Splinterlands Town Hall September 26, 2022



Splinterlands Town Hall (AMA) Summary for September 26, 2022

*Please note: I cover as much as I can of the summary as a record of the ACTUAL Town Hall/AMA conversation. This summary will have questions provided from the Discord and the answers given by the various Splinterlands' team will be typed by me. Please forgive any typos or errors; some may be from Discord or some may be my own. (I do not include my opinion in this post.)

Founders Begin the Town Hall (formerly AMA)

If you wish to contact the team, here's some of the personnel:

Aggroed @aggroed Founder and (C.E.O)
Matt @yabapmatt Founder and (C.P.O.)
Hardpoint @hardpoint (C.T.O.) (Chief Technical Officer)
Nate @nateaguila (Creative Director)
Cryptomancer @cryptomancer (Splinterlands Developer)
Chatter (Director of Marketing)
Homestead @homesteadhacker (Business Analyst)


Introduction from Aggroed

  • The purpose of these things is to bring you as much information on the company as we can and so we'll explore the various things that are happening in Splinterlands.
  • In the last two weeks, we had a 1 min 39 seconds sell out for Riftwatchers
  • Tower Defense 12 hour sell out
  • Runi project sell out in 1 min 30 seconds
  • So I'd like to do a quick team stand up. We don't have everyone today we're taking a rest for some of the team members but we have WeirdBeard and Nate today talking. WeirdBeard will discuss the increase in Brawl Hall
  • We have two guests coming today and we also have Nifty Arcade and EMP coming


Nifty Arcade: Jared and Tyler

  • We're going to show some development as we go and get some feedback
  • We're here to solve 2 problems: player onboarding and capital onboarding
  • People want to bring in their capital and have trouble with that or have trouble getting into the player action
  • We're gearing up for Splinterfest. We're rolling out this punch by punch different features. One of the things we're excited to show off is the discovery portal.
    • World of Web3 doesn't really have that same setup like you would see in XBox and other areas that are all streamlined
    • So you come engage with the artwork on what is Splinterlands and a curated play list. We built this with the community by speaking with the high level influencers and developers and so this is a curation of those discussions.
  • Aggroed: So a player comes in, checks it out, and what do they do with it?
    • This page is suppose to help you know what to do in playing Splinterlands. If you're compelled by Splinterlands, I can create an account, rent a collection or link your collection, and the sum total value of your collection. Also have an earnings tab and the market and we are reworking that based upon feedback but you can come here and rent out a deck-level account. It's up to the lender or card owners.
  • Aggroed: Where is this? Are you guys still in development? How close are you guys?
    • We're really close. We're just waiting on an endpoint and working with the team and then we'll add that rewards split. When the rewards are earned it goes between the two parties. And as soon as that goes live, and we're hoping that's before Splinterfest, we'll be ready.
    • Right now we have 500 spots as a beta launch so there's a waiting list you can get on niftyarcade.io to list your cards or if you're a player wanting to get the cards. You can track your earnings there as well. It grabs every single moment of your account if you want to capture those things. It will also have reporting and we'll be squishing that as well so anyone can run their guild, their organization, their own accounts all through one place.
  • Our goal is to provide them with the visibility, the functionality, we call that removing capital constraint. We offer people the ability to purchase decks wholesale at different levels. So if I want to play a bronze account, diamond, etc you can come right here. Our idea was if you didn't know what you needed, you can come here and get that full pack.
  • You can go to niftyarcade.io and we're looking for Alpha players if you're interested in testing it out for us and give us some critical feedback.
  • Join our Discord as well (link is on the website)


