Splinterlands Town Hall May 16 2022



Splinterlands Town Hall (AMA) Summary for May 16, 2022

*Please note: I cover as much as I can of the summary as a record of the conversation. I do not provide my opinion but actual conversation that occurs during the Town Hall/AMA. This summary will have questions provided from the Discord and the answers given by the various Splinterlands' team will be typed by me. Please forgive any typos or errors; some may be from Discord or some may be my own.

Founders Begin the Town Hall (formerly AMA)
Today's Town Hall included: @aggroed, @yabapmatt and @hardpoint

If you wish to contact the team, here's some of the personnel:

Aggroed @aggroed Founder and (C.E.O)
Matt @yabapmatt Founder and (C.P.O.)
Hardpoint @hardpoint (C.T.O.) (Chief Technical Officer)
PJ (VP of Engineering)
Nate @nateaguila (Creative Director)
Cryptomancer @cryptomancer (Splinterlands Developer)
Chatter (Director of Marketing)
Homestead @homesteadhacker (Business Analyst)

Big News This Week Is the Ranked Rewards!
You can read about Ranked Rewards from Splinterlands in their article posted here


Introduction from Aggroed

  • This is an exciting time in Splinterlands. I can't tell you how much code we're dropping in the next couple weeks, couple months. Validator Nodes Pre-sale starts next week. Tech modernation the pre-cursor to land going live, Wild and modern coded, and right now we have air-traffic control problems because everything's done and we just have to work out what comes when.
  • I've been hosted these AMAs forever and I'm excited to introduce some of the other folks here. You probably know Matt.
    • Matt: Founder and Chief Product Officer which is a better position for me and everyone else here in the space and that's why we've kinda been seeing a lot of the product changes.


