Building a Budget Silver Level Life Deck for ~ $1700

The Life Splinter is all about shields, and with the right rule set that debuffs magic attacks a decent Life Splinter can be tough to beat, but you need to use cards that focus on protect, repair, heal, triage, and and that's what this budget level silver deck is about.

I'm used to playing Life with maxed cards, and in Diamond League sneak is a great attack strategy, but less so in Silver as the buffs just aren't up to it - so I think building a deck to protect from snipe and/ or sneak while focussing on a hammering frontal attack is yer best Life strategy in silver.

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Budget Neutral Cards for Silver League

The max level cards you can play for each type of card in Silver are as follows:

  • Legendary - 2
  • Epic - 3
  • Rare - 4
  • Common - 5

Chanseus to level 2 - $550

He's one of the cheaper Untamed Legendary Summoners and with the right ruleset that favours shields, this guy is just WONDERFUl in higher mana battles.

Repair, triage and resurrect make him awesome in any rule set which disallows or de-buffs magic.

Tyrus - L4 $190

The classic Life Summoner, absolutely essential and a bargain for $190 at L4.

The Unicorn to Level 1 - $120

You only need him to L1 to have a reasonable tank, with self-heal.

Thunderbird to L2 - $130

At level 2 you get 2 damage for 3 mana, this card has a surprisingly high win rate in Silver League, so it doesn't look like much, but it's worth it!

Lunkari Mistress to L3 - $110

6 mana for 3 magic damage and oppress, quite handy

Divine Sorceress to L3 - $130

3 mana for Divine Shield and 2 magic damage, handy for low mana battles.

Luminous Eagle to Level 2 - $15

Where he picks up 3 damage, there's little point upping him to L4.

TruthSpeaker to L2 - $15

Just so you've got protect and more than 1 health!

SilverShield Bard to L1 - $6

Cleanse is a great underrated buff IMO and only 1 Mana, awesome!

Armoursmith to L1 - $9

You only really need him to L1 for that all important repair buff!

Crystal Jaguar to L4 - $30

This is a great tank and supplement for 'melee monsters attack from any position'.

Warrior of Peace to L1 - $0.74

A great snipe sink for higher mana battles at under a $1

Divine Healer to L3 $120

You have to have this healer in Silver, it's that simple!

Crystal Werewolf - $90 to L4

A VERY handy tank in low mana battles, with silence

Peacebringer to L3 - $50

This is your stock damage dealer for the life Splinter.

Lone Boatman to L5 - $100

Take him to L5 for double or treble repair, great for those no magic battles!

Other more expensive cards to consider

Two other noteworthy cards are Defender of the Truth and Kralus, but the are PRICEY!

Total Cost = $1700

You could probably get away without Chanseus, but he's fun to play and just so handy in high mana matches.

All in all Life is one of my favourite splinters and these cards will give you a great pounding attack, but more significantly a great defensive lineup too.


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what about the new reward card, with heal and 1 ranged attack - venari one?
also the silvershield archers with snipe and only 2 mana that i use often
my to go team is Tyrus, shieldbearer, divine healer, armorsmith, venari crystal and some other 2 for damage depending on the match


My experience with using the SilverShield Archers is that I tend to lose a lot when I play them!

The Venari healer might well be a decent replacement for the Divine Healer fair point!


For 22 mana with shieldbearer and 2 healers +armorsmith and sss archer is basically invincible to anything but full magic team. my archer is shooting twice at my level.


How this game has grown! A budget deck for $1700…!

A couple month’s ago it would have been $100 I think. At the time I would’ve thought that this was expensive.. 😅