The Complete Splinterlands AMA Notes October 8, 2021



Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 8, 2021

*Please note: I am covering as much as I can, as fast as I can; there will be typos, and I am copying the questions directly so please forgive any errors. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to my post! If you appreciate this summary, please let me know. I do hope it helps you! Happy Battling! Yippee!

Today's AMA Will Cover

  1. @nateaguila will give eye-candy
  2. Questions provided over the week
  3. Rapid Questions for @yabapmatt and @aggroed

New Office

Yay! Splinterlands has a NEW OFFICE! How about some eye-candy for that?

Eye Candy from Nate!

Nate oversees the creative design, the artwork, implementing the dreams of Aggroed and Matt!

**Chaos Legions, Vouchers and Land! **

  • Splinterlore Has Important Value to the Game
    • Now we are going gangbusters

    • We have a couple AMAZING writers and looking to bring on one or two more as well

    • Lore fuels what we do creatively. It starts with a concept or a character idea. It spins there to the illustration and then heads to the animator and from the animator it goes elsewhere and then it's on your screen!

    • We want you to understand where you'll be setting up your buildings in the land.

    • Praetoriaa, originally hidden by a hidden veil, now has been revealed as a continent. See how incredible it looks here:

- Chaos Legions will be a part of this lore and it all ties to the land
- Venari: a new race, a rat population, and you will hear new stories about them

- Nate shared a fun meme as well


Nate and Vouchers


  • Nate believes the Vouchers will be as valuable as SPS. These vouchers will be so important for the future of Splinterlands and something you'll never want to sell because the value you will increase exponentially.

  • Here is Dr. Blight who will be transformed. He will be the Legendary Promo Card, most likely a neutral card.


You will WANT THIS GUY! Keep those vouchers. He will be so important to what is about to happen.


His powers are so incredible, and his value you will be instrumental in opening a gateway and that gateway is located in the heart of Praetoriaa (for your land). He will be a critical part of unlocking the volcano. You WILL NEED HIM to unlock the gateway in the middle of the volcano to unleash Chaos Legion.


Here's a wall paper, a much bigger taste of Chaos Legions' Arrival.


Another picture:


Here's the mana well, to harness the powers of the planet


Here's the Gate! @aggroed says you'll want to avoid this area!


Here's the Gladiator!


And here's the Pelacor Deceiver in action!


These are idle animations that will be used in the game! It's VERY exciting!

Then @aggroed explained that he brought in Dr. Blight is a plague doctor which has historical significance due to what we've endured with the COVID virus. This doctor ties into the world both in Splinterlands and in the globe.

Nate said you really want to follow the Splinterlands Lore in an NFT sense because it will become very valuable to know!

Matt's Check-In

  • The game is running quite stable now. There will be various issues from time to time, but things are running great so our focus is now on expanding the team to have dev-ops for server issues so we can move forward!
  • Hardpoint was in the new office today and more people next week and Splinterlands is expanding constantly in a VERY positive way.
  • We have dedicated resources keeping up with the servers, so our feature developers can keep moving forward so you'll see more features being developed moving forward.
  • In the next 3 to 6 months we are focused upon building up the team and the specific areas so that everything is running smoothly.
  • Main focus at this time is Chaos Legions and then The Land!

Aggroed Shares Numbers Update

  • 1,700,00 plus accounts and 538,000 spell books

Development Questions (covered by Aggroed and Matt)

  • Why does splinterlands choose to utilize the hive-blockchain, do you think it is superior in some way? Or is it just circumstance?

