Splinterlands Town Hall August 22, 2022



Splinterlands Town Hall (AMA) Summary for August 22, 2022

*Please note: I cover as much as I can of the summary as a record of the conversation. I do not provide my opinion but actual conversation that occurs during the Town Hall/AMA. This summary will have questions provided from the Discord and the answers given by the various Splinterlands' team will be typed by me. Please forgive any typos or errors; some may be from Discord or some may be my own.

Founders Begin the Town Hall (formerly AMA)
Today's Town Hall included: @aggroed, @cryptomancer, @weirdbeard , @nateaguila and chatter

If you wish to contact the team, here's some of the personnel:

Aggroed @aggroed Founder and (C.E.O)
Matt @yabapmatt Founder and (C.P.O.)
Hardpoint @hardpoint (C.T.O.) (Chief Technical Officer)
Nate @nateaguila (Creative Director)
Weird Beard @weirdbeard ( Esports Manager)
Cryptomancer @cryptomancer (Splinterlands Developer)
Chatter (Director of Marketing)
Homestead @homesteadhacker (Business Analyst)


Introduction from Aggroed: Starts with Chatter

  • Splinterfest
    • Tickets on sale tomorrow! QA.splinterlands.com to see how it will look!
    • Splinterfest: two different tickets. $300 or the VIP ticket $2000
    • For sale on the website and you'll see all the how-tos tomorrow
    • You can buy with SPS or Fiat
      • You will get the Promo card discount of $300
      • This event is for the community. We're not going to have vendors. We're just community-center focused. Tickets will be $300 with a promocode and the promo card it's $1000 but you get $300 off if you attend Splinterfest.
      • We're trying to make it free for those who come because we're going to give you goods and services extended beyond the Splinterfest.
      • You are guaranteed a card if you attend Splinterfest
    • Hurricane's work on Kron:
    • Splinterfest will have lots of leaks and will reveal the Tower Defense game and a super cool tournament series right now with $10K to $15K prices. Land will be up for grabs as well for the winners of the tournaments for the top 16. It's gonna be all around kick-ass. Make sure you're there!


Splinterfest (Tournaments with Weird Beard)

  • Two very first ghost tournaments at Splinterfest. One that's regular gold foil and one that's champion. You can enter into both. There will be heavy competition in those champion ones. You'll see it live on YouTube and Twitch. It's free to enter if you're coming to Splinterfest. You can make stars out of the community. We'll be able to build this real esports scene. We've got land up for grabs. Tens of thousands of dollars up for prizes.
  • Because it's a ghost card tournament we'll see a lot of those regular players you see get beat up a bit because this is unleashed. This is to the wall.. people are able to come out.
    _ The previous season was the highest ever. This last season had 10,000 entries this season on tournaments, the second largest we've ever had. We're kicking around what's next! We would love to find a way to get people into the tournaments that they belong in, whether that's a battle pass system or what it is.
  • Considering an NFT battle pass so you get in free for a whole set of tournaments.
  • We're building momentum. We would love to do all these ideas and we're working towards them.


Cryptomancer Update

  • One of the core feature developers
  • I'm working on Brawls, specifically SPS rewards for Brawls and that's coming along nicely. A lot of the back end is complete and the focus will mostly be on the UI now. We won't release numbers until the release time but I can give you some of the broad strokes.
  • Rewards will be staked automatically and you'll have to claim your rewards to receive them. You may have seen a little bit. Here's a sneak peek:


You'll see that line added for Brawls and you'll click on the SPS manage screen and you click on the "claim all" button and you'll be staked to your account. As far as how much you'll make, I'm sure that's on everyone's mind but there will be a fixed amount for brawl team.

  • $2.5 million SPS will be divided amongst the different brawl tiers and brawls are every 5 days. If you get to max level you'll get something like 400K SPS per brawls.


Governance Proposal

  • There have been concerns around how the SPS is being award in the ranked battle rewards so we're seeing that as the first governance proposal. We'll considering also the guild holders and staking SPS and leave that up to the guild owners.

  • The first version of the governance proposal will be going out tomorrow.

  • SPS Governance can tie into brawls as well.

  • We want these things to be able to be changed automatically without the Splinterlands team needing to meet and discuss it. If you guys approve it then BAM! They get changed!

