Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets: Close Ranged

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was Close Range in which ranged monsters can attack from first position, which allows you the option of using those ranged attacks as tanks

Close Range general strategy....

This is one of those rulesets where I personally don't change too much from normal strategy.

I don't necessarily all of a sudden leap on ranged monsters just because they can now attack from the front, but it does allow one that option.

Having said that there really are some killer ranged cards that make excellent tanks - Cornealus springs to mind, and if you've got a slow rule set going on and low mana the Earth Elemental works wonders!

This is also good as part of a Yodin Snipe-blast strategy: you can pile up those ranged attacks and not lose out when they hit tank position.

And in general any summoner which offers a plus one to ranged could be useful.

However, you are also vulnerable to return fire in that case which could mess you up!

On balance I'd say don't obsess with this one, maybe just adapt slightly and use on more ranged monster earlier on than you would usually.

Close Range Battle Exemplar

The battle below is a great example of where I ignored my own advice and went nearly all in on ranged attacks with a close ranged ruleset!

Summoner: Selena - for plus one ranged...

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 09.02.43.png

  • Stone Golem - Classic Beta and still one of the best tanks out there!
  • Venari SpellSmith - Scavange for tank two
  • Healer - double heal with Golem, classic!
  • Mantoid - Snipe one
  • Dragon thing - Snipe two - serious damage!
  • Naga Assassin - great back card with backfire!

The battle...

  • round 1 - Well my snipe was useless thanks to my opponent's taunt, but my extreme damage polished that off in this round!
  • round 2 - Snipe does the Goblin healer, bye! I also lose my Golem Tank, and the Venari takes up tank with a respectable 7 health.
  • round 3 - It's all over, with the Venari chipping in, ranged in first!

Final battle analysis

I opted for MAJOR damage in this battle over everything else, mainly ranged which worked out very nicely.

My opponent simply didn't have the health the stand up.

I banked on the Golem lasting at least a round and taking out a couple of cards early to give the Venari some health when he took over tank.

Overall things worked out pretty nicely!

All monsters have THORNS final thoughts...

This was a fun damage focussed battle, using the ruleset, but as a general rule I don't adapt too much except to sometimes have maybe Cornealus in first!


Round 3 is bit interesting. It was indeed a fun game. Better luck for next time :)