Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 29, 2021



Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 29, 2021

*Please note: I cover as much as I can of the summary as a record of the conversation. I do not provide my opinion but actual conversation that occurs during the AMA. This summary will have questions provided from the Discord and the answers given by the various Splinterlands' team will be typed by me. Please forgive any typos or errors; some may be from Discord or some may be my own. I will also fix up the formatting when I can later today. Had to leave immediately and couldn't do that.


Founders Begin the AMA

Today @aggroed and @yabapmatt will cover the following areas with various Splinterlands' team members:

  • Chaos Legions is COMING! @Aggroed dressed up as Dr. Blight for the YouTube Stream so be sure to check that out! (The YouTube link will be at the bottom).



Matt's Update

  • Servers are running much better
  • Matt said @cryptomancer is focusing 100% on feature development so it's slowly but surely happening.
    • We're focused more on feature development now.
    • Overall this is a 3 to 6 month project of getting people up to speed. You'll see a huge push in the amount of new stuff
  • How's Support Going?
    • That's a huge project that's being worked on. We've brought on a whole group of people. There's an entirely new customer website we're making to look up support
    • There's been a lot of work to expand the support team and give them the tools they need. You'll see results here in the very near future.

Hardpoint's Update

  • VP of Development helping organize the support team and bringing more organizers on to help ramp up a kickoff
  • We're getting the servers stable so you can play the game.
  • (Aggroed dancing in the background as Dr. Blight if you're watching
  • We are working on triaging the tickets and prioritizing the critical, highs and medium level support tickets. Please have patience with us as we grow the support team. We're growing like gangbusters as you guys see, so we're working really hard to make sure we can continue to handle everything. Giving a big shout out to the support team!!
  • You're going to see things getting out to you a lot sooner. It's very exciting.


Nate's Eye Candy

  • Nate @nateaguila , the Creative Director for Splinterlands is here to give some eye candy!

  • Aggroed took a moment to share his theater background along with his chemistry degree and education which led him into marketing. He was sharing that he's enjoying dressing up as Dr. Blight

  • Dr. Blight is very unstable if you're read the first story about him. Check out the blog story to hear all about it.

  • Mount Praetorus

    • Here's where there's MORE MANA here than anywhere else. What appears to be a volcano, is actually something, MUCH MORE!
    • Splinterlands is the highest concentrated mana in existence. Once the veil was lifted, we could see the great continent of Pratoria!
    • Mana is very similar to Star Wars with the light and dark and the mana in Splinterlands is the fire, earth, water, life, etc.
  • Praetoria Symbol
    • Keep an eye on this symbol as it's important!


  • Mana Well Wallpaper
    • Here's a less scary wallpaper of the manawell.


  • We are calling things "elements" rather than Splinters... keep your eye on that.. as it opens the way to do more and more cool stuff.


Dr Blight Card and Stats!

  • Here's the first public viewing but isn't necessarily the final card.


  • There will be new abilities added to Chaos Legions, but Dr. Blight will have all the current abilities that already exist.

  • On the flip side he is weak and vulnerable to magic reflect, blast, opportunity and lower power.

  • Ultimately, this is the main reward of all the rewards so if you want it, get your vouchers and chaos legions packs in the presale.

  • Abilities

    • Affliction: When he hits them, he has a chance that they won't be able to be healed
    • Slowed: Slows down the enemies
    • Poisoned: They take 2 damage going forward
    • Scavenger: He gets stronger as enemy card dies
    • Weakness: Weakens the enemy monsters
  • Isgald Vorst GIF
    • Here's a great animation for Gladiators



  • Marisol Contuma GIF
    • Here's a "strong independent woman" for Gladitators


  • Harklaw GIF
    • We will have this as a starting point


  • Here Harklaw attacks
  • You'll see Defenders and Invaders on the Chaos Legions Cards. They are not reward cards, but they come from the chaos packs
  • There are 2 little tiny red gems at the top for Dr. Blight because it's a promotional card so it will be marked differently.


Chatted with rOndOn and Clayboyn and Chatter and Sicarius

  • I work on the technical work on the servers and have been here on Splinterlands playing for awhile now but I've been hired to help with the technical work and happy to be here!

  • Clayboyn runs the social media for Splinterlands accounts and I work on top secret stuff I can't talk about and I'm just here to see where things can go and hopefully this is just the beginning!