EMP and AJ Brockman

  • AJ Brockman joined in November 2018. I've been successful outside of crypto (made a portrait for President Obama) and I brought my success here into crypto.
  • This is a project I started earlier this year. It's dealing with inflation in a positive way. We have very specific rules on how we deal with inflation. All of this is exposure to Ethereum. We feel like Ethereum could be a number one crypto at some point and so we have pegged to that token.
  • We build these contracts on top of our platform. One of those contracts is the Detonator that will add liquidity to protocol. We've had major success here.
  • Now we're offering that service to others, and Splinterlands is the first to join and now we have the Generator for Splinterlands with that contract.
  • Some people think it's a Ponzi scheme but we're the furthest from that. We use the LP that we collect. Now we're able to get the LP incentives from Splinterlands directly and use that SPS to then put it back into the protocol into the contract itself so we don't rely on new users.
  • Aggy sums it up: This is a way to stake money into the contract and the contract uses some of those rewards that come out of the SPS whitepaper that if you're providing liquidity for trading then you can get rewarded for that. This is some protocol where you can stake it directly or you can do stake it in this pool. But overall this sounds like a DeFi project that is built on Ethereum but this is using SPS and SPS liquidity to reward users. (AJ adds: We are on the Binance Smart chain though)
  • If I can get rewards directly from Splinterlands, but I can also park money in this EMP pool and I' m getting a different pay out. Can you explain why I'd want to do that?
    • AJ: Here are the reasons. 1) It adds liquidity and it's beneficial for SPS itself because typically you can unpair it and that's a lot of pressure on SPS but these LPs are not able to be broken so it helps SPS
    • Now you as an investor, actually able to earn more in the long run by depositing it into this than doing this directly with Splinterlands. We're able to do this due to things like our daily raffles we have. We have a bunch of incentives to do this. As long as you have a long time on this generator you can get your original investment back over time and you put your LP back into your wallet and you're earning
  • AJ: We're really excited and we're one of the sponsors at the Splinterfest and we also have a guild now and EMP is also a form of payment in Splinterlands so we have brought a BUNCH of investment over to Splinterlands. We're really excited.
  • We have emp.money as our website and we have a Discord and a Splinterland's sub channel where we hired some players to coach people how to play Splinterlands. Come on over to our active Discord!


Words with Wizards: WHEN LAND?!?!? With 16 Bit, Wrathed- PC, Neal McSpadden, Sicarius and Farpetrad-DEV

