My Sunday Ramblings - Coffee, thrifting, exercise, and a quiet morning. Ahhhhhh yes.


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^ My Sunday #selfie.

Sunday plans and a weekly update

I don't post much from my @robwillmann account since I write so often from my @threesteps account. However, I thought that today I'd ramble a little and fill in some gaps.

Happy Sunday everyone!

I always enjoy being the first one awake in my house. There's a quietness that happens when everyone but me is asleep. With a cup of coffee in hand, this is a favorite way of mine to start my day.

Later today my wife and I are planning a trip to the Mile High Flea Market, one of our favorite spots to go picking for furniture. I may post some photos later. There's always something fun going on there.

Changes to caffeine intake and my walking

Speaking of coffee, I am now drinking decaf coffee and tea at home, and only drink caffeine if I am out. This is another method I am trying to employ to keep my brain functioning at its best.

This week was a rough one for me, and I had some times that were not so easy. But hey, I am tough and have been through worse. :) To combat this, I decided to be as consistent as possible with walking during my lunch breaks. I work from home, and I have been trying to consistently get up, step away from my desk, and go for a walk at lunch. I believe this has helped my brain.

Thursday dinner with friends

My wife and I went out to meet Jay and Lori for dinner this past Thursday. El Mejor was the destination and their Mexican cuisine is fantastic. Definitely recommend eating there if you are in the Denver area. An evening of great conversation and wonderful food.

Personal Goals for the week

I have lots of business goals, but I don't often talk about my personal ones. Let's change that.

Health-wise I'd like to be able to jog again. I feel like I am so close. I walk at a brisk rate as it is, but I want to lose just a few more pounds before I start jogging.

Therefore if I want to start jogging, the magic number for me is to weigh under 200 lbs. I'll work on that and as a baseline I am at 210 now.

Today is September 26. I am sure I can be 10 lbs lighter by Nov 10. Doable. I'll post again on this account about my progress.

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Bringing back #myhivegoals on my @threesteps account

I originally started the #myhivegoals post series on this account. Yet most of my upvoting\curation comes from my @threesteps account. Since it makes sense that the tokens are staked on the account that I will use the most, I transferred most of my account balances from this account over to @threesteps.

I've also been concentrating on aggregating and staking only a few primary tokens, and focusing really on just 3: Hive, CTP, and ALIVE. I've spelled out my goals and how I stake and sell tokens before. But in a nutshell:

If you take a look at you'll see that I've been transferring tokens over. I'll stake or sell those (and stake the hive from the sale) and increase the power of my primary content creation account. Nice!

Playing SplinterLands a bit more

At first I viewed Splinterlands as a method to invest some Hive for a high ROI, but once I started looking at the game, I realized it's quite fun to play. I'll be posting more on this since I plan on being involved in the guild that @jongolson, @blainjones and @elianaicgomes are putting together to promote INDEX token.

Currently I'm posting Splinterlands content via threesteps, but that's going to change since I'm splitting off a separate account for streaming and gameplay. I'll post more about this soon. :D

That's it. Thanks for reading my Sunday morning ramble. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Are you working toward a personal goal of some type? Write about it!

Peace and Love,



Currently I'm posting Splinterlands content via threesteps, but that's going to change since I'm splitting off a separate account for streaming and gameplay.

Splitting up content by account types. I am in the process of figuring that one out myself. @ShinyObjects is the account I began in March 2021 before I realized that my old STEEM account @epodcaster was here as well. Once I claimed it, I realized that I now had to work to develop it as well. So, it's been interesting to have this account with more consistent content and better Resource Credit to post with vs. my @epodcaster account which came over from STEEM with just a few posts from 2017.

As @epodcaster is who I'm known as in the "real world" it makes sense to keep that account more in line with who I am in general. Not so say @shinyobjects isn't also me, but I feel a bit more flexibility and freedom to experiment and game more. Although since both accounts are me, there is some blurring and blending of content. Still working on if I want to have a very clearly defined separation of just organically allow those accounts to develop in their own way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As always, you've given me some food for thought. Have a wonderful Sunday. Cheers!