Towards the last 24 hours of the Chaos Legion pre-sale event!


Hi everyone,

We are now down to the last 24 hours of the Chaos Legion pre-sale event before the launch of the Chaos Legion packs which is set on the 8th December.


If you aren't excited, you are missing one of the best event happening here on Hive on top of the other events currently on-going.

Once the pre-sale ends, another round of Chaos Legion packs will still be available but it won't be the same as pre-sale has to offer. And it was announced that the Chaos Legion packs will be available on the market without the need to purchase voucher, but that will have to wait. If you are patient, you can wait but if aren't patient like me, I'd opt to get them the soonest I can.

I got my pre-sale packs, not much... How about you?

Yes, I know. Many had voiced out the expensive price of voucher. But hey, you got some during the airdrop. So I think it was fair square.


The voucher airdrop ended quite some time now, and at the moment voucher is priced at $15 as we speak.

I think many will opt to get them after the launch or during the pack sale without voucher. But then, it won't be much available but everyone still be able to get hands on them anyway.

I haven't gotten the amount of pack I wished to get them, which is 100 packs, but hopefully during this final stretch, I can get hands on them.

All the best in your pre-sale!