Matt Chat

  • Ranked Rewards Town Hall
    • I think this is gonna be the Ranked Rewards town hall and well get into validator nodes next week
  • What was the problem we were trying to fix and what was the main strategy for fixing it?
    • At a high level we looked a lot of the issues we've been having with the economy farming and bots. Bots themselves are not an issue and we have no intention of banning bots, but rather we need to ensure the economy and rules of the game don't favor bots. That was the drive behind these changes.
    • We identified the starter cards were the main thing. This was an unlimited draw on the reward pool so we came up with an idea that the starter cards were reduced but that was only with the DEC but we needed to reduce the quests as well. The overall idea was in order to earn rewards you had to buy cards.
    • Aggroed: So this bot focused?
      • No this was non-bot accounts as well earning rewards with just the starter cards. The problems weren't because of bots, the bots were the system.
    • Increased Rewards
      • The response to dealing with the issues and the economy was reducing rewards. We were hesitant to increase rewards across the ecosystem because there were other exploits and things so we needed to deal with the core of the problem before increasing rewards. Now that we've solved the problems, we can increase the rewards significantly. The reason it's ok now is because if you want to earn rewards you have to put money into the system to earn rewards.
    • Right now these cards are cheap to rent but hundreds of thousands of accounts will need to rent cards now so those cards aren't going to stay that cheap. Creates a free market. Card prices and rental prices should automatically adjust with a free market system to whatever the rewards are.
    • What does this take into effect?
      • The plan is the code will be released sometime during this season but the code will not take effect until the beginning of the next season, Tuesday, May 31st. Then going forward, all those things listed in the post should go live.
    • What do you think is the biggest change for the average player?
      • Mostly it's just gonna be more rewards. We're hoping people will notice a significant increase with the cards.
    • You can tell when a solution is a good one, as you see additional benefits. Some of the things this change is fixing is--we know since the season, players would get up to a league and stop playing because they didn't want to drop down in leagues, and that won't happen anymore. More wins is more rewards. You can keep playing, there's no specific amount of wins (and it's limited by your energy capture rate). That gives you about 30 battles you can play per day which keeps your ECR up. Overall between that and just more rewards across the board should lead to higher card prices and rentals.
    • Some people thought this change would encourage bots more because there was that chart that showed how many rewards you would get per battle. So if you look at it you need to win lots and lots of battles to win those chests so bots would be able to win more. But actually that's where the energy capture rate (ECR) comes into play. As long as you play 30 battles a day, the bots will lose out on rewards if they play more battles. It doesn't benefit at all if you can play more games per day. That's the main mechanism from having bats play 24/7 over people who would play just a normal amount per day.
    • This is really going to incentives how to have a better win rate which ultimately shows a need for skill. Even if that player plays 60 battles that day with a 50% win rate, the player with the less win rate will get less than a 100% win rate. So it really encourages better play so human players anticipate what bots play against them so human play will be best. Overall, this should really encourage a diverse set of cards, better play and volume of play.
    • What about the bot that buys some just cards, and they are all commons and the bots put in 6 cents into the game?
      • Well that's fine, and if they only have one splinter of cards then that's fine and they can use them but then obviously the next day they have a different splinter. So the question will be do they win a lot? In the past it didn't matter, but now, if they only win a few battles, they will find it's kind of a waste.
    • Tell me about the strategy and the decision-making
      • That brings up another point I wanted to address -- the chest that you earn are the same throughout each league so it doesn't matter if you're in bronze III, II or I it doesn't matter so a lot of people were saying what's the point?
  • The REASON is even though you're earning the same TYPES of chests, the rewards are based upon your rating and the higher the rating you'll be earning WAY WAY WAY more rewards so it's hugely beneficial to move up within the tiers because it allows you to earn more.
  • What about going between Silver and Gold league?
    • Well the goal is for everyone to move up as high as they can. It might be a big jump to move up, and rental prices have been pretty low still. In the past it wasn't worth it to jump to that next league based on the low rewards but now it's worth it, very worth it.
    • "I'd rather be first in Hell than second in Heaven" - movie Do you think it's better to be king in BRONZE than lower in Silver.
    • The whole idea is Silver III should be much higher rewards than Bronze I. The whole goal of this is to incentivize people to move up.
    • So we get 2 weeks to run this in the background and make sure no code explodes and if everything goes according to plan, what are your expectations?
    • Our hope is the dynamic that starts changing would be a lot more card purchasing and card renting and the curve will be tons and tons of players in bronze now and our goal is to see a lot of accounts pushing up into those higher leagues. Even though we're giving out tons of rewards in those higher leagues since there are so few players in those leagues now it's fine, but if lots more move up into those leagues, that's also fine because they will put into the value of buying and renting cards and as long as that continues the free market will just adjust.
  • Aggroed: And the Bots?
    • Matt: The goal is that it makes it worth their wile to combine their resources. I don't think there will be anything wrong with running multiple accounts but they will if they are primarily using starter cards. So they can decide if they want to get a bunch of level one cards all into one account or combing accounts. I don't know it will depend on card prices, market prices but if we just incentivize people to getting more cards a lot of it will work itself out.
  • Matt: I want to say this won't fix every single problem in the game. It's already a huge change, it will change player behavior and so we needed to boil it down to see what will need to be fixed first and it's really really hard to anticipate what would happen before hand I would not like to guess what's going to be a problem and spend time on something that isn't a problem at all so we'll monitor the system and it will be us sitting and watching how it goes. There will be a constant process of player feedback.
  • Aggroed: Will this lead to inflation? Do you think the game itself will be giving more, less or the same?
    • Matt: The total amount of rewards in the system may drop because there may be hundreds, thousands of accounts that can't play and if more accounts actually put money into the ecosystem and the rewards increase and it all goes together. There might be deflation if you have thousands of accounts that drop out. As long as the money being printed and spent ends up providing more value than takes away value, then we hope it will balance out.
    • Hardpoint: How many cards are in the starter set?
      • Matt: That's a good question. 30 to 40. Let's say 40 cards and let's say we have 2 million accounts that's 80 million cards that we're about to turn on. That's what's happening we're removing 80 million cards out of the ecosystem. We're about to deflate the economy pretty significantly. Where all of that's gonna go after the existing community members, those who are renting cards, selling cards and all of that will go back to the team as in the whole community. If you look at the rental cards that are very cheap there are some thousands of them on the market for rent so if you even have one buff armor and they decide they want to take advantage of one account. I want to be very careful in the sense that I don't know exactly what will happen but we are addressing some underlying problems and let the free market work it out. Make a system that makes sense and let the market do its thing.
  • Aggroed: This might actually have the net effect of going down on printing cards. We just don't know. How do you think this is gonna work out with games played over the course of the season and in part with the rental system itself and I need cards to play and I'm collecting reward shares every day and so it seems like we'll have a more even system than a rush at the end.
    • Matt: Yes, this may solve that rush at the last day of the season. There will be no reason to do that. You won't get higher season rewards. You'll get higher rewards for the one day but really the best way to do this is to play 30 battles every day and that's house you maximize all your rewards.
    • Hardpoint: Imagine a world where everybody is encouraged to play 14 times more to increase the rewards. Hey, we're saying it's more valuable to play every DAY of the season and that's 14 times more than you already were. Hey, if you are enjoying the play, we're giving you a significant reward.
  • Matt any final points?
    • There will be 12 new rewards cards and that will make each other individual card to get in the chest, so it's not directly related to the change but I think the cards will add a lot to the excitement and there are some cool ones with reflect ability. We'll release them over the next couple of weeks. If you want to get these new cards you want to get more chests and higher leagues and the higher leagues have higher changes of getting gold foil and legendary cards as you move up so it's as if you got super potions.



