd spot to absorb all the damage for this Target Practice battle. This would buy some time for my backline to deal damage.
3Sand WormWhen mana is not a constraint, I would throw Sand Worm in as Sneak provides a good variety to my lineup and can sometimes be a gamechanger when it takes out a healer.
4Supply RunnerOn normal circumstances I would have chosen Mantoid but since all cards will have Snipe this time, Supply Runner is slightly better due to a higher speed of 3. I did consider picking Goblin Psychic but I was worried my opponent might pick Thaddius Brood, so I went with Ranged attacks.
5Goblin TowerAlso another high mana Earth card and it's Ranged attack to diversify from a potential opposing Thaddius Brood summoner.
6Mycelic SlipspawnThis card definitely a must for high mana battles as it packs a high HP and high Magic damage.

  • Pre Battle: Both sides picked Earth lineups and the same summoner. I didn't have much confidence as the matchups looked 50-50 and it will depend how long Almo Cambio stays alive and the number of misses from my Ranged cards (since the opposing Magic cards won't miss).
  • Round 1: Both sides took out each other's Mycelic Slipspawn. No misses from my Melee and Ranged cards, fortunately. Now that the Taunt cards were gone, the real battle started.

  • Round 2: Sand Worm missed! Almo Cambio withstood the barrage of attack and held on with 5 HP.

  • Round 3: Goblin Tower's Blast ability shone in this battle as having Snipe meant Blast would likely hit 2 other neighbouring cards. Just as Almo Cambio went down, my opposing team was left with their final card.

  • Round 4: Contrary to what most people thought, Regal Peryton was not easy to take down as it had Flying and a speed of 5. A few misses from my cards and the battle proceeded to Round 5.

  • Round 5: Alright we are done! Great team effort!

If you are interested to watch the battle, you can find it here.

Post Battle

Did my strategy work? I think I came luckier from this battle as both lineups and summoners were very similar. Almo Cambio's high HP really stood out while the rest had more time to deal damage.

Do I like Supply Runner? Not really, like I mentioned, there are many Ranged cards around 6 mana that do a better job. Just to name a few, there's Mantoid (with Snipe), Pelacor Arbalest (with Double Strike), Axemaster (with Double Strike), Water Elemental (with Self Heal). That said, one strength of Supply Runner is its speed of 3 and it did not record a single miss for this battle.

Final thoughts? Use Supply Runner if you are going for speed. Because he's a RUNNER. Haha.

So that's all I have! What are your takeaways from this battle? Feel free to comment below, as I am always keen to learn and improve!

As always, thanks for reading and have a pleasant day ahead!

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