What are The Best Legendary Cards to Buy for Rentals...?

I've been rebalancing my rentals deck recently, selling off some of the lower levelled common and rare cards I've got and purchasing a few more legendaries and better Epics.

In terms of collection power/ DEC burn value/ contribution towards the SPS drop - Legendaries get 1000 points per card, 100 times more than a common - actually the prices are very much in-line if you do a quick scan of commons compared to legendaries, the former generally being about 100 times more than the later.

So there's no price-disadvantage to buying up legendaries, unless you can snipe a few commons bargains along the way.

There are several reasons I'm doing this...

  1. There's no loss owning 1 Legendary (on average) compared to 100 common cards)
  2. It's easier to manage fewer rentals.
  3. Even L1 legendaries rent for a decent rate, less combining.
  4. There's a few legendaries I want to max out that I've only got at L2/3 and this is a good opportunity to do that. I probably will play again at some point in the future.
  5. I think when land comes, it's going to be 'all about the legendary cards'!

Although the main reason is that it's just less hassle - 1 legendary to 100 commons, I'll take the former!

What are the best legendaries to rent out (and for collection value)

I excluded reward cards from this as they have less collection power value, which means less SPS being dropped per card compared to Betas/ Promos and Untamed/Dice

I did a spread sheet for each of the levels (1-4) looking at what legendary cards offer a decent yield all the way through..... a consistent 40% yield or more is a good result as far as I'm concerned....

Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 10.36.44.png

NB there probably will be better returns for some of the epics, rares and commons, and I'm not even considering Gold, but I'm factoring in here buffing up my playing/ land deck and just reducing my rental management hassle.

I won't be buying any of these legendary cards until I've done a comparison with other cards, unless I see a REAL bargain!

So far the best return cards are......

  1. KRON
  2. Phantom of the Abyss
  3. Chain Golem
  4. Cornealus
  5. Minatour Warlord
  6. Dark Ha'on
  7. Kralus
  8. Oaken Behemoth
  9. Poisedon

There are some awesome looking cards which are just too expensive which you can get a decent return on such as Epona and The Corrupted Pegasus, and some cards which I might buy even though the return isn't that good - Lensmaster is one of them.

Some cards are surprisingly duff in terms of return - Spirit of the Forest and the Hydra - all offer crap rental returns even though they are PRICEY!

Anyway, now I've got my list I can just check in the market every now and then to see if there are bargains - I'm in no rush to buy, I'm just replacing what I've sold with fewer cards.

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Great one!
I wonder how will the land expansion influence rentals....


I can't wait to find out!

I guess a longer term rent will be necessary.

As I understand it all levels of cards are going to be equal when it comes to 'land staking' so I guess it will go some way to equalising prices.

Imagine in 5 years time - minting second gen splinterlands cards - new leagues, separate to the gen 1 league maybe?

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