Splinterlands Asset Overview October 2022


It's been about 6 weeks since my last Splinterlands Assets Overview and so this is a little overdue.

Here are my holdings ATM...

Oct 22nd _Total  vs Asset.png

And in comparison to September:

Screenshot 20221022 at 14.12.47.png

I thought a spreadsheet would make it clearer.

As you can see, there have been the following changes in the last five weeks...

  • Cards have drifted down in value - I have more cards now, including having opened 200 Riftwatchers packs and bought quite a lot more too, but more cards are now worth less than 6 weeks ago.
  • SPS has declined slightly by around 10% (NB I used some of that to buy RIFT!)
  • DEC has also declined by around 10%
  • Hive funnily enough down 10%!
  • VOUCHER - absolutely tanked in value down from $0.90 to $0.25, I'm glad I sold a packet before Riftwatchers
  • Licenses have HELD their value
  • LAND has doubled in value.

The overall value of my assets are up, thanks entirely to my LAND tract.

VOUCHER is the new DUMP token - so I think I'm going to keep selling half for Hive and pooling it - there's a decent return in the HIVE-VOUCHER pool and if I'm just suffering IL on the Hive I've swapped from VOUCHER it's not really IL!

EVERYTHING else - Hive/ SPS/ DEC/ Cards have all lost 10% of their value but then again BTC is down by a few percentage points since my last one of these, so this 10% loss isn't as bad as it seems maybe.

My overall conclusion is - LAND/ LICENCES are what you want to be holding.

Besides that for liquid funds it doesn't matter whether you hold SPS or DEC or cards - so I'm happy with a strategy of selling some SPS/ DEC for cards and keeping some liquid!

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The one thing I dont own in SL ... land