SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! The Xenith Archer, the Intruder in every battle


Hello, splinterlords! I'm back with another episode of my weekly Share your battle challenge. In this post, I'll show you the battles that occur in the world of Splinterlands. This week's topic is Xenith Archer.

The Xenith Archer is a neutral element card. A neutral card means that it can be used in conjunction with other elements in a deck line.

The Xenith archer can be obtained from the Splinterlands market or by opening the chaos pack that you have. This card falls into the rare category. Despite the fact this card lacks skills, this card only consumes two mana points and can be used in low-mana battles.

The Xenith archer archery abilities are incredibly strong when combined with summoners that add ranged attack points.

The xenith archer will have a maximum attack power of 2 points at level 8. additionally, the speed increased by 4 points. The total health points have become five. However, this card lacks any shield points.

The number of mana points available in this battle is 23. This is part of the medium-point mana battle. As a result, the cards picked must not spend a lot of mana points.

There is an additional rule called Aim true: Melee and Ranged attacks always hit their target. The water element, the life element, the death element, and the dragon element are all viable options. I've decided to use the element of life. And hope that the arrow attacks can quickly destroy the enemy.


In the first round, all summoners' effects are activated. The summoner from the opposing side, Kelya Frendull, immediately added speed and shield bonuses to each monster. Similarly, the General Sloan summoner I use makes an additional 1-point arrow attack.

As a tank, the enemy installed a level 3 sea monster. Then, if you look at the line of monsters behind it that focuses on healing, you can conclude that this team is dependent on sea monsters.

I also added a tank, the Chaos Knight. With the help of the time mage and the Pelacor Arbalest double attacks. Meanwhile, the Xenith archer is tasked with dismantling the opponent's shield.

The first round begins with the water elemental attack. The time mage, xenith archer, and pelacor arbalest then launch an attack on the sea monsters. The attack from the three monsters nearly killed the sea monsters, but due to their high health points and the healing from behind, the sea monsters survived.

The chaos knight's shield was broken in the second round. At the start of the battle, the water elemental attacks began to strike back. But it hasn't yet defeated the chaos knight. The time mage and other monsters attacked the sea monsters and defeated them. Give my team an advantage in the next round.

The water elemental attacks the chaos knight in the third round. Then there is no more danger from other monsters on the opposing side. because the chaos knight's shield skill will prevent the 1 point attack.

Fourth round, The water elemental attacks do not harm the Chaos knights. The time mage, the xenith archer, and the pelacor arbalest continued to attack the opposing monsters.

Due to the elimination of all the other monsters in round 4, the water elemental is currently in first place. Due to the fact that it is a ranged monster, this renders it incapable of making attacks.


Is My Plan Effective?
If backed by a large army of archers, using summoners with increased arrow attacks is quite advantageous. I utilize a monster with low mana as my mana usage cap is only 23 points. The fact that the Xenith archer only needs two mana points makes it ideal. Support is also provided by the chaos knight tank, which deflects blows that are worth one attack point. The help of the time mage and creeping ooze is crucial because speed is also important. Additionally, the Pelacor arbalest's double assault has the power to eliminate foes with six health points in a single strike.

My strategy worked because of the support of all the monsters I placed on the battle line. Because the amount of manna is only 2 points, the xenith archer can become an additional troop.

Do you enjoy Using your Xenith Archer?
The xenith archer is an excellent choice for any battle. The Xenith archer can enter any combat element. And can also fill team vacancies because only two manna points are required. In every fight, you can always use the Xenith archer.

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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