Battle Challenge - Venator Kinjo


Venator Kinjo is one of the new legendary cards in the Splinterlands game, which can be earned by opening chests or buying them through the market.


This card seems harmless because of its attack attributes, but the highlight is its abilities that make it an indispensable card in any type of deck.
Being a neutral card with Melee attack it can be combined with any splinter set, in its initial level it presents a new ability applied in the game, Reflection Shield making it immune against any kind of damage, Blast and Thorns, in the case of Venator Kinjo only these are important.
In addition, at its starting level it also has the already known ability of Camouflage where it cannot be the target of attacks unless it is in the first position on the battlefield.
This means that Venator Kinjo makes a Blast battle very complicated by not suffering any damage, a good strategy is to use a card with Taunt ability as a tank, then Venator Kinjo for Blast protection and having cards with Tank Heal ability, it is almost impossible to win a battle.

And it doesn't stop there in terms of skills, in level 2 you gain Immunity skill, not being affected by negative effects in battle, such as Poison, in level 3 you have Slow skill which reduces the speed of the opponent's cards and lastly, Amplify which increases the damage of cards that have Thorns skill, Return Fire and Magic Reflect.

That said, I think it is a very important card for any player to have in his deck, especially at the time of this battle that I share, I did not have Venator Kinjo in my deck, but I rented it and it has helped me a lot in some Blast battles that I will share in another post, so this battle I share, against Venator Kinjo and you can see how complicated the battle becomes.




Given this set of rules the cards could not be healed and had Blast ability, with only 32 Mana available it would make a complicated battle to form.

Facing the available Splinters I understood that the opponent could risk in Melee attack cards, and so I chose the Zintar Mortalis Summoner from Death Splinter with Buff -1 Melee attack on the opponent's cards.

my team.gif


In the first position I chose Chain Golem with Shield skill and having armor it could deal Melee and Ranged attacks without taking too much damage, and in the second position, The Gorlodon could deal Blast due to its high health points, moreover it could attack due to its Reach skill where it would do some important damage.



In third position Venari Bonesmith has an interesting ability combined with Blast, since it increases his health points each time he hits his opponent, Blast ability allowed him to be able to increase his health points twice each round.
While at the fourth position Creeping Ooze allows you to slow down your opponent's cards, and thus get some advantage in attacking first and consequently applying Blast first.



In the fifth position I chose Halfling Alchemist, a card I like a lot because of its ability, where it allows you to halve the opponent's attack damage, having armor, could deal a Blast attack in Sneak attack, and gave the possibility to apply Halving before being eliminated.
Finally, Silent Sha-vi has a good attack and good speed, allowing it to eliminate the opponent's cards from the back line in combat.



Full Battle Here

Seeing the opponent's formation it seems that I will be decimated, I have no chance against the strategy that he has set up, since he used a Taunt card as a tank and then Venator Kinjo, which implies that I cannot apply Blast until I eliminate Magnor, which is not easy because of his high health points, in addition the opponent has chosen two Magic attack cards where my cards have no protection against these attacks.

But let's see the battle, and how the cards behave in battle...

Silent Sha-vi starts the battle causing good damage to Magnor, while Djinn Inferni reduces a lot the health of my tank and applies Blast, while Serpentine Spy attacks Creeping Ooze which it eliminates and applies Blast to adjacent cards removing Halfling Alchemist's armor and changing the speed of the battle, which leaves Halfling Alchemist in a complicated situation of being the last to attack in the battle and without protection for a Sneak attack.

With the altered speed it is Kobold Miner's turn to attack, where he misses his attack and saves Halfling Alchemist allowing him to attack, reducing Magnor's attack to half.
The Gorlodon ends the first round with his attack, doing good damage to Magnor, but the battle becomes very complicated to be able to win.


Djinn Inferni starts the second round, where it eliminates my Chain Golem tank, consequently Silent Sha-vi attacks and eliminates Magnor, where from this moment on my cards can apply Blast and make the battle more balanced.
Serpentine Spy ends up eliminating Halfling Alchemist and applies Blast to my adjacent cards, while Venari Bonesmith manages to eliminate Venator Kinjo and increases his health points twice, which is very important.
The Gorlodon manages to eliminate two cards with the force of his attack, where there is still some hope for the third round, even though the opponent's cards have more health points, my cards can attack first and it is important because of the Blast.


Silent Sha-vi and Venari Bonesmith start the third round where they manage to eliminate Kobold Miner leaving only Zalran Efreet in battle for his opponent.
Zalran Efreet and Venari Bonesmith both have Life Leech abilities, which complicates the battle, but Silent Sha-vi eventually manages to eliminate Zalran Efreet's last card, thus ending this battle.



The rewards format for this battle was still in Dec, with the rewards currently being in SPS.
With this victory I managed to increase my rank by 34 points, gain 10,870 RP and 10,149 Dec.

Venator Kinjo made this battle too complicated, I managed to win thanks to the failed Kobold Miner attack that allowed Halfling Alchemist to be in battle and consequently reduce the damage to Magnor.
The Gorlodon having a lot of health points allowed me to deal Blast and hold the front line.


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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Until next time!



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