  • Chatter -- the director of growth for Splinterlands. I'm here to help work on the growth in Splinterlands and lot's to come! Exciting!

  • Sicarius says it's a dream to be here as he's been in Splinterlands since July. He does the internal work to handle more tickets. He helped build the tools to help the support team handle those tickets.


The Future of Vouchers for Chaos Legions

  • The official post is coming but there are a lot of details to button up, but in the meantime we can give you the high-level plan of what we're thinking
  • We're planning to launch Chaos Legions in Early December
  • That will be before the Wild and Modern Leagues Drop
  • You will see a double rate in voucher drop after the presale, and you will still need 1 voucher per pack to buy the Chaos Legion pack for the first 2 million pack sales
  • Vouchers from here on out will be required to purchase bonus packs, so if you want to buy Chaos Legions packs in bulk, you'll need them to get bonus packs
  • So you will get double the drop on vouchers, but you'll still need them. We are doing this to give value to SPS staked holders which puts money back into the community.


Development Questions

  • Will the devs do something about the emergence of battle analysis bots ? There is a bot that popped up and was featured in a famous streamer's youtube that allows pretty insane win-rates. Not too concerned about the rank battles but more for those $$ tournaments.
    • There's nothing specifically do about them other than we'll keep working on the game and make it more involved and more complicated and more advantageous for people to play.
    • We hope to have new rule sets more regularly and that will take time for the bots to update their systems
    • Once we get to the full land expansion release, you'll have to evaluate your cards compared to your opponents cards on the battlefield and what potions to use and that will change the play for bots.
  • Does your 3rd party ID Verification service send player data to local taxing authorities such as the IRS? Or do they only serve to prevent fraud?
    • There's no data sent anywhere. Taxes are to be done by the player on their own.
  • When can we expect the "LOCK" feature for assets other than cards. (i.e. DEC, Land, Titles, etc.)
    Will any of the chaos cards be animated?
    • No ETA; chao legion cards will not be animated but it is coming
  • Are you planning to add power to those players who have brought land, to give the players a rewarding feeling for investing in other areas of the game, not just with cards?

    • We're not planning to give collection power for cards. The concept is if you're battling at a certain level you'll need the cards at that level. There's many other reasons to have land at this time (like SPS drop)
      Do you think having a complete set of cards (CL, Untamed, Rewards, ...) will give some benefit in the future other than having a more competitive deck to play?
    • Possibly, but it's not top of the priority list. We love the concept of extra bonuses for DEC capture rate and sleeves but nothing in the immediate future.
  • Can you confirm or deny any ongoing cooperation between Splinterlands and AcknoLedger? (startup showing splinterlands on their web presentation)

    • I don't know who that is.

Are there any plans for another potion type like the previous Mystery Potion?
- There's a ton more we can do with potions, like airdrop potions and guild potions and land potions but not sure about Mystery potions

  • Will you create new card skins in the future?

    • Not at the top of the list but so cool! Again, after 3 to 6 month timeline with getting lots of developers on board then we'll have extra bandwidth to add this cool stuff and skins is on that list.
  • Will you be releasing the app on the Amazon app store?

    • No
  • With all the other changes that will be coming with CL will the brawl fray system get a make-over in it's rulesets too? Could this maybe be an opportunity to encourage spreading out over the tiers more?

    • Yeah, for sure. The brawl phase will be updated but not right after Chaos Legions is updated to give them time to build up their decks
  • Will you add a Friends List and/or Chat Feature?

    • Yeah possibly



  • Has anyone considered something like an "aftermarket" edition that would release modern replicas that are compatible with older cards so we can have the option to max them out? If the new cards changed the aesthetics it would mark it as "janky" but it would still perform in the same capacity. Dec value would be significantly lower or maybe even negative, as in each janky level added burn value by adding a negative dec value to it. I hate having cards I'll never max out but I understand the need for scarcity so maybe sacrificing prestige and monetary value for functionality could be possible?
    • Matt said he's not going to say either way other than that stuff is really hard because you have to do it in a way that doesn't devalue older cards. I'm not going to say no, but that's a real difficult one.
  • I'm making a guide for new players who will no longer earn dec in novice and bronze 3. I'm curious why in playing in novice and bronze 3 leagues that players ECR goes down, even though they aren't earning any DEC? Would it not be better for them to play and learn the game, increase their rating and then when they are ready to rent cards to start earning in bronze 2 or above they start with a 100% capture rate? I get they could just wait to get back to 100% ECR but it delays them longer from earning.