  • Every hungry skull


This is a reward card you can win.

  • Vampiric Blossom

Has deathblow


Updated Road Map

  • Here's the updated roadmap


  • You can read about this roadmap updated here
  • You can see the Wild and Modern Phase I coming which is really setting up the non-card market. A lot of people are being excited to buy card packs and sell from one another.
  • We also have Riftwatchers will probably be August for that. That will be offered for purchase in SPS. Vouchers will be involved as well. It will be similar to the Chaos Legion pre-sale.
  • How is the purchasing going to effect prices -- we will talk more about that next Monday but just real quick the plan is that the license will be priced in US dollars but purchased using SPS and 80% of all SPS spent will be burned and the other 20% will be towards the DOW to build up the validator nodes operator to incentivize.
  • The non card market and tech modernization is stepping into the land, so we needed to build that land off the best tech we could so this will be the first part of land and so it's really the tech underneath it and so as soon as that goes out, a lot of these items here, when they come off, that's almost 3 to 5 items getting dropped off, we have teams working on other things and we have a lot of teams that will be shifting gears and what you're going to see is see a lot drops and a lot more excitement coming.


Dark Energy Crystals Stabilization Explained

  • Matt: I want to talk about DEC. Packs and potions should be purchased at DEC. When we initially launched DEC it was the goal that they be a relatively stable point and I think that's super important for any project like these you need a native token and if it can be relatively stable it's much much better. Stable coins are hugely important for the entire crypto space so in 2019 that was our goal. We kind of thought about how do we prevent it from going down so we placed our products in it, but to me there's like this other way, if products are priced in it, that's why dollars are stable because you can use them to buy stuff. These days there's significantly more demand so once we start pricing things in DEC again, if DEC fall significantly they are just getting cheaper Splinterlands stuff so as long as players want packs, guilds upgraded and all we're doing on lands, boss fights that's all gonna be DEC in there so as long as people want that, DEC will always hold value. It doesn't matter how much you can get them for on a 3rd party market then you'll be able to get that cheaper. We have a better method to giving value to our coin. We have bene so focused on the downside it never really entered my mind that DEC would go up but that's a much much easier problem to solve I would do it similar way that Terra and Luna, you would burn 1 dollar of luna to mint one terra, when it's going on the upside. So you'll be able to burn a dollar of SPS and mint DEC for it so if people want to buy things in the game and prices go higher, all that value will instead going into the SPS token and the DEC will stay relatively stable so. This is something we've been thinking about and working on for a couple years now but we didn't have the SPS. Now we do, and the focus is on this luna/terra. This is just one of the many many things I'm excited about for our community! I hope everyone is as excited as I am at how stable our system is!


Doogie and the RoadMap: Are We on Track?