  • Wrathed
    • Product Dev and I work along with Homestead and we are working to make sure we have our product requirements and we're trying to make those milestones we're laying out.
    • Product team is when Matt and I have ideas, we have the Product team that has to go figure out how to do that. Whatever that thing is, it's not just "hey go build land, "there has to be whole teams to see how that's all going to work.
  • We are sick of the question "When Land" Can you tell us where we are?
    • If you look at our roadmap, land isn't just land. We have precursors to land. We have tech modernization and noncard market. Tech modernization is kind of an overall to the backend structure to how we have our code base. It increases our front in performance and how we can be more sustainable and reliable. This tech modernization is helping us move to more stable area. If we need to make updates to things we have to do it in various areas so it will not only increase our front in performance but our development in the future. And right now where we are in that project... so we actually released a little bit of that 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately we ran into technical issues. It was blocking just a few people from getting to the site so we had to rework that and we have it in QA and we're working through that. (Sicarius is working on that)
  • Sicarius
    • Aggroed: Did we get the bugs and tweaks now? (Sicarius was muted so we moved back to Wrathed)
      • We've got everything on the menu bar, and once we have this up we can shift over to non-card market and get that lined up and pushed out. Non-card market is for improving the ecosystem. You'll be able to trade in game. You'll be able to trade totems there ON SITE for example. You'll be able to do that within our online shop. You can trade there and it also sets up the framework for the land assets as well.
  • Aggroed: Where do you feel like you're at in development:
    • Sicarius: (audio isn't working)
  • Farpetrad- DEV on the land
    • We're in phase 1 to deliver both claiming your tokens and surveying your land to see what you'll receive. This will allow you to blindly distribute plots out to the members.
    • Aggroed: So that land claim is what they originally got but they have to turn that land claim into a specific plot. So you're working on the back end to send to the server that you will have in two steps (1) Unrevealed piece of land and then (2) Revealed land
    • Farpetrad: Players will receive their land. They will just know that it's on the land. When they do that second part which is actually surveying the land, they will get to see if they have a castle or keep on their land or any resources, etc.
    • Aggroed: Has anything in that whitepaper changed on land? Are all the resource types still in tact?
      • Most is in tact. There is some brainstorming to add additional features and gameplay but that stuff is still being discussed and planned but the resources have all been locked down. Nate can tell you. I can tell you the whitepaper has been downloaded into my end so it's been implemented.
    • Aggroed: When roughly will tech modernization be done?
      • First parts in QA. It's a little tricky right now because we're limiting what we're pushing out bc we don't want anything game breaking. It will be before or after Splinterfest depending on testing. Non-card market is 95% complete. That will need to go through QA and everything's going well so we'll say end of Oct beginning of Nov
    • Aggroed: What about the land pieces? When can I get an NFT in my wallet and know what I've got?
      • This timeframe is a little more difficult to put a time to. There's a ton that goes into it (art, back end coding, claiming functionality, a lot is in motion). We're trying to target end of Q4 or maybe into Q1. It really is a massive expansion. Obviously there's always potential for anything to come up in that process.
  • Aggroed: Some of the criticism I'm taking here is hey you just put out Tower Defense but you haven't done land. What's going on?
    • One thought I have, is Tower Defense hurting land?
      • It's not. It's being developed with Double Coconut so that's not taking any of our time or resources away. Right now we have all 3 of the land components working in parallel. I guess one of the tough things to point out is keeping up with regular development. So any updates with the regular game, we have to update that but we're nearly done with that so it will free up our time.
  • We're doing some testing today about how to claim the land. I've written a simulation that runs perfectly but now we're run it over on the blockchain so this is the point where we're testing that whole feature out on the blockchain.
  • Aggroed: Not only will you get land, you'll be able to trade land and we have someone building out how you do this claiming, redeeming etc. Literally all these things are currently in development and none of them is in conflict with the Tower Defense and not interfering with what's happening on land.
  • It's being actively worked on consistently.