    • Matt says: Great question. When the game was created in 2018, there were very few options available, but even still today the HIVE blockchain is still a good choice. We wanted user-friendliness. We wanted a separation of the account name from the keys. We didn't want to use a chain where you'd have to pay to do transactions in the game. Players don't have to know crypto currency in this game which is helpful. Overall it makes for a much smoother, familiar experience and welcomes those new to crypto. We build bridges to other chains to get people from those chains into the game. This helps mainstream the game.
    • Bridges to other platforms are happening constantly.
  • Now that bronze league players only get game credits, can we please re-enable buying of quest potions using game credits? We don't have much use case for game credits now that there is no option to buy the quest potion with the game credits. Or is it possible to give us the option to exchange game credits for DEC? With this new change this season, the game is not very beginner friendly anymore.
    • We don't want to put to just put it back to game credits. Generally, overall in the game, we want to incentivize people to get more assets in the game and grow and the quest potion doesn't do that by design and there's nothing as far as the quest potion is concerned to move up in the game so it does need some re-thinking regarding potions and new potions. Whatever it does, it should do and do better in higher leagues so we need to redesign the quest potion.
  • Is there any thought about limiting the MAX power to compete in leaderboards? The last updates made life harder for new players (I think they were just right though, maybe increasing a little credit rewards?), so at least devs could make sure that only players with power compatible with that league can compete for the leaderboard. This way a new player can still do it's best to reach the leaderboard and boost it's progress in the game. It isn't very fair that a player getting all the gold/diamond rewards can just make another account and delegate some cards to always win bronze/silver leaderboards leaving new players without any chance to dream.

    • The leaderboards limit your cards levels. You could have huge collection power and huge cards, but if you're playing in gold league then you're limited in the play. In general, if there are issues, we'll have to look at those specifically, see what the problem is and the best way to handle it. Limited the max power wouldn't necessarily do anything.
  • Does SL have any intention of enabling Google Authenticator 2FA, for increased security? Just as an option?

    • When an account gets hacked, you could have your email and password hacked or your keys hacked, so ultimately the transactions on the block chain don't need Google 2FA, but for email password login, yes, we can have that. We have also added the keys now in the market to help with that protection.
  • Do you plan to reveal how the vouchers will be used in addition to CL pack sales?

    • We don't have the details yet to reveal. It's our goal to make sure those receiving them should know that vouchers will be important to the game. If you don't have the vouchers, you won't be able to get the cool stuff in the game. Vouchers is a fungible version of staked days. Vouchers are a fungible token for staking and if you're staking, and have been for a long time, you're getting the cool stuff.
  • Could you please give an idea of what benefits "The Legionnaire" in-game title will bring us? It's vital to determining voucher prices.
    • Good question and we'll have to figure it out and announce it before the presale starts.
  • Would it be possible to put card packs or vouchers on the marketplace? Same as the card, payable by DEC? You would have 5% fee as well and not the 3rd party sites.
    • There's a project to get our in-game marketplace expanded so everything else will be on the marketplace.
  • Splinterlands is growing at a fast rate. At this rate, it will easily break more than 2 million users. How many concurrent players can the HIVE blockchain / Splinterlands game handle without any issues?
    • We will break to 2 million users before the end of the year, Aggroed projects. We have everything running smoothly with these numbers so we feel good about it and we're ready and we will be ready with hopefully no problem.

Chaos Legion Card & Voucher Questions

  • If all CL packs are worth 300 air drop points, this would mean 15 million *300 = 4,5 billion increase in the airdrop points. This is approx 60% increase in air drop points resulting in much less (60%) airdropped SPS per user. Please confirm and/or elaborate on this.

    • Yes that's correct but all 15 million packs won't sell right away and the airdrops increases day over day. There will be a lot more DEC printed. Yes, that's correct the total number of airdrops increases so the amount of total will decrease over time.
  • If one opens his purchased CL packs, will he still be eligible for 300 air drop points or is this only when it’s unopened?
    • That's only when it's unopened.
  • How will you ensure whales do not buy up all the CL packs upon launch of the public sale? How will everyone be able to purchase the packs?
    • Post presale? We haven't figured out all the details, but we will use some similar type voucher system to limit the packs to help spread it out over time. In general, the whales who have the most staked will be able to get the most packs.
  • I think vouchers make sense for the presale as it gives bigger players that have been around for a bit and/or put a lot of money into the game a first crack at some packs. That being said, I worry about vouchers remaining in place after CL is fully released. First, this is really just giving those large accounts free money. If voucher prices are high they can sell their extra vouchers and use that money to buy packs, so rather than spreading out the packs these large accounts will be able to afford even more. Second, I worry that the increased pack price plus an additional cost for vouchers will make entry into the game cost prohibitive for new players. Thoughts?