  • Nothing's falling behind the ball. All the different teams are cooking and we're really starting to hit our stride
  • We just hired a new VP of engineering. How's that going?
    • You've got the leadership up at the top and as you go down that list of people, us are more in the weeds, it had been a hard couple of months because we had product design and project management (how well we execute it) but what had been missing was that VP of engineering the people getting the work done on the coding side so having that now has been fantastic.
    • Matt Talking: PJ is the VP of Engineering -- loved Kbux and sorry to see him go but they don't really cone from a crypto background so they were able to help us get things done but PJ has way more experience and knowledge that I do (Matt speaking) from doing NFT projects, he's worked with lots of big names in the space, he's seen first hand and economies that have failed and it's really exciting for ME (Matt) to learn from him rather than me typically doing the teaching role so we're supper excited about him leading the team. He's also brought in some more people that will help run the entire blockchain space. One of the things that I see is I'm excited but a little worried because when all these things drop, we have the potential for a huge growth phase like last year and so he will help us be ready ahead of time for what I hope will be another potentially even bigger increase in the game.
    • Hardpoint: I also appreciate PJ because now I can get back to coding again and can breathe a little bit. I'll be honest with you guys, when we talked about this 6 or 7 months ago, bringing the 3 guys that PJ brought in is AMAZING the skill level. We've got talent that is unprecedented. In my career I've never seen such talent.
    • Matt even said (this is Aggroed talking) PJ is someone that could replace me (replace Matt)
    • Matt speaking: PJ is the kind of guy that isn't sending out his resume and seeing what will happen. He's one of those guys that goes where he wants to go and THIS IS WHAT he wants to do. They are gamers, right? What we're doing is so much more fun and interesting and a cooler problem we're working on and that's why we're able to draw in top talent even if we can't match top salary and as our players I suspect it's how you feel as well, but there's lots of people in this space which are some of the best in what they do in their respective fields and they want to do what Splinterlands is doing.


Chatter Update

  • RadAI is someone we brought on and they're doing
  • We're bringing on new groups
  • Huge clusters of micro and macro influencers
  • Analytics huge amount of polls and reports right now and campaigns along with that will be some cool things happening with SMS push notifications about your brawl starting.
  • Merch is coming through in two or so weeks we'll have campaigns running part of that will be an e sports jersy and hopefully a limited edition run for Splinterfest
  • Splinterfest dates confirmed September 17th and 18th HyperX arena in Las Vegas and fill out the google form for what you want to see and do during it.
    • If you want to see what the HyperX arena is like click here


Weird Beard Update

  • New tournaments going up
  • If people are interested in streaming, talk to us, we're really working hard to get everything e sports ready and we're doing a lot of tweaking for the mirco and macro influencers and we're doing little things that looks soo much better when you hit the market
  • We've got to get through the firehose getting through the next month or so then we'll get to the brawls and tournaments.
  • The train is moving and that's the biggest thing I can ask for.


Nate from Creative

  • Eye Candy
    • Here's the final outcome of 3 Countess and here's her wallpaper!



Aftersound Introduction Creative Team

  • Musician for Splinterlands is Aftersound . He's a musician that spent the pandemic diving into crypto and started creating content. I came for the game and as I dove deeper I really appreciated what you're building here.
  • Aggroed: What's your approach to music? What's the vibe?
    • NOTE: Missed part of this section because my contact fell out (HA!) and I didn't get this section. So Sorry!


Ironseed Introduction Creative TEam

  • I've always been involved with games. I reached out to Matt and had crypto lunches on Friday and braindump on his vast understanding of how the spaces come together and it's how I got a more technical position at Spliterlands. I politely annoyed them until they agreed to let me write.
  • Aggroed: What is the storyarch in your mind? Is there a core thesis?
    • Well, that's a good question, a deep question. I think, if we're looking for big themes I suppose one of hope is important which is interesting for me as a writer is that one thing I like to do is end everything in the most horrible of circumstances but as far as Splinterlands goes it's narratively on-going battle of conflict and hope. I don't know I can get any more specific than that without revealing something I'm not suppose to.


Reward Update

  • How many daily/season quests would you expect the average player to earn in the new system? Will there be a more exact chart available for how many win shares are needed for each chest?

