Ruleset And How To Use It In Our Battles: EQUALIZER.


Splinterlands is constantly adding new content to increase the excitement of the battle. Like the most recent update, which will change the rules of battle in the gold league and higher. There is a chance that you will receive three additional rules in the current battle. This will make predicting the battle strategy and course difficult. Any additional rules will affect the game's outcome. Even later, ordinary cards may beat great cards because they benefit from additional rules.

As a result, I'll investigate battle rules and how to use them in our fights. The equalizer is the additional rule that we discuss in this post.


The Equalizer is a ruleset in which all Monsters' initial health is equal to the Monster on either team with the highest base health.

There are several advantages that can be obtained with this ruleset. Specifically, by sending monsters with high attack power but low health points. Of course, the mana point must be taken into account.

There are examples of monsters that will benefit from this set of rules.

  • Monsters with 0 Mana (Fiend, Chicken) or common monsters with 1 health point. Will take advantage of this ruleset.
  • Find a monster with only one health point but a lot of shield points. Like Hungry Skull in death element.
  • We hope that the opponent will send monsters with high health points so that our monster health points will follow the opponents.
  • Because the health points on both sides are the same. The troops with the greatest attack power will have the best chance of victory.


This is one of my fights in which I used the Equalizer ruleset. I chose a monster with low health points for this fight. My preference was for Pelacor Arbalest as well the Truthspeaker. These two monsters have only one and two health points, respectively. These two monsters will be defeated in a normal battle with just one attack.

Spirit Hoarder and Venari Crystalsmith are up next. These two monsters were chosen as healers and have only 3 and 4 health points, respectively. Jared Scar is up next. This monster has a powerful attack but only four health points. The last one sends Djinn Renova, who has six health points.

If the enemy sends a monster with low health points, all of the previous monsters will follow Djinn Renova's health points. At the very least, my monsters will gain 6 health points. However, if the enemy sends a monster with a large number of health points, I will gain a significant advantage in this fight.

By clicking on the image, you can view the match's progress.

In this fight, it was discovered that the opponent was using an Earth summoner who relied on magic attacks. However, it appears that the enemy is concentrating on the strength of the cards and overlooking the fact that there are additional rules. The first disadvantage is not fully utilizing all troop slots. Only 5 monsters were dispatched to the battleground. This is advantageous for me because I use all troop slots.

Furthermore, by using Mycelic Slipspawn, the maximum number of health points is on the opponent's side. Big health points are beneficial to me. All of my monsters, which had health points below 4 points before, now have 11 points.

And having Arbalest armor in my line of troops capable of double attacks gives me another advantage. One Pelacor arbalest attack can now replace the role of Truthspeaker. It is true that all of my troops are capable of attacking opponents.

The additional Truthspeaker Shield did little to protect against magical attacks. However, it can aid in reducing the Unicorn Mustang's dominance. Aside from that, Djinn Renova gives a plus point by adding 1 health point that is greater than the opponent's health points.


The use of Ruleset Equalizer necessitates foresight. It will make it easier for you to win if you use it. Remember to select monsters with low health and high damage. Allow the opponent to use monsters with high health points. Make the most of the monster slots in battle as well. Because the greater the number of monsters, the greater the chances of victory. Send the best monsters you can, preferably those with extra abilities such as Tank Heal, Thorns, and Triage. Because this additional ability greatly aids the Equalizer ruleset.


As a result, this is my post about the equalizer ruleset. The combination of this ruleset and other additional rules in the gold league will make predicting the outcome of the fight difficult. Continue to fight hard to get the most out of this ruleset.

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