Never Skip Your Daily Quest

I have been a bit lazy to do my quests the last few days as I am working on a lot of side projects, but I am regretting that after finally getting one done today and getting this:

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 2.46.36 PM.png

For reference, this is happening at Silver III... Literally anything is possible.

Sure the price of Djinn Oshannus has taken a wild nosedive, but it doesn't matter because:

  1. plan on holding him longterm

  2. Got this for playing a game I like

  3. It is still worth some $

  4. It adds 500 DEC to my collection power

  5. It is a legendary card in the most popular blockchain game in the world.

This was a really awesome surprise to find in my daily quest and I hope that it happens for all of you. Don't forget to keep trying, you never know what could happen.

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