Splinterlands Social Media Challenge : Drawing : Beetle Queen



Hello everyone

Its time for spilinterlands social media challenge . Today I am drawing Beetle Queen. I will share this blog in social media . lets start drawing

Source link : https://splinterlands.com/?p=card_details&id=133&gold=false&edition=3&tab=market

Few Material I use to draw this image

  1. White paper
  2. Black pen
  3. Color pens


I am staring with face . that means is eyes head nose mouth and every pert which in autarch with head. In this pert everything depend


Now drawing its full body . it’s a beetle and maybe is female . so is wearing funny dress and also is body structure like a beetle . I don’t know but there are too much part in single image . I trying to draw this perfectly . as like tis legs , arms , its wings every thing .


Now time to use color , at first I am using red color in its eyes , and some sensitive pert , I don’t know what is called , but I know this are very sensitive pers . and there are too much done but this pert, so I make this red. And also use red color in is weapons . it looks like a red Dimond in is weapons


Now time to use yellow color . I am using this color for is wings . You know that , beetles has some wings , may be 4 wings . I am using yellow color for this . I thins its looks better


Time to use orange color . I am using this color in its down side . this side is its stomach . there are some black shadow there . Then I am using blue color . this color I am use most of its body pert. Some parts as like is arms lets . hole body include is face , original image is black color but I am using blue to looks better


I am sung black color some of is parts as like nail and others . take some final touch to every parts . I am taking finish touch to its weapons and others parts

I don’t know this drawing is better or not . but I am trying my best to do. This image is much difficult for me to draw . because there are many parts of this image are very difficult . but I am trying my best . Hope you like this

Thanks for your time

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