Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Crystal Jaguar

crystal intro tema.png

Hello friends of the splinterlands community, I hope you have had good rewards this season... well today I come to show you my battle of the week.


Battle Weekly Challenge

Theme: Crystal Jaguar

crystal jaguar.png


Summoner: Drake of Arnak

drake of arnak.png

in this battle I used drake of arnak to use one of my favorite dragon cards naga assassin in my lineup.

First prosition:

Crystal jaguar

crystal jaguar carta.png

This is the main card of the week, it attacks melee, it has 3 speed which makes it a good card to place it in the first position.

Second position:

Luminous eagle

Luminous Eagle.png

this is a card that has good speed, I don't like it because it spends 6 mana... but it is very good in the second position and that's why I place it.

Third position:

Silvershield knight

Silvershield Knight.png

I like this card because it has the ability to increase +1 in melee and it combines very well with my melee strategy.

Fourth position:

Feral spirit

Feral Spirit.png

another card specialty with respect to speed and adds to my melee strategy

Fifth position:

Divine healer

Divine Healer.png

here we have the support of my strategy, it plays a very important role in helping me to survive in this battle.

Sixth position:

Naga assassin

naga assassin.jpg

And finally in the sixth position is a card that I love very much for its high speed and is the reason why I chose my Drake of Arnak summoner.

Crystal jaguar.png

Here I show you my strategy and alignment... now I will leave you the video replay so you can see the details of this good battle.


Well friends I hope you have seen my battle of the week and have been to your liking ... thank you very much for reading and see you until the next weekly challenge.