Battle Challenge - Silver League

Hello community, I share a battle in the Silver League of the Wild format of the Splinterlands game





In this battle we had Explosive Weaponry and Close Range rulesets where we had 48 Mana capacity for the formation of this battle.
In this sense I understood that it was a good idea to bet on cards with Ranged attack because they could attack from the first position on the battlefield and cards with Snipe ability due to the Blast ability that allowed them to cause damage on adjacent cards.

That said, my strategy was to choose the General Sloan Summoner to increase the attack strength of my Ranged cards.

my team.gif


To lead my formation I chose Uriel the Purifier, a great card for tanks because of its high health points and armor. His Recharge ability only allows him to attack in staggered rounds but he does triple the damage with his attack. And in this battle with Blast, it could do great damage with its attack and Blast.
Also, this card at level 2 gains Heal ability, where it is a great help to cover the fact that it has Recharge ability.

In the second position I have chosen Cornealus, having Heal ability it could heal itself from the damage suffered by Blast due to its high health points, moreover it could cause good damage to the opponent and could occupy the tank position before the ruleset in this battle.



In the third position Silvershield Sheriff with its Snipe ability allowed you to Blast adjacent cards with its attack, having a lot of attack power and good health points, gave some security in the early rounds of battle.

Next Venari Crystalsmith, to take advantage of its Heal Tank ability, although my tank card has Heal ability, it might not be enough to survive the battle holding up the damage taken per round. To complement Venari Crystalsmith would allow it to give my tank greater security to stay in battle.



In the fifth position Pelacor Arbalest with Double Strike skill could apply good damage with its attack and also with Blast, but it would be a bit risky to attack due to its low health points and low speed without having armor protection, being the target of Opportunity attacks and suffering Blast from Sneak attacks, however it was an asset to this battle and in that sense I chose to keep it in the formation despite the high risks of not being able to attack.

To finish, Centaur also with Snipe ability could cause Blast to the adjacent cards of his attack, having good speed, and medium life points, gave the possibility of being able to attack in battle.



Full Battle Here

Looking at the opponent's formation, it leaves a little to be desired, the cards don't have high speed, and attack the front line with the exception of Chaos Dragon where his Scattershot ability allows his attack to be random and that is a problem due to his strong Magic attack.

However it has no cards with Snipe, Sneak or Opportunity ability where it is good for my cards due to my composition for this battle, only even Chaos Dragon can complicate the unfolding of the battle.

Starting the battle Chaos Dragon attacks Silvershield Sheriff causing Cornealus and Venari Crystalsmith to Blast where it was even not too bad for me this attack of his.
Black Dragon reduces the speed of my cards, which favors cards with Flying ability, causing my cards with Flying ability to be slowed down.

My tank having no protection against Magic attacks, its Heal skill and the help given by Venari Crystalsmith allow it to survive the first round.

The initial cards of the opponent's formation have a lot of armor, where it is difficult for my cards to cause damage from the health of the cards, when they are of Ranged attack, but they managed with their attacks to reduce the armor and survive the first round, being more accessible to be able to reach the health of the opponent's cards.


Starting the second round, Chaos Dragon this time attacks Centaur thus causing only Blast to Pelacor Arbalest, but my back row cards are left with their health points at the limit of one more Chaos Dragon attack, it is important that in this round they manage to eliminate him, or put him in the tanking zone so that his attack is directed at my tank, and so the Blast affects Cornealus who can handle it.
This round will be decisive for the course of the battle...

My cards manage to eliminate the opponent's tank, and Carnage Titan starts leading the opponent's team, and so Chaos Dragon is already closer to the tank zone, and in the meantime will suffer Blast from attacks caused by Carnage Titan.

Uriel the Purifier sees his health at the limit but manages to heal and start attacking in this battle, causing 5 damage to Carnage Titan and 6 Blast damage that allows to eliminate Chaos Dragon and so the battle becomes in my favor, no doubt that this attack changed the course of the battle.



The battle eventually ends in the third round where my strategy allowed me to win this battle without having lost any cards.

At the beginning the battle seemed more accessible because the opponent concentrated his attacks on my tank, but his front line cards had a lot of armor and complicated my attacks, and Chaos Dragon is a card that completely changes the course of the battle because its attack is random.

Combining healing cards in this battle was decisive in dealing with this battle, both in supporting my tank, and Cornealus healing himself from Blast, which allowed me to win this rather complicated battle.

So with this battle I managed to increase my rank by 19 points, gain 9,863 RP and 3,787 Dec


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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!1UP The cures really made all the difference in winning this confrontation. Congratulations on the strategy!

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