Neal McSpadden on Proposals and the Financial Situation

  • Aggroed: Please understand he's not able to predict or know exactly everything but he's giving his understanding of proposals and all of that. He's very intelligent and one of the biggest whales
  • Neal: I do want to say because I'm a big whale, there's my background bias. Anything I say is going to be focused on that. (Aggroed: And sometimes we've worked with him, but he's not an employee of Splinterlands but we have employed his services at times)
  • I think the proposal system is great. Currently they are coming from the team, and I know we're looking forward to when WE can have the proposals not just the team.
  • Overall a huge fan and we're starting to see the transition of the control from Splinterlands the company to Splinterlands being fulfilled by the community. From a crypto guy I think it's fantastic but the worry some people have is that what if the community screws it up because obviously Splinterlands has stood the test of time (since 2018) and very few other crypto games have and that's because of the leadership of you (Aggroed) and Matt.
  • The counter side of that is that people who have invested in the game, they will do their best to make sure it lasts.
  • The current proposals are most important so let's go through those.
  • Aggroed: Rather than us say this is what we're gonna do regarding the packs presale and ended at a specific block and if your transaction got into that block the community voted to let those people have those as presale packs. The reloading page was a problem.
  • Proposal 3 was a refund because if you purchased packs thinking you were buying presale packs but you really weren't. That was voted yes that you could get a refund.
  • Last proposal got voted down.
  • On the first proposal, I don't think anyone could have said this wasn't fair. If you're submitting a transaction there's no way to know you're not in the qualifying area so I think that was fair.
  • Proposal 2 a little more controversial but reasonable.
  • Proposal 3 was a new option that was developed after Aggroed's initial response. The Dao would undo the transaction and burn the packs and get your vouchers back and shake our hands and walk away. People didn't want to lose SPS from the DAO but did you want unhappy people?
    • Aggroed: If people put in money they want assurance that that won't change after the fact but if you put money in you want assurance that you can fix that as well and the community wanted refunds and that was ok.
  • Neal Proposal 4: I voted no. Having the refund from the DAO makes Splinterlands' position obsolete and redundant so I think we're in a good place. If you submitted in a way not knowing you weren't gonna get the thing you thought, you're getting a refund and I think that is good. Your outcome matches your expectations.
  • Aggroed is saying: Some say those only passed because the team voted it
    • Matt was telling me to be cautious in my voting and so I wonder what do you think? As a whale that's part of this ecosystem, is it appropriate for employees and whales to vote on this?
    • Neal: So, I can see how it's a little bit tricky. I think there's 2 separate considerations. One is that the Splinterlands' official account and then the people that work at Splinterlands. If you work at Splinterlands and you have SPS staked and you were involved in making the things and I think those accounts voting are fine. For Splinterlands official voting I think that should be reserved for things that are a major issue. A vast majority of proposals will not be that, but things that are really important I think it's find to use the Splinterlands' stake for that.
  • Aggroed: If it's life or death for Splinterlands, Splinterlands should go vote. What about employees?
    • Neal: I don't think it's unfair and SPS is not being distributed to the team so you earned and developed your stake over time so I think that's yours to do with what you want.
  • Should we reward land holders SPS now or wait?
  • We recently moved team SPS to Tower Defense should we start Tower Defense now?
  • Neal: These are questions of timing. In the long run, it makes no difference, in the short run, sooner is better. For land, sooner is better. One is it incentivizes people to buy and hold land. Land presale was 2 years ago so it's been awhile and we've been waiting, but kickstarting that now is already late so it's more ok. So I voted for that one.
  • Tower Defense: We voted earlier it will get 1 million SPS a month so do we start that now? What we had was a presale and when Tower Defense packs become available on the shop again, we're probably still 7 months away from the game. So for me, as people who have supported that venture, should we get rewards now versus later? Well, I'm ok with it. I've seen arguments about the philosophy of play to earn that we should earn when we play. Right now the community is very split but for me it's ok.
  • Aggroed: I think it's easy to say yes to land because they have been holding onto it for 2 years. My answer for Tower Defense is entirely different with revolves more around DEC. If you can take your accountant brain and tell people why it would be beneficial
  • Neal: Well let's say the SPS starts now if we I buy a Tower Defense pack then I am using up more DEC and the supply shrinks and then when we hit that magic number of 1000 Splintoshees then we have SPS burn. The cycle will continue as long as there demand to push up DEC. Massive amounts of SPS will burn and that will help.
  • How does this help the overall ecosystem and size of this community and the value of the cards you hold. How does a rising price of SPS in what you describe how will that help the game?
    • You think about all the different things you can do, buy cards, stake SPS, hold land, hold Tower Defense packs. All these things earn SPS and if you're broadcasting to the world that the thing that you earn is going up in value, that is a lot more attractive to the DeFi community in the wider world there's way more incentive to join Splinterlands in player counts, asset prices, etc.
  • Aggroed: Let me summarize: If this proposal passes, it incentivizes people to buy Tower Defense packs and the price of DEC will rise and if it rises it will hit peg and then people can start buy and burning SPS to buy packs and what's left is something like 9 million dollars left for Tower Defense and that's a lot of burning.
  • Neal: It's important to recognize that is the best scenario. It depends on the intensity of the demand
  • Aggroed- Chance in Discord asks: What about removing some of the LP SPS rewards?
    • It's important to have liquidity just in general. If people want DEC how are they gonna get it? I think you need some level of incentive to make the whole thing work. How much is the question. Those are questions that will make some proposals to do this thing instead of that thing. I do think we need some kind of rewards... but how much? Well that's the question.
  • Where do you vote on the proposal?
    • It's not as critical for me regarding Tower Defense. Seven months probably when it starts and at that point SPS will be given so it doesn't matter now or in 6 months but I'd rather have it now than in 6 months but if we have to wait it's not the end of the world. I would vote yes to getting it now, but it's not the end of the world.
  • Aggroed: Any last thoughts?
    • In general, prop 34 going into effect and I like to say nobody is ever happy. All the chat has been complaining about how more rewards are going to higher leagues and before they were complaining about rewards going to lower leagues so I do think we're going in the right direction and we can see in the rental markets and people are starting to rent higher level cards and people are buying higher level cards and I think as a group we're glad about it.
  • Aggroed: I asked WeirdBeard to talk about proposal-related items with the community and give people the stage and get up on the soapbox and interact. I hope to see more of that happen to include you, Neal and other whales. I don't know that Town Hall is the best place for this but a forum would be a great place for people to share what they're saying and Weird Beard would be the place to share that. We want to get proposals that make sense and that the community wants. Let's make sure we can get that out there.


