Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Wave Runner


Good evening friends of the splinterlands community, this is my first post with the challenge of the week of water splinter, wave runner...

my strategy was mixed melee and magic.

Here I share with you my line up and strategy for the challenge.....

Theme: Wave Runner


round 1.png


Alric Stormbringer

Alric Stormbringer.png

this is one of my favorite water sliver summoners.

First position

Frozen Soldier

Frozen soldier.png

here we have my tank that I use very often when I use water chipping

Second position

Wave Runner

wave runner.png

second position the challenge card as part of my melee offense.

Third position



here we have medusa as one of my magic attackers

Fourth position

Ice Pixie

Ice Pixie.png

in my alignment I include ice pixie because it has the ability to evade melee and ranged attacks.

Fifth position

Elven Mystic


another very common attacker in my magic strategy

Sixth position



I only included this one so as not to use up my remaining points.

click on the following link to see my replay of the battle

I hope you liked the strategy I used, I accept recommendations to continue being better every day.

thank you in advance splinterlands community


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