    • We'll be updating that. What I thought sucked was you do a daily quest and you got one chest but it's all we could do because they were the same, but now it's different chests so you can earn more chests and it's much more fun and exciting to open up lots of chests rather than one or two. So my focus was the daily player would kind of get around 10 chests, even from bronze league on up you could get 30 chests and for the higher up 50 chests and if you're really at the top you could earn up to 150 chests which would be super hard to get (per season).
  • How will the guild lodge work after the new quest system? Currently it requires completing the daily quest to help level up.

    • Do to the speed we wanted to get this out, every time you complete focus it will give you guild lodge, so it will be easier to level them up as a result
      With the new changes, is moving back to the old cooldowns times for delegation of cards a possibility?
    • Possibly. There's a whole bunch of things that we aren't perfect that we'll look at fixing. These are lots of big changes and we'll see how it goes.
      What league do players start earning DEC now?
    • Bronze III No more credits for bronze league it will be all DEC



  • Will any products other than packs/potions be backing the DEC peg in the future?
    • Absolutely. The plan is for every product, It's not just going to be for Splinterlands. They might be with different brand partners. We announced a deal with Warner Music. WE'd like everything within our organization to be our products to back it. Generally, yeah. the goal is a product-backed stable coin... the more products the better.
  • How is the Terra/Luna fiasco affecting the company's plans going forward, with regards to the stable coin (DEC) / volatile coin (SPS) duality?
    • Being able to burn SPS to get DEC. That mechanism worked really well so that part will copy but the flip side didn't work and the bank run caused the whole collapse. We have a better way to do that so instead of being able to burn DEC to mint SPS that could have caused the same spiral if ever there is a loss of confidence in DEC And there has been and it becomes backed by our products. Now if no one wants our products then yes it all loses value but as long as they still love Splinterlands that will prop up the value of it. This was a great learning experience for us and will help us make better products in the future.

Follow up from last week: How many vouchers have been burned so far?
- I don't know. 2.7 million vouchers burned so far.



  • Will neutral monsters be able to work on buildings and production on land? If so, will they produce less than relevant monsters, like say water splinter in watery land?
    • Definitely neutral monsters will work exactly how much we haven't' got there yet but generally in a lake plot the water splinter would have an advantage as an example but neutral will be able to be used.



  • Could we get “trophies” or “achievements” for various accomplishments?
    • I'd love to do it but it's not a high priority. It should be on the radar and something we're considering.
  • Can you make the focus system use dual splinters, so we aren’t so predictable in trying to use a single splinter all day long?
    • Initially you're focus will be one splinter for 24 hours and you don't have to use that splinter so you won't earn anything towards your daily focus if you don't but you will earn towards your season. We didn't want that to hold off the new feature for the game. We realize we can do better but we are gonna push this out on the timeline we've proposed and we'll see what we need to improve and get feedback and how can we do this better.
  • If you have a suggestion please share that here: https://feedback.splinterlands.com/


Rapid-Fire Questions

  • Question: What's the estimate for riftwatchers pricing?

    • Hard to say, things in crypto change so fast. My thought is $5 of SPS per pack. Vouchers will have a pre-sale period with packs you can get early. Then going forward you'll be able to get bonus backs.
  • QUESTION: How is the team planning to deal with the Win Trading that has been happening?

    • Hardpoint: We have a way of bucketing players so they don't play each other. What we've built, we used to do that manually but what we have built now is more or less using data analytics. We did a massive update to the system and our plan is to do that on a monthly basis. We'll keep an eyeball on what happens. I'll be dropping something in discord later.
    • Matt: At some point I'd like that to be up to the validator system and the top voted validators.
  • QUESTION: Everything voiced for the Ranked Rewards change is eluding to only 6 starter cards being factored for reward points. Could you provide info on whether or not the 7th and most important card is factored (summoner) and also what if only 4 cards are used in a battle 1 of them is a starter would it be 25% or factored as 3 of 6?

    • Answer: The 6 is just an example. The summoner is 100% included and if you only use 1 summoner and 1 monster and one is a starter card then you'll only get 50%.
  • QUESTION: Just wanted to confirm, will the daily focus be different for each player? Or is the daily focus splinter the same for everyone?

