Battle Challenge - Chanseus the Great - on the defensive

Hello community, I had Focus Life as my mission and to help in the battles nothing better than a Legendary Summoner.
Chanseus the Great can be considered a defensive Summoner, but it is very useful in some battle sets.


Usually we choose a Summoner that increases our attack strength, or decreases the strength of the opponent's cards, on the contrary Chanseus the Great does not have these abilities, but is nonetheless a strong Summoner with healing abilities.
His card buffs are: Repair, where it repairs the armor of the card that suffers the most damage, Triage, where it heals the health of the card that suffers the most damage in the back-line position and Resurrect where it resurrects the first card to be eliminated in the battle with one health point.





For this battle we had few Splinters available but plenty of Mana capacity, I was undecided whether Chanseus the Great could be useful in this battle, since the rule set did not allow health healing abilities. However, I still had available Repair and Resurrect skills that could make a difference in the battle.

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I wasn't sure whether to choose a tank with Shield or Taunt ability, but there was a possibility that the opponent would use Magic attack cards and I would be unprotected. So I decided to choose Legionnaire Alvar where it gave some security against any type of attack, and even if it was eliminated in the initial rounds, my Summoner could apply the Resurrect skill and bring it back into battle.
But things couldn't go as expected, so in the second position I chose Hero of Beyond because having Close Range ability, it could attack from the first position, and would be a replacement for the tank position in the battle.



Djinn Renova allowed me to increase the health of all my cards, and its Magic attack could directly hit the opponent's card's health, so it was my choice for this battle.
Next, Crystal Werewolf could not attack from the area I was in battle, but it would strengthen my tank against Magic attacks due to its Silence ability, which reduced the attack strength of Magic cards.



My intention in battle was not to have scattered attacks, but to concentrate attacks on the opponent's tank card, and protect my tank.
Thus, Adelade Brightwing had dual function, besides its attack it has Repair ability, where I would be reinforcing my Summoner's Buffer and be more preventive in defending positions.
To finish the battlefield, Prismologist has a good Ranged attack and allows me to apply Blast, it would be the card with less health points and in the last position, possible target of Sneak and Opportunity attacks, but having armor it could survive more than one attack, and also had the Summoner's buffer to resurrect it if it was the first to be eliminated in the battle.



Full Battle Here

Seeing the opponent's formation, my formation is very weak with little speed, little attack strength in relation to the cards chosen by the opponent, and fewer health points.
While the opponent's formation is designed to attack, mine is designed to defend, and let's see how the cards behave in battle.

My Crystal Werewolf card reduces the attack force of the opponent's three Magic cards, which is a great help, and when the opponent starts the battle, the attacks are concentrated on my tank, with the exception of Deeplurker who has the Opportunity ability and will attack my Prismologist card.

Not only do my cards have low speed, but they have even lower speed due to the Baakjira card, but when it's my turn to attack, the defensive mode kicks in with skillful Repair, and my attacks manage to take good health points away from Baakjira.


In the second round the combat continues in the same order where my card Legionnaire Alvar can withstand attacks due to his armor with Void Armor ability only Nerissa Tridawn's attack manages to hit health before he can have armor again.
When my turn comes, I can eliminate Baakjira and my card speed returns to normal.

Starting the third round, my Legionnaire Alvar card already has its armor recomposed, and the attacks follow in the same order as the previous round, however Deeplurker eliminates my Prismologist card and so my Summoner will have to use his Buffer on Prismologist where it was not my priority but was my first card to be eliminated.
Finishing the round I manage to eliminate Flying Squid where it changes the battle because the opponent's Magic cards will only hit my tank's armor, and Deeplurker will be attacking my Prismologist card where it still holds up with two rounds of attacks due to having armor.
This way Legionnaire Alvar will be able to survive the attacks and consequently I can eliminate the opponent's cards.


Without a doubt, round three was the most important in the battle and with that in round four I manage to eliminate Djinn Oshannus and the battle becomes in my favor with numerical superiority and greater protection against attacks.
In the fifth round Prismologist is eliminated, but because the opponent has no protection against my Magic attacks he will lose his cards, and due to my double ability Repair becomes insufficient the opponent's attacks to bring down my tank, and thus I win the battle eliminating all the opponent's cards.



Sometimes the best offense is defense, and Chanseus the Great is good for defensive modes.
I didn't often use this Summoner with Splinter Life because I thought of attack cards, but as my rank increases I run into strong players with strong cards, so I look at the last battles the opponent has played and try to choose an effective way to win the battle.
The difference in this battle was not the attack, but my defensive mode, as I was able to repair the armor of my tank twice per round and still be able to cause damage to the opponent each round, which allowed me to win this difficult battle.


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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I already knew Alvar was a beast of a tank, but adding Chanseus has elevated my fear of facing Alvar beyond what I previously thought was reasonable. He ate 50+ damage like it was nothing!



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