  • Here's the look for the Proposals:


  • There's a lot of opportunities here to get out ideas. I think it's about rewards and so this is great way to be able to tweak rewards and see what the community wants.

  • Weird Beard is looking forward to the governance because players can determine the tournaments and players taking control so the players can decide what tournaments they want.

  • Aggroed: There's just way too much crap in this game, way too much to earn, way too many assets and so I don't see people being at each other's throats saying one opinion and that's it.

  • Cryptomancer: I'm looking forward to see how it all plays out. It takes a huge weight off our shoulders.


SPS Brawl Rewards

  • It's a matter of weeks, not months. It's taken longer than I thought because I got distracted with other projects, but progress is being made slowly but surely. I expect it will be ready for testing in a matter of weeks.
  • 9.7 Million packs for Conqueror Jacek. IF we keep going at the pace we're going with 10,000 packs per day we are looking at 15 days then the last will go in 2 days. I think we're lookign at just 2 weeks and this tranche ends.

  • Aggroed: I'm looking forward to this sale. You need to get these now because your discount is falling because tomorrow the SPS is replacing DEC tomorrow.

  • Gank has said we may have some weaknesses on how this is set up, but we'll see how this goes and if there are some inconsistencies, we'll be highlighting how this governance proposal will help us to adjust it.

  • So many changes, no more printing DEC. You'll be able to convert SPS to DEC. Or maybe you'll just go burn it. We may see a fair amount of SPS burned as well.

  • Node validator rewards are not for this week but possibly the week after. I think it's a week from Tuesday but it MIGHT be two weeks from Tuesday, but currently it's set to a week from Tuesday.

  • I'd be paying attention to this ecosystem and much as you can.

Another look at what's coming with the Convert SPS to DEC


Nate Update

  • The proposal system is excited to sink our teeth into that.
  • Aggroed: Why isn't this proposal system a Counsel of Praetoria?

Fun card shared in chat (Not an actual Splinterlands' Card)


Additional Employees

  • Crofty:
    • Diana Croft -- the female voice actress
      • Here's an example of her work:
  • I do a lot of audiobook narration and Dan, who is one of the writers for the lore, was putting these anthologies together that we were doing and suggested that I put myself forward with Nate.
  • Aggroed: How did you get into voice acting?
    • Half way through a music degree I changed course. I went to London and trained in musical theater. Because I was a musician as well I was playing instruments on stage on the West End. Then I had my son who is on the autistic spectrum and so I needed to work from home so I started doing book narration.
  • Diana did an improv for the Title and Promo card
  • unknown.png

    • Aggroed gave this line: "Well, good sir, if you like to experience that, you'd have to step into the carriage."
      • The good thing about fantasy, you can make up accents because it's fantasy.
    • SzechauanKai (Kai)
      • Kai's been on the Creative team since May.

      • She's been working on the Splinterfest Page.

      • She's also been working on the noncard market.

      • She's instrumental with the UX/UI team and the next evolution and if you've noticed the UX/UI has been changing little by little.

      • I help you navigate through a specific space as efficiently as possible like an architect does for you in a house, the UX does that for you in how you navigate through a specific space. I was actually a graphic designer before this and then in advertising before that.

      • Aggroed: How has the transition been from the artistry to the image now:

        • With graphic design it's about how it looks nice but you're not as concerned with how they get through the site. Graphic design is more of an art piece than navigating a map.
      • Visual hierarchy is the most important part on the page. I want to send you to the right place because that would be frustrating if I didn't do that. My priority is to make it easily readable, easily findable easily navigable.

      • Here's some of Kai's work she's done for Splinterlands:

    • Aggroed thanked Kai so much for all the help she's done with the UX/UI because since her arrival, it's improved so much and he said "your impact has been felt. I'm glad you're here."

    • Hanwise (Support Role)

      • Live Agent- I work with the players and it keeps me on my toes so we can see what is needed, what articles need to be added because I'm right there hearing it.
      • How many calls?
        • We're migrating between calls. We've been told we're better than Google and we help our players as quickly as we can and help them get to the root of the problem.
      • Aggroed: This is all Matt's baby. It's because of Matt and bringing on the team here. Just so everyone knows, credit where credit is due this is entirely on him and the support team.
      • How's it working with the other folks? I think our support team is the most diverse.
        • It's been great. It's fun getting to know everyone and they are so passionate at what they're doing. I came from being a content writer and everyone was so helpful to get me on board.