    • Yes, that makes sense and probably something that got overlooked.
  • Could we get an extra channel for SPS Hodlers? Possibly with a floor of 10k SPS to join? Kinda like a SPS Mav channel?

    • Yeah, I know people want extra channels. I'll start it one of these days.


SPS Questions/ Voucher Questions

  • Why is SPS not considered an in-game asset?
    • I'm not sure of the context of that question. Please specify.
  • The SPS:VOUCHER LP- is there a limit on how many assets it has to have to stay solvent? eg. as Presale winds down and people pull their assets out of the Pool, will the Pool shut down?

    • I'll try to keep it large enough so that it won't shut down but if it gets too small yes it gets wonky.
  • Will you be setting up a DEC:VOUCHER Pool? If one was to be set up, would it give AD points?

    • Yeah IDK maybe we need Matt to answer that.
  • Given that Liquidity Pools and participation in them are important- Has any consideration been given to opening Voucher Drop points to SPS LPs? Specifically SPS:VOUCHER and DEC:SPS Pools (Disclaimer: I'm invested in both). More Specifically- after the end of Pre-Sale, when vouchers will no longer have 'value' in and of themselves (NFT/Promo cards) but will still be needed to purchase packs of CL for months.
    • I don't know that the vouchers will get their own pools or airdrop points. We'll see how big they get. At least at this stage, no.
  • After the 'pause' in Voucher Drops, for the 'Consolidation Week' wrapping up the Pre-Sale, will you have a 'make-up' Voucher AirDrop on the 8th day? Ie. instead of 33.34K Vouchers dropped- 100K, 200K, even 300K Vouchers dropped all at once- 24hrs. after the first ~1M packs have been opened and injected into the card pool.

    • I don't think so. It's fine. You know everyone's in the same boat. There will be a break then new airdrops will start.
  • Since you ( Aggro ) are a founder and basically the face of the company, people hang on your every word. In the last AMA you told people that Mavericks chat is where you reply and it’s the place to follow to get an idea on the game. With that being said , Before presale , you aggressively told people to buy and stake even as SPS climbed above .70. Once it hit .90 , you stopped hyping SPS , was that where you had sell limit orders ? What encouragement do you have for the small timers in General chat who follow Mavericks who kept buying in all the way to .90 due to the “ push and shove “ that was encouraged in Mavericks chat by you and other team members.
    • I sell very little into the market. When I personally sell it's to build liquidity pools. I wasn't watching prices, I just started thinking "wow, as this thing was getting crazy, I pulled back on hyping things." Early on I felt I needed to push that hype, but then I backed off because people would be disappointed if they don't get it. I stake nearly everything I've got on SPS.
  • Have you ever considered that maybe Airdrops are Giving DEC more value than Cards and SPS. I think DEC should have been 1000/1 airdrop points.
    • Maybe but it doesn't matter now. We've already released the whitepaper. It's not an exploit so it's not something we're going to jump in and change.
  • Any thoughts of using UMA's KPI Options to distribute rewards as opposed to just the base token? KPI Options can be used to incentivize beneficial behavior and move the community towards a common goal. Basically Options tokens destroyed that would reward more DEC/SPS based on the level of key performance indicators hit.
    • I don't know anything about those because I don't really know what they are but maybe I'll look into that.
  • Will the team consider staked sps as part of collection power? This will boost utility of sps as well as smoothen the collection power requirements for higher leagues.
    • No
  • Do you already have an idea on how many vouchers you're releasing everyday after pre-sale?
    • Yes... after the first phase there will be 2 million packs released


Chao Legion Questions

  • All packs purchased during the presale (including bonus packs received) will be eligible for a chance to receive ALL 13 new cards that will be airdropped every time the next 1M Chaos Legion packs are sold over the life of the set. chance of? Is it 2% as with the limited promo?
    • No it is not, in part because some of those cards are commons, rares, epics and legendaries. It changes with each one, so I can't say what it will be.
  • Each pack purchased during the presale (including bonus packs) will have a 2% chance of receiving a limited-edition promo card, and each of those will have a 2% chance of being a gold foil version (1 out of 50 on average). Accounts that have purchased 50 or more packs during the presale will be guaranteed to receive at least one (...) 2% per pack + 1 card guaranteed per 50 packs? So 50 packs potentially generate 2 limited promo cards?
    • It's always a random chance. If you bought 50 packs in pre-sale, it's random chance that you could get 50 gold card Dr. Blights. The 50 packs gives a guaranteed regular foil Dr. Blight and 1000 packs collectively you're guaranteed limited gold foil Dr. Blight.
  • We are doing a chaos pool in our guild. What about the maverick status? Do you get one per 1000 packs purchased? Can the status be transferred to another person? If we only get one could you elaborate the reasoning behind that decision? Why does someone with the title LEGIONNAIRE not get access to the mav channel?

