Battle Challenge - Venator Kinjo Part II


In my last post I shared a battle where I faced Venator Kinjo, in this post I share a battle where I used Venator Kinjo, and you can see that it is a very interesting card in Blast battles being well used in battle.





Given the rules set for this battle, we could not use Magic attack cards, and looking at the opponent's last battles, I found that he regularly used the fearsome Yodin Zaku.
Since Fire Splinter was available for the battle, it was very likely that the opponent would use the same strategy.
Thus, it would be an opportunity for me to put Venator Kinjo into practice in my formation.

I needed a strong tank to lead my formation, with Taunt ability to be the target of the attacks so that the Blast could be directed towards Venator Kinjo.
My choice was Dark Ha'on as there could be no Magic attack cards, the Flying ability gave Melee and Ranged attacks a chance to miss their attack.

Now it was necessary to choose the best Summoner, the best choice would be Byzantine Kitty because it would increase the speed of my cards and heal my tank card, but only these two cards would take half of my total Mana available for the battle, however they would be very strong cards and with great security.
But afraid that I wouldn't have enough attack, and the opponent would use a lot of Ranged attack cards, I chose Quix the Devious with Debuff (-1 Ranged attack and -1 Speed).

my team.gif


Just as I had mentioned, I chose Dark Ha'on as a tank to deal with all attacks due to its ability, and to protect from Blast attacks I chose Venator Kinjo in the second position.



My choice for attacks was to eliminate the opponent's back line, and so I chose cards with Sneak attack. This is because the opponent could choose tank with Shield ability and cards with Demoralize ability and with that my Melee attacks would be insignificant, so eliminating less unprotected cards would increase the probability of hitting the opponent's tank more successfully.
Thus my Sneak attack choices were Silent Sha-vi and Uraeus.



Since there is a great chance that the opponent will miss some attacks on my tank, and since I don't have a Tank Heal skill card available, I chose Scavo Hireling with the Repair skill. Although my tank has only one point of Armor, it would be enough for Scavo Hireling to prevent an opponent's attack from reaching the Health of my tank card.
To finish, Lira the Dark with excellent speed and Opportunity skill would be among the first to attack in my formation and facilitate the attack of my Sneak attack cards.



Full Battle Here

Being able to predict what the opponent will choose increases the likelihood that we can win a battle, if we can cope with the opponent's cards. Sometimes the predictions are in the dark and the opponent changes strategy, other times they work out, and in this case I managed to set up the strategy against Yodin and Blast, ending up being what the opponent chose, meaning that I have a greater chance of winning the battle, if my strategy has been well constructed and has had an effect.

Overall the opponent's cards have low speed, and my Summoner reducing speed increases the likelihood that the cards will miss attacks on my tank card.

Starting the battle, my cards Lira the Dark and Silent Sha-vi manage to eliminate two of the opponent's cards, leaving the opponent with only four cards left in the battle.
The opponent attacks with his cards, not causing Blast, but the cards with the minimum speed cannot reach my tank where they miss with their attacks and so Scavo Hireling will return the Armor to my tank and protect its Health points from a successful attack.
Meanwhile Uraeus hits his opponent's last card and is next targeted by Lira the Dark in the next round.


Again, Lira the Dark and Silent Sha-vi attack and eliminate the last card of the opponent's formation, leaving only three cards in battle, and I have one attack protection due to Armor and Repair skill, thus complicating the opponent's attacks.
The second round was identical to the first round where the reduced speed allowed Grum Flameblade to still not be able to make a successful attack.

Starting the third round, the opponent has only two cards, and since there is a Repair skill on my side, it is necessary that the opponent has only one card to give the battle as practically won, since he doesn't use cards with Heal skill.
Again Grum Flameblade in this battle is sleeping and very slow that can not reach my tank


In the fourth round Lava Launcher misses his attack and Grum is not to be trifled with and eventually wakes up for battle, a little late and just hits my tank's Armor and in the following round Lava Launcher ends up being eliminated leaving only Grum Flameblade in battle who can't do much on his own when he hits Armor, eventually being eliminated easily with the superiority of my cards' attacks.
If Grum Flameblade had woken up earlier the battle would be more complicated and have eliminated my tank and consequently I would lose this battle.

I was still in doubt as to whether it would have been better to use Summoner Byzantine Kitty to increase the speed of my cards and have Heal ability, spending 7 Mana, or to have chosen Summoner Quix the Devious along with Scavo Hireling, also spending 7 Mana.

A difficult choice because although Quix the Devious reduces Ranged attack and speed, Byzantine Kitty would increase speed, increasing the chance that the opponent will miss attacks on Dark Ha'on.



This battle not belonging to the Daily Focus the rewards were not the best, but they were good rewards nonetheless.
With this victory I managed to gain 10,085 RP and 0,365 SPS besides increasing my rank by 15 points in the Silver League which was quite reasonable.


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