    Eye Candy Time!

    • As the Candy Man, are there things you'd like to share with us?

      Here's a Rift Watcher card - the Time Meddler





    Splinterlands TV

    • Aggroed does shout outs of those people who have been so supportive of Splinterlands TV
      • Clip of the week shared
      • 30 new users a day on Splinterlands TV


    Questions: SPS Rewards

    • Will leaderboard rewards be in DEC or SPS?

    -What's the point of autostaking SPS rewards for people that already have 'skin in the game' except adding an unnecessary barrier? What would be enough staked to skip this step? Hopefully this won't be something that turns potential new players away from getting started.
    - Hopefully having those one or two steps in there will help it all.

    • Will the change to flatten out merit rewards in chests eventually be applied to SPS?
      • Cryptomancer you were looking at merits and how we're distributing them.
        • We don't have the answer for this.
          When will staked SPS be needed to earn battle rewards as mentioned in the whitepaper? When will SPS rewards come to guild brawls?
        • It's getting higher and higher on the list. Need to ask Hardpoint or Homestead.


    Genesis League Soccer Questions

    • Will GLS have a 2 token system just like Splinterlands?

      • Yes, a governance token and a stable coin.
    • Will all Genesis League games have licensed deals before launching or could we see other sports launch even if a contract can’t be landed with a major sports league?

      • What's your thought there Chatter? I would think we would want it to be tied to an actual league. If we only get to crank out one, it would be a league tied to it.
      • Chatter: There's the league and the players association as well. For the Genesis League Soccer we went through the players association so we got right for all the players.



    • How long will the Riftwatchers presale last? Will there be a 2nd phase after the presale but before the general sale like there was with Chaos?
      • Probably be a number of packs rather than a certain number of time. I think it's still 3 million packs and I have a sneaking suspicion those will sell rather fast. 3 million packs is really not that much.
      • Possibly but I don't think that's the plan right now.
    • Is there any update on the number of vouchers required or what percentage of packs will require vouchers?
      • I would be 20% will require vouchers maybe more. 20% of 3 million... so 600,000 or 500,000 packs.



    • Are there still plans for a tournament for a Splinterfest ticket?
      • If it doesn't sell out then yes. We'll see what happens first.
        Do you still plan on using DEC in the staking pools for land resources? For example: WOOD:DEC, or IRON:DEC LPs on land.

      • Well I think it's pretty likely Tribaldex will have a million of these things. Tribaldex will let you move through all of them. There are some that let you trade 8 different things in a pool. That's on my brain, I'm thinkin about that.

    -Will there be any more Chaos reward cards, or will the next reward cards be part of the Rebellion set?
    - No final decisions have been made, there are different directions to go and I'm not at liberty to say.


    Rapid Questions


    With approx 345,994 SPS per season being awarded thru Bronze/Silver league focus/season chests, plus more thru ranked battle wins, and with the Top 25 bot farms representing 70% of ALL of the bronze and silver players, what is their incentive to adjust their current approach to farm operations and more importantly, does the team realize how much this hurts the new player experience, and thus retention, as new players play against an increasingly optimized army of bronze/silver accounts?

    P.S. Great work team, amazing last few months!


    (All stat analysis based off of comprehensive stat info supplied by @Cdr. Chaos - Data Drives Change , thank you sir.)

    -Answer: Your comments have been well received by the team and it's a potential exploit for bots and so it will be the first area we will need to tweak. It may be a blind side that we didn't catch but we don't want to delay rewards.

    r0nd0n says: It' really about how to play against the players.
    - Aggroed: I hear other things than that. I would need the type of person like Weird Beard. Because I've also heard the bots are really stupid because they are easy to beat so I"m hearing the opposite so we need surveys. A big concern here is where are rewards going? That the rewards aren't just going to a narrow group of users and that's a good call and the user experience, my hope is that their should be some pretty strong incentive to get your bronze bot out of bronze and try to get something higher level. I'm looking forward to getting this rolled out because if things start migrating because of the new reward changes we will see if this problem may exist. Matt and I try to anticipate what could happen but once we're locked and loaded to go, we like to look at the data then.