    • Yes; No; That's a possibility. I'll think about it.
  • If I purchase 870 packs in presale (1000 with the 15% bonus), do I get maverick status?
    After the presale, will we need a voucher or not?

    • My intention was no, but I think it's working that way. Yes you will need the voucher for cool rewards, and bonus cards.


General Game Questions

  • Are we going to have a free spell book for wild and modern?
    • Maybe need vouchers to get the extra spell book. I don't know. We'll see.
  • In modern rank is the newer cards that can only be played in modern's cp going to count for modern's power requirement but hopefully with a lower cp requirement or will the older cards cp still count and the cp requirement stay the same?
    • I'm not speculating on this yet. We'll be looking into that.
  • Aggroed, have you ever considered having someone manage your rentals? I believe that active management would improve the overall state of the game- especially the rental market AND would increase your earnings off your assets, considerably. Also, I believe I would be VERY good at it (posted from AXrho)
    • I've thought about it and put zero effort into it. People just like to hand over cash. It's the most amazing experience ever!
  • Planning to create my own guild. I just wanna know if other than extra percentage for every dec win. What are the other incentives the guild master has?
    • So I think we still have to prove this more than what we've done. There are big discounts that happen.
  • Why is there a maximum HP delegation of 21.5HP. Lots of genuine players that like to rent cards are running out of RC, and I have been giving them free delegations to help, but really the SL team needs to address this to provide a better experience for their players that aren't active on hive. I understand that the spellbook is $10USD, and so that's only about 13HP.. but I think the limit should be lifted, the more engagement the better..
    • The answer to that is 21.5 gets you the minimum experice we're happy to require and if you want more, we're happy to say "hey, we're upping the stake on hive power"
  • Will the amount of power to climb the league in modern mode be less than if we play in wild mode?
    Is there a date for a new land sale?
    • I'm not making power decisions yet. Practically speaking land sale is never. Maybe in 5 years. If the land owners tell us they want new land, then maybe that's something we would do.


Bot Questions, Comments and Requests

  • Hello. Will you ban or limit bots in game?

    • No, if you have cards and keys you're allowed to play.
  • Have the Devs considered some kind of BOT blocking tool (like recaptcha, don't know how efficient this is) to prevent BOTs from getting too many rewards? This way the need to nerf rewards may be lessened and assure that rewards (even if they are low) are going mostly to real players trying to grow in the game? This suggestion is because I know a lot of players come from low-income countries like me, and one of the main aspects of the game that allowed me to start and kept me playing and loving the game was the possibility to see my account growing before I felt comfortable with investing more in the game.
    • Novice and Bronze III we were dumb to not enforce the rule. The second you start staking something, you can start getting rewards. Giving away cards willy nilly just because you're new would devalue the cards. It would be so easy to earn them at lower level and that devalues the assets in the game. It's not about being anti-new player. We're trying to make sure there aren't exploits. And it's a giant exploit in the game if you can earn with zero Collection Power.
  • So even though it isn't a free to play game, having access to enough DEC by playing a few matches and starting to rent a few cards to really try out (at least the silver league) was decisive for me. If I was starting today and realised that I still needed to buy DEC after buying the spellbook to try to rent cards to play in bronze 2 to get a few dec and few chances to get a card, I would probably drop the game in less than a week or don't even start it. But by being able to grow my account 50 days ago when the rewards were considerably better, I just fell in love with the game and started to buy assets since it felt worth of my little, but precious, money.

The way the system is now, I just see BOTs renting power to B2 and restarting all over again. Making the Devs see the need to nerf the rewards even more. So if the BOTs are a problem, but are still allowed, my suggestion is make a tool to prevent BOTs from getting too much rewards instead of nerfing rewards every season for everyone in low leagues. It was easy for a new player to get at least 15 DEC with a new account and start renting to make more. Now it is impossible, only by renting power new players would have access to a little reward.