    • Good thoughts that we need to think through and that's why we haven't announced the exact details as to what will happen after the presale. The ultimate goal right now is for us to get you staking SPS and staking it for a long time. That impacts the whole eco-system so there's a lot of reasons to stake SPS.
  • If I am unable to obtain say 1K promo vouchers, for example i get 300 of them, can i combine the 300 promo with 700 non promo card packs for a total of 1K card pack purchase to get the Maverick status?
    • That will have to be about how many packs are purchased and not with the vouchers.
  • Are there any plans to reveal the legendary summoner for the pre-sale and the airdrop value of the title?
    • Not necessarily a summoner card, it's more likely a neutral card.
  • Will there be a 10% discount on Chaos Legion packs with SPS after pre-sale ends?
    • I don't think so but the mail sale details not figured out yet.
  • During the grace period week, will I be able to combine my voucher pack and regular purchases together to make enough packs for bonus packs?
    • That will just be purchasing the remaining packs in the presale.
  • I would rather know if i could buy chaos legion packs for 4 dollars (or less) without a voucher, after the pre-sale ends. How many chaos legion packs can be bought without a voucher?
    • We haven't figured that out yet and so we need to announce that soon. You can sell vouchers on the market of course.
  • VOUCHER tokens will be fungible tokens that can be transferred---from the presale info update, does this mean they can be transferred in-game? Or are they only allowed to be traded on 3rd Party sites?
    • Yes

SPS / Airdrop Questions

  • how much airdrop points for SPS if any at all will vouchers be worth
    • No vouchers won't be worth airdrop points.
  • When buying Chaos legion packs with SPS, will the price of SPS be constantly changing with the market price? or will it be determined in another way?
    • Market Price for both DEC and SPS
  • Can we get guilds somehow worked into the sps airdrop? I want to get my friends into the game, but the thought of throwing thousands of dollars into a void to get a guild together is really off-putting.
    • Yes there is an SPS pool for guilds and guild brawls and that's something we need to put into the game but it's on the program.
  • How is the SPS market price currently being calculated on the SPS management page?
    • It's a combination with the diesel pool.
  • Has any thought been given to increasing the DEC capture rate based on the amount of staked sps on an account. So people who are invested in the game can play more games with a higher dec rate? Then you could possibly lower the natural rate on accounts to combat bots. (or at least reduce their income or force them to invest actual money)
    • Yes

Guild Questions

  • How viable would you think a guild bank would be for players to donate cards, dec, sps, vouchers, land, ect. that guild mates can see assets held by this and a ui to track everything everyone donated. so this can be used for the guild mates to donate for guild giveaways, fund guild sponsored tournaments, or do group buys for future card pack releases. also allow players to delegate owned cards to the guild bank. so other guild mates may rent from the bank or be delegated to other players within the guild for free. but assets are owned and held by the guild and in correlation the members of the guild that participate. Also with this a way to create polls on the notice board part of the guild
    • Overall there's a lot we want to do with guilds, players that contribute and guild members can vote and all of this will be updated and has been discussed.

Land Questions

  • In the past I had asked if a region will have random locations for the 1,000 plots (9 Keeps and 1 Castle) or will they be next to each? If they are next to each other will they be able to produce all the different resources/materials needed for new spell cards?
    • They will all be together. Each region will have a spread with different land types. They probably won't have EVERY different land type, and I think people are trying to figure out how to get every type of land plot. But there will be a way to trade for different resources, so it might be better to specialize in a few different things and then trade for the things you need might be the better strategy. "Do what you do best and trade for the rest."
    • Be the specialist, not the generalist. If you have a region though, you'll have a lot. The map has all different types of terrains so you have access to much.


