Staking SBT Potentially Gives 26% APR!


Do you know that staking SBT now gives daily SPS, DEC and VOUCHER?

For those who are new, the SBT (Splinterlands Battle Token) is a project which @itzninjafool has put a tremendous amount of effort and resources into, and I have been around into the Discord channel for a while and I really enjoy the events and raffles!

Currently, there are 6 raffles daily in the Discord server.

  • Legendary Tier (1 million SBT staked to join)
  • Epic Tier (100,000 SBT staked to join)
  • Rare Tier (10,000 SBT staked to join)
  • Common Tier (1,000 SBT staked to join)
  • For All
  • SBT Token Raffle

In addition to the raffles, they have now launched daily SPS, DEC and VOUCHERS payouts based on staked SBT! This means the more SBT you stake, the more rewards you get!

In this post, I will share what are some of the figures that I am getting and you can decide for yourself if this is something of interest to you!

This is the SPS that I have been getting!


This is the DEC that I have been getting!


This is the VOUCHER that I have been getting!


If you find these numbers hard to process, let's do a rough calculation of the APR based on the latest numbers!

My current staked SBT: 1,021,233
Value in Hive (based on the current midpoint price): 38.50 Hive

Latest daily SPS payout: 0.149
Value in Hive (based on the current midpoint price): 0.009 Hive

Latest daily DEC payout: 7.432
Value in Hive (based on the current midpoint price): 0.012 Hive

Latest daily VOUCHER payout: 0.03
Value in Hive (based on the current midpoint price): 0.006 Hive

Summing the 3 daily payouts, this gives a total of 0.027 Hive per day. If we were to annualise by 365 days, that would be a total of 9.855 Hive.

This means the APR for staking SBT would be 9.855 / 38.50 = 26%!

Of course, do note that these are only based on the latest daily figures and the numbers can change depending on the total SBT staked in the pool. Another point to highlight would be the volatility of the prices of SBT, SPS, DEC and VOUCHERS - their prices can vary significantly from month to month and this might cause the APR to deviate significantly from 26%!

Personally, I like this project because of the community, the raffles and these daily payouts are an extra bonus!

So if you haven't been lucky with the Splinterlands chest rewards, why not join the SBT Discord and stake some SBT to get some daily payouts and see if you could get some good cards?

You can read up more about the SBT project under these links too! You can also use the tags #sbt, #sbtbattletoken, or #sbtbattle to earn SBT too.





Finally I just want to thank @itzninjafool for his generosity! So that's all I have and thanks for reading!

As a general reminder/advice, which applies to all coins/tokens, do remember that you have to do your own due diligence and the values of the coins/tokens are subject to market fluctuations. :)

If you are interested to sign up to play Splinterlands, my referral link is here.


Yeah, it's really good.



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