  • ANSWER: You have to spend 5 cents to get out of bronze III. If you want to earn, you need collection power and that's not anti-bot or anti-player. Aggroed responds "People have told me this story over and over again and that's fine and well." We have seen 100s of millions of dollars go in this game. If we make it really easy for everyone to just get cards, the easier it is, the less value there is to holding them and basically gets it back to a free to play game and we want to make sure the assets you old maintain value. I know everyone who is new wants more for less but the harder we toe the line, the better it protects the value. "I don't want to protect the value for people that are earning but I want to protect the value for the people buying."

It's fine for bots renting power to B2 and starting over. That's fine with us!


Rapid Fire Questions with Aggroed

  • QUESTION: What splinterlands operations are decoupled from HIVE public blockchain? (I know so far battles results are decoupled). Is Hive public blockchain the "source of truth" for market operations?

    • ANSWER: Anything that involves transfer of value has to happen on the block chain
  • QUESTION: Will there be no metered release after the one month extension on Vouchers? If not... Are you ok if CL cards sell out in days or maybe even weeks? (Maybe minutes) Once it's opened up? What date will that 1 month of extended voucher purchases start?

    • ANSWER: Can't give you the exact day but shortly after the end of this presale.
  • Question: What kind of chair do you have?

    • Answer: I have a large house and I have many kinds of chairs.
  • QUESTIONS: Will we see the next mini-set (like DICE) require a SPS burn to buy packs instead of DEC this time? Any chance we see the SPT NFT ART count towards airdrops or collection power at some point since SPT counts towards airdrops?

    • ANSWER: It's not on the roadmap. I know people want that, but maybe. The next pack Riftwatchers is set to be a DEC burn.
  • QUESTION?! What is your plan on addressing scalability and sustainability in regards to the issue of ResourceCredits for new members of the game? what would you say to new folks who spend a bunch of money on rentals, and then run out of resource credits after they adjust their decks. will you PLEASE CONSIDER making it more apparent in your onboarding process (selling spellbooks) that people are interacting with the hive blockchain, they are delegated a miniscule amount of HP, and they will need to eventually ourchase & power up some of their own.
    most of the people asking for RC's do not know that they are on hive when play SL, and have no idea how to acquire hive, or how RC's work. I dont want people to feel burned because they shell out a bunch for rentals, and then they cant use them because they ran out of resource credits 3/4 the way to building a deck. peakd.com/hive-13323/@unorgmilitia/fully-onboarding-sl-newbz-how-and-why

    • ANSWER: If you're making money by doing this, you have to go invest in the underlying technology, you have to stake HP.
  • Question: When will you update the mobile version so we can be able to join tournaments using mobile?
    • ANSWER: I'd love to go get the mobile dev on here. It's coming.
  • QUESTION: Will vouchers from presale be transferable to after presale? So hold onto our vouchers now until after presale when we need less voucher?
    • Utilize or sell your vouchers now because they are so valuable but do what you want to do.
  • QUESTION: Can collection power be required based on battles played. (example if you play 100k matches you should not be in bottom tiers) Pertaining to rewards

    • Confused so skipping that
  • Question : does packs are reserved to voucher holders in next sale just like presale ? like if you are getting a certain amount of vouchers you can buy the same amount of packs ? (100vouchers = 100 packs reserved to be able to buy)

    • ANSWER: Yeah, so in the next part, you're gonna have to use vouchers to buy packs but there's no titles and no bonus cards. Then we will flip it. You won't need them for packs, but you will need them for bonus packs. We'll do this with Riftwatchers as well.
  • Question: 700,000+ spellbooks were already purchased(Great, the community is growing!). How do you plan to support the growing number of players? What is your current team size (support and dev)?

    • ANSWER: Honestly I don't know how many people we have full time and contracted. It's probably still 20 people full timers and probably 20ish on the support side that are contracters and there are people outside this company. It's hard to tell you how many people are involved with this. We keep the main team light.
  • QUESTION: Has it been said if there will be a new promo card in phase 2 (aka the next 2 million) of chaos legion sale?
    • ANSWER: There is an airdrop card but not a promo card. All the major benefits go away with the end of the presale. We are trying to meter it out so one person can't just come in and buy the cards. -
  • Question: Will we be able to "use" lands of someone in our guild like staking a high level card in someone else's land?