  • Can you add to the FAQ when the AMAs are typically scheduled, and where we can find the archives?
    • They are typically done on Fridays at either 9 am, 2 pm or 8 pm eastern. Next week is in the middle of the day at 2 pm.
  • Are you guys updating the way you can change positions in cards? my mouse has a hard time dragging but is fine clicking. Can you guys make it so that I can somehow move the cards positions with the arrow keys?
    • Yes, that seems like a great, small UI change.
  • Can we get some more room up here (on the DEC Display) to display all the DEC we should all be buying for the foreseeable future? (it currently only fits 9 digits comfortably)

    • We can make it auto scale down the font as you get higher.
  • Would you consider making a visual distinction between when a card is owned versus rented during battle? If you spend $thousands on a MAX lvl legendary card you should be entitled to a little harmless flex of showing it is not rented for peanuts

    • Yes, sounds great! We have great ideas!
  • Can we see the new summoners coming out?
    • The top six spenders in Chaos Legion will make the summoners. That will be determined.

Other Questions

  • When battles are split into 2 formats, will there be any perks to play in "Wild" where you will need a far more expensive deck to compete?
    • Separate DEC pool for each but we'll see how this goes. If there's an issue we will adjust. It's really hard to anticipate everything so we'll put out something and see what happens before deciding what changes to make.
  • Who wins in a chess match, Aggroed or Yabapmatt?
    • Matt
  • With the increase in tournament prize pools, can you address the possibility of players teaming up in these and 'gifting' wins to their team to maximize winnings, and any official stance Splinterlands has on this.
    • That's one of the things we have to keep an eye on and see if it's a problem and if so how to handle it. We don't want that to happen, but we'll see if it's a problem.
  • Splinterlands Netflix TV series when?
    • It's on our brain. I am a firm believer, if you look at Pokemon, there's a legion of fans that grew up watching that cartoon. I would love to see Splinterlands like this.

Matt's Final Thoughts

  • Everything is going to EXPLODE in the not so distant future now that so much is being solved. The people that stuck around will be extremely well-rewarded in the future.

Cryptomancer Update

Here @cryptomancer provided an update

  • He's one of the core devs working on future development involved with the major new game systems being worked on.
  • Right now we are working on the Chaos Legion presale ready to go and we'll make it no problems.
  • He's very excited and will be ready for the presale launch. Check out the counter and you will see the presale page as soon as that countdown is done. You should know @nateaguila provided that countdown.


  • The first voucher drop will occur right before the presale goes live so that when the presale goes live you'll already have your vouchers. So if you want to be certain you'll get that first voucher drop BEFORE the presale make sure your SPS is staked.
  • The voucher will drop daily although at a different time from SPS airdrop. It will occur for 30 days for every 24 hours. Unlike the SPS drop, there won't be a claim button, you'll just get the drop. You will see them gradually build up over time.
  • There's no real rush like the land presale that sold out in 30 seconds. Because of the voucher system, this will stretch out the time with the Chaos Legion and go at your own pace to purchase. We don't want to overload the website all at once.
  • There are NOT enough for everyone to get in the presale. Right now everyone would be able to get 2 packs at this point.
  • If you buy the CL packs the first day of the presale, those packs WILL be eligible for the next SPS airdrop.