    • question: is there any chance for a new ability in riftwatchers?
      • Yes
    • Question: will tower defense game use splinterlandians as units/towers? If so can I use the same card on both games? Either way will it have mobile ability to play?
      • Won't be Splinterlands card but you'll be able to stake
    • Do you know how much sps will be given to the ladder board leaders replacing dec?
      • I do not
    • QUESTION: Is there going to be ticket discounts with vouchers for splinterfest?
      • Chatter: I believe it's just SPS
    • QUESTION: Will ECR still be part of the game after ranked rewards are based on staked SPS?
      • We'll get there when we get there
    • Question Will GLS and SL have separate Townhalls?
      • I think so.
    • Question: Are there any plans for updating practice mode so that players can pick rulesets and formats?

      • Nate have you seen any requests for designs?
        • No. A lot of internal talk about it but it's not in the queue.
      Is there a notable staking requirement coming soon or mandatory utility for SPS
      The tap turned off with the airdrop for SPS but now there is a lot turning back on but nothing seems very close for the utility/staking requirement part
      Can we get a timeframe ?
      • One of the next steps, I don't think we're there yet and one of the biggest problems is the delegation staking of SPS. We want to make sure staking delegation is there. That's one of the higher priorities. Hoping in September, maybe October. It's really up to Hardpoint.
      Do you know how much sps will be given to the ladder board leaders replacing dec?
      • I don't
    • Question: we already saw plado, yabapmatt and cryptmancer but we have not seen aggroedius yet when will he be added in game?
      • He will be a boss monster and hopefully on the good side then evil after.
    • COMMENT: I asked @aggroed- Founder and @Yabapmatt - Founder to open 2 beginner accounts and try new player experience months ago and got a rude answer. I think you guys really are out of touch with new player experience for a long time
      • Aggroed: I don't think I gave you a rude answer. I do remember that question. To Matt's point, there's a lot of things changing. To go in and change it now when we will be adjusting things again soon. So we gotta make sure that the game is stable and in stable format before we really start diving in on every tutorial anyone could want.
    • Question: any plans of allowing practice matches using max leveled ghost cards? I think that would incentivize ownership a lot
      • Sounds like it should go on that practice bucket. Would be good to add.
    • QUESTION: Will RW packs cost more than one voucher?
      • I don't know yet. That is something we've floated around. Maybe for the first packs we will. Until the whitepaper is out you won't know.
    • QUESTION - When Tech Modernization release? its been at 95% for a loooong time.
      • The tech modernization is taking a long time. It's really a sign of goodness that we have so many projects that a thing as cool as Tech modernization keeps getting pushed back.
    • Question: can we get more time on brawls like in tournamtents -> 3:30 or such. cause with having the gladi cards, ppl not used to it ofc and time ticks away very quikly here !
      • Leaving that up to Weird Beard
    • Question: when sps brawls is released, what would happend if a single or 2 guilds are at the max level? How would that sps be distributed?
      • It would be distributed to those one or two guilds and they will have an insane amount of SPS in the bank and you should race to get to the top as fast as you can.
    • QUESTION....Will CP come back into play for the soccer games airdrop?? As well as other assets, land, packs, etc.

      • I don't want to speak to this yet. Until there's the white paper, there's no guarantee.
    • QUESTION: Is 'always on' in-game notifications for brawls and tourneys on the radar yet? 'Should' be a relatively quick tweak (yet HUGELY beneficial). Besides being insanely helpful to tell you when action is needed... it's time to ditch those old banners... they are very inconsistent with how they work, hang on screen, vanish etc.
      • I don't know about where that notification is.
    • Question: Could we possibly get some graphic on how may accounts played in each league in both Wild and Modern?
      • Is that something you can do Cryptomancer?
        • Yes it's possible. We can pull the information and put it into a visual format.
    • QUESTION: could a bug witch is switching from cards window to sale window everytime be fixed? Not sure if anyone is exp the same
      • Not a great question for town hall because it depends on the browser.


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    first of all, thank you for your summary!

    i find it very sad that they first said the new games like tower defense and the soccer game will use tokens or nfts from splinterlands to increase the value, if i get it right they go more and more away from this statement and in the end, these games will be completely standalone games that do not increase our values because they will use their own nft's and tokens!