    • ANSWER: That's basically like a land rental.
  • QUESTION: Is there a limit to days that we can go without claiming SPS AirDrop before we lose any?

    • ANSWER: You lose bc you don't stake it.
  • QUESTION: Will the TOTAL amount of vouchers be infinite?? Or will voucher airdrops end when the sps airdrop ends??

    • ANSWER: We think it will be infinite depending on what's going on in the game.
  • question: will packs purchased without vouchers after the first month still qualify for airdrop cards?
    • ANSWER Yes. Any pack you purchase directly from us.
  • Question: Can we get some splinterlands SPS tournaments for gold and silver leagues that have a lower SPS staking requirement? There has always been a huge gap in the SPS staking requirements and for players with a few thousand staked SPS in gold or silver, the only accessible tournament is the kobold mining expedition. The bronze blunderbuss was previously accessible but the risk/reward never made sense for gold or silver players.

    • ANSWER: No. It's set across every single tournament except maybe one.
  • Question: in previous amas there was discussion about giving affiliate rewards for packs purchased with DEC / SPS. What is the status of that? Do we get rewards if our referrals pay with something else than credits?

    • I'm pretty sure it counts IF YOU BUY DIRECTLY from the game.
  • QUESTION: Is there any plan to rescale the quest potions to adjust for the DEC growth in value? Also, has the growing complaints of the cancelling or rentals to relist for end of season pricing hikes gotten to upper level conversation? Do you see that as an issue of people cancelling the existing retnal periods so the owners can relist for more money on end of season rentals? 24hr rentals could fix this
    • ANSWER: No; They are 24 hour rentals, so time it properly.
  • QUESTION: I designed a Splinterlands draft concept, where players open packs and play in a tournament assigning cards to different frays (similar to guild battles). Any thoughts on a draft format?

    • ANSWER: Yea I'd love to do a draft format but we gotta get there.
  • Question: is there a ETA for sps staking on players?
    • ANSWER: No, but it's on the high priority list.
  • Question: is SPS staking working as intended? Currently it doesnt make sense to stake sps to get vouchers, because you are getting more vouchers per day stacking liquidity DEC and selling airdrop sps for vouchers. Are there plans to make staking SPS the most desirable behaviour?
    • ANSWER: So we make white papers and then we do things for the white papers. We don't make knee-jerk reactions in the market when things don't do what we want them to do. We'll keep adding reasons to stake.
  • QUESTIONS: is there a plan for two man team battle for rank battle? Were two persons will join together to fight and defeat the other two man team? TWO vs TWO and those two will shared Dec rewards only

    • Yes we do want other types.
  • Question: If original cost of being a MAV was ~$1000 what is the reasoning behind raising it now to ~$4000 for new players while their Airdrop value is lower ? can we meet in the middle
    • No, we're holding the line
  • Question: When u have quest and opponent surender the quest is not completed why? are u planing to fix that?
    • ANSWER: I thought you still got that. I guess I don't know that for sure.
  • Question: Can we get the ability to sort monsters by speed in the selection screen?
    • yes we want that but it's not a priority at this time.
    Upon open pack season - What happens when cards sell out in a couple days or maybe in a long shot a few weeks? Will it delay other projects like land as we are back to the drawing board for creating new packs?
    • ANSWER: If we sell out right away, we're already working on the next set of packs called Rebellion. Content creation happens months if not a year before things come out. We're already working on it it's just about when do we deploy.
  • QUESTION: What requirements are needed to be on the team? I am looking to get on as a starter position possibly help desk/ticket support. I am in the process of getting some certifications in compTIA+ & compTIA+ Network & Security.

    • ANSWER: I don't know if we're still hiring. Maybe we'll have a new job section in the discord.
  • QUESTION: Could guild upgrades being processed over time by guild members staking sps? Or use SPS to upgrade?

    • ANSWER: IDK about that. I've got to talk with Matt and the leadership team.
  • Question: Will SPS burn features be added any time soon?

    • ANSWER: That's one the next main discussions. Dev OPS first, Modern and Wild second and Land is third. The concept of land is 90% done so we're pretty darn close to handing that over completely to dev. We're getting there guys!
  • Question: Can there be an item to increase Dark Energy crystals capture rate? (Decrease multi-accounting and increase one account's value.)
    • Yeah, skins should do that. We'll see.
  • question : any affiliate rewards for packs bought with sps? would be nice to have incentive to buiy with sps after the presale
    • ANSWER: I believe that's the case.
  • @aggroed- Founder (tendershepard) First want to tank you for answering my questions, it is really good to be able to hear what Devs think about the future of the game. My question is: can you talk more about the hospitality team? I'm a new player from Brazil and I'll start streaming splinterlands soon in hope to help players here and around the world. Would be great to know about how we can help more to spread information. Thank you for this game and hope you are feeling well today.