John (16 Bit) Sales Update

  • My role is to try and attract people, additional players into the community as well as additional capital into the community. It's beneficial if the community grows.
  • We've had some good movement on that front even in the bear market but really it's all these product launches and that's giving us some new ways to do this.
  • The extended hand out to other Web 3 communities. The new Runi project is going to give us a wonderful way to reach out to new communities. Through that process, it's occurring to me, even as big as we are, we are still unknown so Runi changes that. We've been working with Crypto Monks and other groups and setting up AMAs. I have some whitelist spots that I can use.
  • I'm hoping to get the community to help me set that up. I'm guessing you have friends in other communities and hopefully we can get more AMAs set up. I have some slides and feel free to have a look at that and share that with other communities.

To see the slide show click here.

  • Aggroed: Yes, I will find you and I will sell you a Runi. So help us out. If you have Discord groups, huge connections with others or even small connections, please we need to share this out. If there are communities you think we should interact with, please reach out to 16Bit.

  • My contact info is on that slide show

  • Riftwatcher packs will go on sale tomorrow.


WeirdBeard Update

  • If people do want to hear a DAO Hall, make sure you leave comments if that's something you guys want. What do you want, how do you want to do it, etc.
  • Saturday we announced our tournament partner creation. You must reapply because we're going to expand that White List and set some rules. We currently have it once you're accepted, you're part of that for the rest of your life and that really just doesn't keep with those who are active.
  • We are looking at a QA server for those coming to Splinterfest and want to practice that with the Riftwatchers
  • Brawl Hall we had 100 people there to discuss the tournaments. We discussed the various tournament status
  • Announcement: Prizing for Splinterfest: Gold League Winner: 10 2nd Place: 3 3rd Place: 2 4th Place: 1 Champion League Winner: 15 2nd Place: 3 3rd Place: 2 4th Place: 1 MVP Voted on by Crowd: 5
  • It's very exciting. We'll have land plots for contests at Splinterfest. When you buy that ticket you get automatic access to those tournaments.
  • The Allie Coin tournament is happening tomorrow for beginning level. You will get a password at their discord so go to their discord. There are currently 120 people signed up for that.
  • There's other prizes at Splinterfest
  • I will do anything for you to watch these tournaments at Splinterfest because we need viewership for it. It's vitally important that we have a large, strong viewership for this. We've attached some big communities that are going to be watching this to see the participation numbers and viewership numbers.
  • This will be 12 o clock MST


Nate Eye Candy Creative Update

  • Not much time to recoup from all these projects. It's like we're full steam ahead and Splinterfest coming. We are hoping people will be there, watching streaming coming in. Everyone will have a cool opportunity to see what's coming in.
    -Runi versions


Earth Wallpaper



Splinterlands TV

  • Aggroed did shout outs for those who watch Splinterlands TV
  • Thank you for being a part of our community!
  • RonDon Update
    • 2,100 followers! We're constantly growing!
  • Clip of the Week was shared (from a Spanish streamer!)