    • Different both the timing and the splinter is different.
  • QUESTION : When will we get reveal of legendary summoners stats? Matt spoke about it being "soon" last time he was on TH. Would be cool to get at least the first couple soon.

    • Sure! Life Splinter summoner. I think it will be awesome and early June for that.
  • QUESTION: Pleased to see Validators got shifted back a bit on the roadmap Q2 > Q4 - but why is the presale happening in a week or 2? Doesn't it make sense to just sell things when they are actually ready (or nearly ready) to avoid a repeat of the Land situation where sudden scaling could mean everything gets paused again?
    • Yes and no. My hope is really that it will be earlier than Q4 to get the nodes launched but it's just such a big project and then why do the pre-sale earlier? Part of it is it's important to get things out and let people get involved early I just generally think it's good to get things out a little bit ahead of time and hopefully it will help get a lot of tokens off the market so that's the thinking there. Obviously land .. that was not something we intended but we also don't always just want to wait to do everything until 100% is ready.
  • QUESTION: Have print numbers been decided for the new Rewards cards - and if not, any hint as to whether it will likely be similar to the existing ones versus dropping them down a bit (so that they run out within 1 year for example)
    • Answer A lot of things will change so it's hard to estimate.
  • Are there any plans on releasing a new Reward Summoner?
  • QUESTION: will a summoners Level on land dictate the level of monsters on land and what splinters can be on the land?
    • Maybe
  • QUESTION: to daily quests. Why are you cutting back this existing feature of the game and forcing players to use one single summoner the whole day? Was hoping that one day more non-summoner quests will be created. Like "do 50 poison damage" or "get back 80 health with heal/life Leech".
    I think the new daily focus is a big step back and favours monotone game play and undiversified deck building. It should be the other way. Thanks

    • Answer: Yes it was really important to get everything out.
  • QUESTION: Today we had another of these gut-wrenching moments where we found out a newish player sold a 17$ card for 0.01$. What is the status of implementing a certain number of blocks required to pass between sm_sell_cards and sm_market_purchase? I know this won’t stop people from fatfingering the prices, but at least there would have been higher chances for that guy to get his card back.

    • That change has been coded. I don't know the status of it. That's more UI checking and more warnings and different things. It's definitely important to make the website as usable as possible and prevent mistakes.
  • Question: Mobile APP update?

    • They are working on it.
  • QUESTION: Does Gladiator CP count towards Modern?

    • Don't think so
  • QUESTION: Will we ever see a Splinterlands VISA card? 💎

    • Crypto . com offers a visa and you can buy SPS there so that's pretty close
  • QUESTION: What is the team doing on the marketing end to increase the number of players? Why no You Tube ads for Splinterlands? You mentioned before that the site needs to be optimized so it will look more presentable to the public. When will this happen?

    • YouTube ads, Google ads are running now. Probably no one here should be seeing those ads because it's going cost per mile then we have to pay a whole bunch on the backend just DM me (Chatter)
    • We can have significant growth in this product with the guilds. Guilds invest in the cards and so the scholars earnings increase so then the guilds increase and they put in more money and they buy more cards which pushes up card value and they have to bring in real players to push up their accounts is this is one of the cool new ways we can push the game rather than traditional medial.
  • Question: Do you plan to fix Djinn Renova (like promised many times) before you issue new reward cards?
    • Answer: On the to do list.
  • QUESTION: Are chests going to be have different rewards for Wild vs Modern?
    • No. chests the same for wild vs modern so based upon the cards you have.
  • QUESTION: Do you know yet how many different character cards will be in RW?
    • Don't. Guess is a little bigger than dice with a couple extra legendary than Dice.
  • QUESTION: Suppose the RR update goes live and it turns out the maths are flawed in some unforseeable way, how long would it take for you to be able to tweak the numbers in order to make things more as intended? Could it be done quickly in case of serious issues (eg. 1 season later) or you think it might have to wait a few seasons?