    • ANSWER: Right now we have a big back log in support and it's because things go wrong and what I'd like to have happen is for fewer things to go wrong. I want there to be someone from the Splinterlands' team to help you so that's where we're heading.
  • Question: Have you considered staking sps in Guilds instead of contributing DEC. With the high price of DEC contributions are pretty low currently.

    • ANSWER: Yeah, again, that goes back into SPS and DEC they are not quite interchangeable. We may or may not look into that.
  • QUESTION: You talked about the fact that no informations are sent to the autorities for tax purposes..., but can the players have the possibility to get the informations they need for this for the complete year...?
    • ANSWER: We are working on a project for recording keeping but I don't know the status for that. We're working on it!
  • Question: Any updates on moving Land/Pack/Vouchers Into in Game Market instead of having to use Wax and Hive.
    • ANSWER: I don't know where our current end game stands but we're working on it.
  • QUESTION: When is Aggrodius Lightbringer coming to the game? (Boss MODE)
    • ANSWER: I want this too. It's coming but not yet.
  • QUESTION: WHEN release official "packs bought" calculation to receive each of the airdrop cards, so we can plan ahead?

    • ANSWER: I can't tell you the airdrop yet. We like to see the meta to see if we broke anything and we put in the airdrop cards to help the meta.
  • QUESTION: What will be the highest mana cost to play a card from CL? Are we approaching level 10 summoners or 15+ monsters?
    • ANSWER: IDK. I haven't seen the cards. This should be another base set like Untamed.
  • Question: Will the second round of presale award exclusive airdrop chances like the first round, i.e. 2% chance per pack and guaranteed promo card per 50 packs?
    • ANSWER: No, they will not.
  • SUGGESTION: It would be really cool to be able to practice brawls with our guildmates using our Gladiator cards. The practice feature for battling is really helpful, and it would be great to have that for brawls too.
    • ANSWER: Yeah we can pass that along. That's not the next thing though.
  • Q: Would there be a new promo summoner or just monster cards?
    • ANSWER: Just Dr. Blight
  • QUESTION: How do you plan to incentivise people to keep staking their SPS in the near term, other than through voucher airdrops? Most players may start unstaking SPS one week before the presale ends.
    • ANSWER: You could but you'll miss out on the 2 million vouchers for Chaos Legion packs coming. Anything cool that's in this game, will need vouchers.
  • QUESTION: Unfortunately, I haven't seen any info regarding this so I have to ask, are there any plans to allow us players to store/transfer our Splinterland cards to linked hardware wallets and still be able to use them in the game?

    • ANSWER: I don't know much about Hive linked hard wallets.
  • Q - Are Vouchers burned when you spend them ?
    • ANSWER: I think they should be, but they currently aren't.
  • QUESTION: If you buy 50 packs presale for guaranteed promo card, but you sell your 50 packs, do you still get the promo card or does it come inside one of those 50 packs?

    • ANSWER: Yes, you get it airdropped to you.
  • did you just say if we buy packs from splinterlands shop we still have a chance for the airdropped cards even after the presale?Please can you confirm

    • Answer: Yes
  • QUESTION: will voucher airdrops cease after the 1 month of the 2x rate? Cease until the next pack sale comes out?
    • ANSWER: No, because after the next month of presale because you need them for the bonus packs and you'll need them for potions down the line.
  • Will SPS be available on more exchanges soon, especially Binance?
    • ANSWER: That's up to binance. We're in talks with them but have nothing yet.
  • QUESTION: How will there be 1% chance to win CL pack in rewards if they sell out day 1 of public sale? would you consider reserving some to be dropped into rewards over a few months?
    • ANSWER: No. At that point they would be gone. If we sell out of packs, it will probably go back to DEC.


Quotes of the Day:

Aggroed: "People just like to hand over cash."

Aggroed: "I don't want to protect the value for people that are earning but I want to protect the value for the people buying."

Aggroed: "I have a large house and I have many kinds of chairs."

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