Hello, Splinter Community!!
It has been a busy day for me due to lots of happenings and doings in the past days. Now, it is going to be my third week on splinterlands and splintertalk and I am so happy that I discover this website.

In the last season of splinterlands, it is pretty challenging for me because I cannot find out the proper card combinations. But as time pass by, I learned the abilities of each cards and how to use them in every battle.

Last season, I tried to rent one of the legendary card, CALADUUM, a fire splinter.


I am pretty impress on this card's ability but even though it is a good card, I still failed to earn my target DEC.

Last season, the rewards I got were: two legendary potions, one alchemy potion, and 42 credits.

Screenshot 233.png

I am a bit sad on those rewards because I am expecting cards on one of the chest, but it did not happen. I really need cards to move up to higher rank and earn DEC because in Bronze III, there is no DEC on every win.

But thats okay because that was my first reward season. I am hoping that on the next season rewards, I got cardS, especially the legendary cards.

Thats all of my thoughts and experience last season. Hoping everyone is earning well and doing well, and most importantly, have a good health.

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Do you want to learn more on strategies about the fire splinter? If yes, then stay tune for my next posting.

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Bye for now, Splinter Community! Have a wonderful day!


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