Rapid Fire LIVE Questions to Aggroed

  • QUESTION: will the guild market discount apply for buying CL packs added to SPS purchase discount?
    • No, not for the main packs
  • QUESTION #1. How much of a scale on Resource Gain from Land will cards have? Will every Land require a Summoner and additional cards?
    • I don't know the scale yet and we won't reveal until the end. We want summoners and monsters (at least 1 summoner and several monsters per land)
  • #2. Can we get a filter to show what cards we do not own in the Market? So we can see the cards cost easily without having to use -My Cards > Show all cards > Click card > click Cards for Sale.... just to check a cards price. Would save alot of UI clicking.
    • We'll try to save that
  • Will we be able to play in both Wild and Modern?
    • Yes
  • How long will vouchers be needed during chaos?
    • Vouchers will be needed generally throughout the game. That will be the expendable currency that you'll need. When you buy the packs, you want to buy in bulk you'll need those vouchers.
  • Q : After 30 days presales, we will still get voucher from staking SPS and need it to purchase from 14M packs?
    • Don't have all the details.
  • Q: When new lands are released for purchase? the current land is too limited.
    • That's by design
  • QUESTION: if new lands are released, will they be competitive towards current land prices?
    • Probably not because they would be something different
  • QUESTION: (and sorry if this is repetitive) Will there be exactly 1M vouchers in the drop? Same as packs for the pre sale? SO if we wait until the last day of the presale to accumulate vouchers we'll be guaranteed packs?
    • Been thinking about that; we need a buffer. When you get to the number of packs you want to purchase, get them!
  • Question: how many out of the 15m packs are going to be sold without a voucher
    • Not determined
  • QUESTION: Why did the Chaos Legion Gold cards get lowered to 25x the regular foil instead of the normal 50x the regular foil for POWER\Burn Rate?
    • Mostly because everyone is opening the packs with the potions so everyone is getting twice the amount of golds so we wanted to reflect that in the overall power of the cards.
  • Can we have marketplace filters for melee, range and magic damage? Arrange by damage, speed , health and armor
    • Yes we're getting on this
  • QUESTION - Have you ever thought of a gamemode just for fun (no dec rewards) where you have access to all cards at max level to practice?
    • Good idea but not focus on the game.
  • QUESTION: do you have any deals you're working on with partners? Can you elaborate at all on it if so?
    • Yes I'm working on big deals and it will drop all your jaws if it comes true but I can't share that now.

    • We would love to have crypto in the apps but google play and apple won't let us have that. Government stops a lot of this stuff.
  • QUESTION: how many new summoner card will add in card list?
    • Five rares, airdrops of 5 legendaries and I don't know if we're going to do any epics in this one. We know there's going to be a lot of summoners needed for land so not sure.
  • Question update on new mini edition will it be voucher based
    • Don't think so but not sure.
  • question: does the presale pack/token give the presale promo air drop to the buyer only or does it go to who opens the pack or holds the presale pack/token ?
    • Goes to the buyer
  • QUESTION : can we get disclosed before the presale the % drop chance of the 13 post presale airdrop card per CL pack? would help to decide between buying vouchers or buying packs on secondary market
    • I can ask Matt about it, but we don't typically do it.
  • QUESTION: Are you concerned that with the introduction of Vouchers and the higher price of $4 for a pack that the price of entry is getting pretty high for a new player?
    • No. "We are minting millionaires." We have grown so much. The new players and just rent the cards. We hope to help walk people through the game and we are thinking about hiring folks for that.
  • QUESTION: During the presale, there are 33,333 vouchers per day. How many vouchers will you release per day after the presale?
    • We'll get some numbers on that.
  • QUESTION :if you buy a voucher and mint the pack will you still receive airdrop rewards? or do you have to mint the voucher for rewards?
    • If you have the pack, you'll get the airdrop points
  • Question: Will the Legionnaire title give airdrop points and if yes how much?
    • Not sure yet
  • Hi @aggroed- Founder (tendershepard) you mentioned that voucher will still be needed in near future. if we buy the chaos in exchange of voucher is it mean that the voucher will be remove on our account? Or it will be mark as used? Thanks!
    • It will be like a currency
  • Question - What is your position about balancing the game : I mean, is it possible that you give a nerf or a up to a card in future if this card happen to be too over or under powered ?
    • We really try not to do that. We want to leave that up to the players through the governance system.
  • Question : u said that new packs were to get new players in the game at a lower price point yet you are making players pay$2 more for packs and then they need a voucher which forces someone wanting to buy 1000 packs at this point to stake 120000 sps or about $70k.. just curious how the vouchers after presale help anyone new or with little money?
    • This is more for the folks who have been with us forever to support the O.G.s but we're not making every single pack require a voucher. That's kind of the balance. The presale helps the O.G.s but after the presale this should help everyone.
  • QUESTION. What will the team do with the SPS used to purchase CL packs by players? Stake it? use it as rewards for tournaments? or something else.
    • Probably used as revenue for the business.
  • QUESTION: Can you turn on "Purchase Credits" back on the App? Pretty please with a Llama on Top?
    • If it's not on, it's because it's broken and we removed it. It's not to take something away from you.
  • Q : How many monster & summoner in CL?

