Battle Challenge - Modern Format

I used to play in the Wild Format of the Ranked Battles, where I could have a reasonable performance in relation to the power of my cards, reaching the Gold League.
In order to improve my performance in the Gold League, I started renting a lot of cards, especially from the Beta edition because they were cheaper than the Untamed cards, but my performance did not improve in relation to the increased cost of the cards I had rented.
The Wild Format is very complex because there are so many possible combinations, and I can't rent all the cards because it's very expensive.


So I decided to switch to the Modern Format starting from 0 rank, quite complicated at first dealing with the bots, and to change the style of play being used to cards from the Beta edition.
But with hard work I managed to get several win streaks and rise in rank and reach the Gold League.

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I had the idea of renting cards at better levels, spending more on renting, to reach the Diamond League, but with the new proposal "Adjust Rewards Based on Card Level" the merit of the player is no longer of any value, but rather the level of cards he has.
I understand that the team's main motive is to sell packs but this change in rewards is a cut of the legs for several players who cannot invest thousands of dollars to be able to play in a better League.

I'm not sure yet, but Diamond League is to forget, and playing in Gold League most battles I will see my rewards decrease by 50% while rents are quite expensive for cards (5-4-3-2).

So the high Leagues are for the rich and investors to enjoy the game and the poor to play for pennies in the low leagues, where for me to guarantee I would get 100% of the rewards I would have to drop to Silver League, and thus have no need to rent cards, playing just for the sake of playing with no intention of evolving in the game.

You are wrong, but I think the game is disproportionate to new players, but it is these players who keep the game active, because without them the game will eventually stagnate and lose asset value, and then the bots will be important for us to have an opponent to face in ranked battles.


Now let's get to the point, I share a battle while I was on top of the Silver League about to enter the Gold League in the Modern Format



Faced with this set of Equalizer rules I decided to choose a formation protecting my tank card and take a chance on the Life Leech ability, so as a Summoner I chose Grandmaster Rathe where I would give Armor to all my cards, Void Armor and Amplify.

So for tank card I chose Shieldbearer with Taunt skill would be the target of the attacks, in the second position Bila the Radiant with magic attack and Life Leech skill would be an important card to replace Shieldbearer, should he succeed to increase his health points every round.
In the third position Adelade Brightwing would repair the armor of the card that suffered the most damage, and furthermore resurrect the first card to be eliminated.
Having Shieldbearer Taunt ability and Void Armor, bringing it back after being eliminated was like having an extra card in the formation, and while this was going on, it allowed Bila the Radiant to increase her health points.
For fear of the opponent choosing magic attack cards, I used Elven Mystic with Silence ability to reduce the magic attack, and in the fifth position Scavo Hireling without any kind of attack but with Repair ability, I would try to keep my tank in battle as long as possible.
To finish, Venari Crystalsmith with Ranged attack and Tank Heal skill, to maintain the health of my tank card.


Full Battle Here

Seeing the opponent's formation he has chosen plenty of Melee attack cards without using Magic attack cards, thus having no effect Silence ability of Elven Mystic but on the other hand has no protection against magic attacks, being good for my card Bila the Radiant to apply Life Leech.

The opponent starts the battle because his cards have more speed, where Shieldbearer is almost eliminated with the strength of the opponent's cards, but he manages to survive the first round and my healing cards will restore his health and armor. Meanwhile my magic attack cards manage to directly hit the health of the opponent's tank card and Bila the Radiant begins to increase his health point journey.

Starting the second round, Shieldbearer cannot withstand the force of the attacks, and is eliminated, but Adelade Brightwing manages to bring him back into battle for another round.

In the third round Shieldbearer can't take it anymore, and gives way to Bila the Radiant to take the lead and manages to eliminate the opponent's tank card Diemonshark and his health points keep increasing.


Because of this Deeplurker's Opportunity skill will attack Adelade Brightwing, dispersing the opponent's attacks gives my tank greater security to stay in battle, and so Bila the Radiant is well protected with the Repair and Tank Heal skills, and every round she can increase her total health points by 2 points.
In the fifth round Flying Squid is eliminated and Demented Shark takes the lead, having only two attacks concentrated on my tank, one of them hits armor and health is recovered by Venari Crystalsmith.

Each round the opponent is losing attack cards and has no chance to knock out my cards, even Deeplurker only hits Adelade Brightwing's armor and so the battle is given as a win, it only remains to see how many health points Bila the Radiant will end up in this battle...


After 14 rounds of combat the battle ends, with Bila the Radiant achieving an impressive number of health points, 34, too incredible!



With this victory I was able to get closer to entering the Gold League, earning 0.337 SPS. Without a doubt my strategy was successful and Bila the Radiant was determinant in this battle, not only alone, but with all the cards working as a team, in favor of victory.

Since then I managed to get into the Gold League and stay there, where at the moment I fight in the Gold League II in the Modern format of the battles, where it is good for me.

However before the new proposal I had intended to reach the Diamond League, but now I have several doubts which league I should play in, not for merit or skill, but to compensate for what I spend on card rental.


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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