Town Hall Questions: Governance

  • Why was the threshold to pass governance votes reduced to 66%?
    • First one was just a trial and it will be 66%
  • When will player proposals go live?
    • I don't have a date for that. We have a meeting on Wednesday so I'll bring that up then.
  • Are there any concerns that starting land/TD rewards early with no set stop date will give holders too much negotiating power when it comes time to make rewards gameplay based, since it would take only a ⅓ vote to block any changes that might make it more difficult for owners to earn those rewards?
    • I'm not too worried about it. Most are excited for the game play here so as long as we have that we're good.


Battle Rewards

  • Where can we see the current size of the league pools or the number of players in each league so we can decide which league we want to play in?
    • I don't think that's displayed on site and I'll bring that up because that's a good point.
      Why are Champion players able to play at low ECR without receiving a reward penalty?
    • They are receiving a reward penalty but the prize pool is so big, they're able to earn quite a bit. There's just a lot of SPS at stake so if you want to earn that get there as soon as you can!
  • When SPS staking on players arrive, will staked SPS impact the number of loot chests earned or is it only for SPS battle rewards?
    • I'm not sure that when we designed that, we had both the battle rewards and loot chests all put together there so I'm not sure that's been taken into account.



  • What is the detailed workflow of how items/spells and other rewards come from land?
    • Your land will create resources. On your land you place buildings. And your buildings can also turn your resources into other things like spells. It will be up to the players to mint their spells. Buy land, harvest resources, turn resources into spells
  • Based on the maps we have seen, none of the land plots in Praetoria are on the coast. That is obviously by design but what does it mean? Will there be ports and boats in the future?
    • We hope to include all kinds of travel pieces and lots of empty spaces in the map to add fun things and that's all intended to add fun things like transportation and all sorts of things.
      How will items/spells work for autobattles?
    • The initial thought here was hey we want items and spells and in that battle system you get a match, who my opponent is and you would select your team and rumble. But with land you would have your first round and then instead of hitting rumble you would hit defend or cast and then you apply spells or protect your battle field after you apply the spells then you hit rumble. So once you've seen what your opponent is going to do, you get to have those spells and strategy to then counter what they've posted.



  • What happens with SPS rewards if there are no guilds in tier 5 to start with? What if there is only 1?
    • They are the only ones that get it and it's a huge amount to them.
  • Is locking of non card assets still on the roadmap?
    • Yes I believe yes that all these things will be lockable. It's a good security feature.


Rapid Fire Questions

  • QUESTION 1: Can we get a bit more tranparency when emergency maintenance/hotfixes are put in? Last Friday an emergency hotfix was put in that noticeably altered battle rewards for many and there were no real details given.
    • Yes we can try to communicate hot fixes.
  • QUESTION 2: Can some kind of daily information be published that shows the total players and battle rewards that were awarded per format and league?
    • I've put in a request
  • Q: Before we forget, what about for the people who didnt get a runi during pre-sale , is there other ways to get a runi before general sale? There are accounts who has gotten multiple runi's.
    • If you missed it, go to support to get the whitelist spot. Maybe you can join some of the AMAs where some of the whitelist spots will be handed out.
  • QUESTION - Will each land type be able to produce all natural resources? Example, can a plains produce ore and stone or just grain? Can't imagine deserts producing any resources. thanks!
    • Yeah our thought is that all of.. every single piece of land can produce natural resources.. you'll have natural, unnatural and a third type magical. Any piece of land should allow you natural (even if on the slower side).. that's what's planned... but it might change.
  • QUESTION: I purchased 137 packs in the presale and will be getting the missing 13 for the voucher issue now that the proposal passed. What is the team doing to confirm that I purchased 150 packs in the presale for the promo calculations? I fear without something manual then the system will only see 137 and I will miss a guaranteed promo
    • Yeah I think they posted about that in tech updates or support updates so go there.
  • QUESTION: With land and the cards made will the be burned when used an x amount time to use the card if not it will just flood the market with potions etc.
    • That was pretty hard to understand. Most will be durables not consumables. There might be a handful of things that are consumables.
  • Question: will I be able to claim more than 1 ticket at splinterfest for the summoner?
    • I forget how we're doing it.
  • QUESTION: Can we get an update on the mobile app? I don't think we have seen a new version of that released in a while.
    • Wrathed? Yeah, I know they have a couple things to QA and that will be released I don't know exactly if this person is talking about something specific but it's still being developed and adding new features.
  • Question : Will the redeeming of splinterfest ticket goodies (in particular promo code for the card) require a kyc of anykind? or just need the ticket itself?