    • 4 Commons, 3 rare, 2 Epic, and 1 legendary for each splinter. It will be a full set like Untamed or Beta and will also have the airdrop cards added as the packs sell [NOTE: Corrected by 4-Freedom in the Splinterlands Discord after my blog was posted! Thanks for the catch!]

    • I don't know when this will come out. It will be called phase 2 probably (not a white paper).
  • QUESTION: Will Riftwatchers cost be a little less than 3000 DEC? Because of how much DEC cost today we're looking at $32 a pack.
    • I think it will be something like $3 per pack.
  • QUESTION.. in the 3commas capital research report, how was the implied value of a voucher for the CL packs totalled at 136.00?


  • Answer:
    • I don't know. That's a high number though. 126 Million SPS has been staked so that's already wrong info!
  • QUESTION. Is the Splinterlands treasury healthy? I can imagine scaling this game is not cheap.
    • Yes, we're doing quite well.
  • Q: when are the final details about chaos legion going to be released?
    • Hopefully before the 18th!
  • QUESTION: how viable would you think a guild bank would be for players to donate cards, dec, sps, vouchers, land, ect. that guild mates can see assets held by this and a ui to track everything everone donated. so this can be used for the guild mates to donate for guild giveaways, fund guild sponsored tournaments, or do group buys for future card pack releases. also alow players to delegate owned cards to the guild bank. so other guild mates may rent from the bank or be delegated to other players within the guild for free. but assests are owned and held by the guild and in corelation the members of the guild that participate. Also with this a way to create polls on the notice board part of the guild
    • Guilds like little businesses in the game
  • Q : How will you metered out packs after presales? for SPS staker & new comers?
  • Q : Can we get CL pack from chests? what is the % drop rate?
    • Yes, 1% chance
  • Question: Do you have a plan to change the price of the legendary potions and archemy potions purchasing with DECs at shop?
    "pay with DECs" is currently about 10 times more expensive than "pay with credits".
    • Yes we'll probably make that market priced based
  • question: will the air drop points of a CL pack unopened be the average of what dec power opened cards will have or the same points on average
    • 300 is the Chaos Legion Pack

Special NOTE: Aggroed is sick so please send him prayers and good thoughts! ;)

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Incredible that you've pulled this summary together so quickly, Rosie. I'm blown away.


Thanks, Matt! :) I really appreciate it. :)


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YAY! I'm so glad you liked it, Gregory! :) I love the eye candy as well! :)


Great job as always, Rosie! Thank you very much for putting up a detailed AMA Summary. I'm still amazed how you can keep up with the AMA.

On a sidenote: This makes me want that airdrop card even more =(


Oh my gosh I totally agree about the card! HAHA :) And thank you so much, Mozzie! :)


Wow, that was a lot of effort. Thanks for adding all the questions. The formatting of the questions could be a bit better to create a better contrast. Maybe some bolding, #### titles, < code > , something like that.

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Regardless it just saved me (and probably many others) hours of watch time in the AMA video.

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Since we are working together as curators in two different projects, I am just giving a style suggestions to her, to add an improved formatting, which she can apply quickly next time, as she is obviously skilled in that. Or she doesn't, totally up to her. Besides, I gave her a good upvote in multiple tokens.

I tried your 1UP website link and it's broken. When are you going to fix the site?

This is a Hive-Engine problem and entirely out of our hands. Splintertalk is also down.


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Wow! Great Effort again and I really appreciate you going into so much detail. It really does save me a lot of time not having to listen to the ramblings of the AMA video.
And best of all this is on permanent record now for us to refer back to in the future.


I missed the AMA because of my timezone, but with this article I'm always updated on what's happening!! Thanksss


Thanks so much, Dark-hamburger! And yes, by the time it was done, it was getting quite late after a long day so I totally get the timezone situation! :)


The Venari a very important part of the rat race who will get out of it first :)


QUESTION: Are you concerned that with the introduction of Vouchers and the higher price of $4 for a pack that the price of entry is getting pretty high for a new player?

No. "We are minting millionaires." We have grown so much. The new players and just rent the cards. We hope to help walk people through the game and we are thinking about hiring folks for that.

That you are its going to be insane