Browsing my social media accounts, attending online classes, doing school works, and doing household chores are my daily routine everyday. Always the same day by day. But Hive changes it.

Recently, I just decided to play Splinterlands. Even though I am not earning big, still I am enjoying it. This NFT game has many features that I really enjoy and one of it is the splintertalk. I first saw it at a youtube video and it really captures my attention. Writing a story, creating articles, and putting all my thoughts on a paper is one of my favorite thing to do. It is my safe zone. Now, that I know that I can earn by doing the thing I enjoy and the thing that I love, it doubles, triples my happiness.

Today, I see another videos that I can also use my Hive account to log in to different website, so I did that. As I browse my feed I see a post titled “Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!”. This make me think of the scenario happened the first time I want to open my Hive Keychain. In order to Sign Up for the Hive Keychain, you need to use one of your account keys in Splinterlands. To get it, I requested to send it to my Gmail Account. I waited for two days and no account keys emailed to me, so I decided to email their customer support. One of the replies I receive is try to log out my Splinterlands account and then log in again. So I log out my account and when I try to log in using my email account, it keeps saying “Wrong Email/Password”. Then I noticed, when I click the type box for the email, there is another email being suggested to me. That email is very similar to my email. The only difference is that the numbers on my email is not there. So I tried that wrong email with my password, then my account opens. I am so nervous during this time because it only means that my requested account keys are sent to wrong email. I do not know if that wrong email exist or not, but I hope not, because the owner of that email may see my account keys. Due to that, I contacted the customer support immediately. Even it is my mistake of entering a wrong email, still they generously help me change my email. They reply so fast on my concern and gives me instruction on what to do after they change my email registered on the game. After that, I got my account keys and have access on Hive Keychain.

I am so thankful for the customer support for helping me on my mistake. Because of that, I gained access to many Hive supported websites, including this website. I am thankful to them because without their help, I will not have an access and will not discover websites that is toxic free. No bashing in the comments of the posts, just pure constructive criticisms. I have seen these comments on other bloggers’ posts wherein conversations are just going smoothly. I really liked this kind of environment. Just pure positivity. I need it. We all need it.

The year 2021 is better if we compare it to previous year, where COVID-19 ruins everything. The year 2021 is I think the recovering year to all of us. For the year 2022, I think it is the year of the new beginning and fresh start. For me, that is exactly the year 2022 will be. A new beginning for my online and social media life.

Here is the post if you want to join as well.

Thank you @guiltyparties for this kind of opportunity. Also, thank you
@B0s for the help.



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