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Hello community, today being Women's Day, this week I share a battle from the Splinterlands game on the LARISSA KERATO card, it belongs to the Gladius edition, it's a Legendary card and can only be played in brawl battles.
Gladius edition cards, which can only be played in brawl battles and cannot be bought or rented, are earned by opening Gladius packs in which they can be exchanged for merit points, which are earned by participating in brawl battles.



As you can see from the image, LARISSA KERATO is a Legendary card of the splinter Dragon, with Magic attack, in its evolution its attributes do not change, but it increases its ability.
At the initial level, it features Bloodlust, which is the standard skill of Gladius cards, in which it increases its attributes every time it eliminates a monster from the opposing team, and it also features the Double Strike skill at the initial level, which makes it a very strong card if it's done well. combined, as it has a good chance of increasing its attributes, but having low health, it is necessary to protect it well in order to be important in the course of the battle.
At level 2 it gains Void ability, has reduced damage from magic attacks, at level 3 it gains Dispel ability, clears the positive effects of the attacking monster, and at the last evolution level gains Blast ability, dealing additional damage to the adjacent monster of the attack target. .

You can see that with these skills combined, it's a very strong card with the ability to destroy an entire team.




  • Mana : 38

  • Rules : Equal Opportunity (monsters attack targets with the lowest HP)

  • Splinters available : All except Fire and Water


In this battle with Equal Opportunity ruleset it was a risk to use LARISSA KERATO because it had low HP, being an easy target for the opponent, but on the other hand it was an important card for the battle due to the Double Strike ability.
For this reason, my strategy for the battle was to protect LARISSA KERATO in two ways, first trying to protect from being attacked, using SHIELDBEARER in the first position with Taunt ability, would concentrate the opponent's attacks on this card. And on the other hand, increase the damage of your attack by choosing to summon DELWYN DRAGONSCALE in which your buffer (+1 Magic attack).

In this sense, the composition of my battlefield, was SHIELDBEARER in the first position, LUNAKARI MISTRESS in the second position with magic attack, had its attack increased by the summoner, in the third position SCAVO HIRELING with Repair skill, with the intention of trying to keep the as much as possible SHIELDBEARER in battle, repairing her armor, giving LARISSA KERATO the opportunity to increase her attributes and not be a priority target to suffer attacks.
In the same sense of protecting my line of attack, I chose VENARI CRYSTALSMITH with Tank Heal ability to heal my Tank, in the fifth position LARISSA KERATO, being relatively well protected to not suffer attacks from the opponent's team's monsters and lastly TIME MAGE card with Magic attack, and Slow ability, to reduce the speed of the opponent's monsters, with the intention of healing cards to be able to affect the Tank before being eliminated.

Dot Chaos 1.png


Battle Link


My opponent's strategy was a little similar but with some differences, he chose the GENERAL SLOAN summoner with buffer +1 Range attack, betting strong with Ranged attack cards, also concentrating attacks on the Tank using SHIELDBEARER, choosing VENARI CRYSTALSMITH to heal the Tank and TIME MAGE to reduce my speed, thus choosing a mix of Ranged attack and Magic attack cards.
A card that seems harmless PORTAL SPINNER, could ruin everything in my strategy for the battle, because having Scattershot ability, it attacks a random target, without having priority to attack the card with Taunt ability, having its attack increased by the summoner's buffer , could easily eliminate LARISSA KERATO, as her attack is random.

The difference in battle is that I bet more on Magic cards, in which your attack goes straight to HP while Ranged attack cards hit armor first, besides that, having the same speed, the attack order is Magic cards first, Ranged, Melee, so my Magic cards would attack first than the opponent's Ranged attack, allowing me to have eliminated SHIELDBEARER in the first round and so my cards would attack the cards with lower HP.
I was lucky that PORTAL SPINNER's attack was aimed at LUNAKARI MISTRESS and thus didn't eliminate any of my important cards to protect SHIELDBEARER.

Starting the second round, TIME MAGE's attack eliminates the opponent's most aggressive card PELACOR ARBALEST having Double Strike ability and being Ranged attack was a card that could cause a headache in battle, and in the following attack LARISSA KERATO takes the card out of the way TIME MAGE of the opponent, and so it applies Bloodlust increasing its powers and the battle became completely in my favor from here, in which in the next round LARISSA KERATO eliminates a card from the opponent again increasing its powers, decreasing the team opponent's only one card, VENARI CRYSTALSMITH in which I could not attack from the first position, and my VENARI CRYSTALSMITH card ends up with the same card as the opponent and thus ending the battle.


The battle ends without having lost a single monster, when they were somewhat similar teams, but I was lucky that PORTAL SPINNER didn't attack LARISSA KERATO in that it would harm my strategy for this battle, and consequently managed to destroy two opponent's cards and because of that it increased its stats twice due to its Bloodlust skill.

It was a battle where everything went well and the strategy worked.


Thanks for reading, i hope you liked my post. If you are interested in playing Splinterlands, follow my affiliate link
For comments on post content, use comments. Advice on how to improve, or make the posts more enjoyable, is welcome.

Until next time!




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