    • Think it requires a show that you control the account.
  • Question: Is it just me or no one actually cares about that mobile app?
    • Some people care. There's some games that are smaller but for some it's important.
  • Question: Can you guys tell us the exact hour when we’ll be able to crack open RW packs
    • After the update 11 am Eastern whenever it's done.
  • Question: Will ranked rewards pool be tweaked? Gold got hit and they are just as 50% less expensive than max deck.
    • Way more people signed up to be in it. There's a lot more people fighting in gold than there was.
  • QUESTION: if a player has chosen to play Modern, it's totally hard for him to ever play Wild again, because he would have to start from scratch (bronze). Why not reset both formats for the highest ranking achieved at the end of season?
    • Well that's not how it's done. You have to choose and gain your cards and your approach with a limited ECR. That's the criteria everyone has.
  • QUESTION: how is SL doing in terms of European players? Any idea?
    • We get a good amount of our audience from Europe. 1 is US, 2 Southeast Asia 3 Europe
  • QUESTION: As a follow-up to the 66% threshold for DAO proposals passing, is there a rationale for why 66% was chosen?
    • Fairly standard but we need to see if we can pass that and see if should be higher or lower.
  • Question Will the Permision needed for Open Packs changed to Active Auth, because it's a kinda money involved transaction
    • I don't have an answer for that. Wrathed? It's come up and it's being discussed.


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Thank you again, Torran! And thank you for the PGM, Pizza, Luv and CTP! :) I really appreciate it!! :)


Amazing as always Rosie!


Thank you so much, AussieNinja! Hope you're doing well!! :)


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Nice wrap-up as always!
!GIF good job


Thank you, ThaddeusPrime! I really enjoyed A.J and Aggroed's recap of EMP. I'm too intimidated at this time to join it, but I wonder how easy it is. AJ and Aggroed did a great job of really covering the basics to help others understand it better. I guess my question is: how much do you need to even start to invest in it? Do you need to be a big whale?


You don't have to be a whale at all.
About 25LP (liquidity pairs, SPS/NBN) which is about $300, would get you at least 1 ticket a day for the daily lotto when you compound each day.
Of course, you can start with less, and while the lotta chances aren’t there yet, you still stack you SPS and BNB faster than you can anywhere else. Once, you are ready you start claiming, just go with the 6/1 or 5/2 model(compound 6 days, claim(withdraw) 1 day). This way you are still earing while withdrawing and extending the time till you fully withdraw.
Gas fees on the Binance chain is about $.20 to compound. So wise to invest enough that the cost of gas fees, no matter how cheap, don’t out weight your investment, and either way getting 365% of you investment over time is hard to find anywhere.


Ok thank you so much for this, Thaddeus! It's helpful for sure! Is there a video or something to walk me through how to set this up?


Here you go!
@stever82 is a great source for both EMP & SPL
Also, the EMP Acedemy (link on website) is the free education guide offered, and it's the best for EMP overall ecosystem.


YAY! Thank you!! I'll save this and watch it later when I have some time. I appreciate your help!! :)


Really great post, thanks for taking the time to report on this (it's better than the Splinterlands own summary!)

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Hee hee. Thanks so much, Tim!! :) Hope you're having a great day!