    • Pretty much all the numbers are configuration parameters so it's a quick update so we only do that if there's a serious problem.
  • Question : Have you consider creating silver accounts and hosting Streamer Tourneys! This was a really big way Hearthstone advertised to tons of people and could get more people to try the game.
    • Answer: In the works more to come.
  • QUESTION: Any chance that there will be "reprints"? Like in Magic, which in that regard was for tournament legal stuff. This time is for older cards to be available to newer players in the newer expansions.
    • Not the goal we're going for so I don't plan on reprinting older cards. We withhold the right to do it though.
  • Question how's everyone doing with sleep lately? Hopefully in coming months everyone can still manage an average sleep to stay fresh and alert to reduce mistakes

    • Answer: Are you sleeping Matt? YEAH! I'm kinda very much out of the tech organization. I'm product. Are you sleeping Richard? (HE LAUGHS) It's been a long weekend.
  • QUESTION: Does DEC have any burn mechanism? Are you planning to introduce any burn mechanisms? What happens to the 5% market fee for selling and renting cards does it get burned or is it income for the team?

    • Answer: You don't necessarily need to burn them but we're sort of backing the value with our product so if there's a lot in our system we would take the hit on that.
  • QUESTION : What will happen with Champion points once SPS airdrop is over ? No further use ?
    • They won't have a specific use.
  • Question: There's been a number of players voicing opinions in 💣│brawls on fray difficulty and how the difficulty of frays should be decreased. Looking at stats for how many people enter into gold foil frays in tier 1, they are consistently only 40-50% full each brawl.
    I've made a suggestion, with the input from other players on how frays could be changed to allow guilds to spread out more across tiers instead of having 500+ guilds all bunched up into tier 1 and then only 50-60 in tier 2 and 8 in tier 3.
    It would be good if we could get your input on the discussion, as well as anyone one else who has an interest in improving brawls in (discord server link)

    • Answer: Weird Beard is looking into it. How do you other than just tweaking numbers. Why are so many in tier 1 and not in tier 2 and 3. The powers that be have to get together.
      Weird Beard wrote this in Discord: "For sure, I saw the original post you made! It's on the list of suggestions currently, and would love to be able to bring it up to the team soon. I think that it's not just making things "easier", but also changing the way we encourage players to go "up the ladder" so that there are more players to fill those brawls. Will keep an eye on this"
  • Question for @Yabapmatt - Founder Is the strategy for the card Rusty Android still the same for lands ? (It was posted in the first update for lands )

    • Answer: It's just putting cards that don't have hard core use in fighting might have second use as a farmer or crafter. Maybe he wasn't useful in fighting but now you're using him every single day for crafting.


Here's the Link to the YouTube video from Splinterlands' Official YouTube Channel if you want to see the Town Hall as well for a reference.

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I knew I could count on you to post a synopsis and link to the Town Hall this week Rosie! Yes, I forgot it was Monday and missed most of the live broadcast. But fortunately, I have you covering for me :)


Yipppeee!!! I'm so glad I was here, Gregory!! It was a good Town Hall for sure with all the details. :) My fingers were shaking afterwards from trying to keep up with it all. HA! :) Thank you for voting and commenting!! :)


Thank you Rosie!


Thanks, Sara!! :) It was JAM-PACKED with goodies, wasn't it?!?! :) Hope you're doing well!


Always nice having these quick recaps. I missed a good hour of it so I can pull the information quickly and even some highlights of new interesting things going on. Thank you!

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You're so welcome, Bitcoinflood! Thank you for stopping by and commenting too! :) Have a great day!


Thanks for the recap!


You're so welcome! Thanks for stopping by to read! :)


Thanks Rose for summarizing this, a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to, those rewards cards looks like they can't wait to hit the battlefield.

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YESSS!! Wasn't this week's Town Hall so incredible? I mean my head was whirling after all the information. It's going to be VERY interesting to see how Splinterlands grows now with all this great stuff coming! YIPPEE!! :) Thank you for commenting on my post! Have a great day! :)


Lots of great content as usual. Thanks for taking the time to do this. :)


Of course, J2R! :) Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting on it!:) Always great to see you! :)


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i feel a little bit like a jerk, they told us all along you don't need vouchers anymore, you only need them for discounts, people were selling them for not even under 1 dollar and now they are telling you you need them to get packs in pre-sale, this stinks to high heaven for me, so people could sneak the team and their friends who knew about it and get an unfair advantage, this is a dirty business!