Speed and Poison: a silent, deadly assault 🥀


When playing Splinterlands, it's fun to predict which cards the opponent will use, the skills you must employ, and the number of rounds of combat. For those who enjoy playing themed strategy games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Splinterlands is entertaining. Because strategy and card choice impact every victory. Sometimes, a weak card can easily defeat a legendary card. Of course, when utilized properly, it is effective.

So, in this article, I'll share some fighting tips that may be useful for beginners. The cards used are a mix of common and uncommon card types. However, when these cards are combined, their abilities are extremely lethal. The skill combination used can yield as many as five skills from only Two cards.

I'll discuss poison skill, life leech, flying, backfire, and scavenger.

These three cards are The obsidian team destroyers if summoner The Thaddius brood is used.

Many people are unaware of how effective the Riftwing card's flying, backfire, and scavenger abilities are as a tank. However, level 5 requirements are required. Because at level 5, the riftwing has a speed of 4 points and may employ a variety of flying techniques to dodge both melees and ranged attacks. Although this card lacks attack points, he still has a 2-point attack thanks to the backfire skill.

Now, the scavenger's ability serves as a tank as well. Because The Riftwing was able to survive while waiting for a monster to die with six health points. For those who are unfamiliar Splinterlands, the scavenger skill adds healing points each time a creature is killed in battle. Naturally, it needs to be supported by other monsters' poison skills.

The riftwing power is now supported by the poison skill as well. And the Venari Bonesmith level 4 is required to get this skill. The Venari bonesmith has 4 points of health and 3 points of speed at this level. This card will give attacks while gaining health points through life leech abilities if it is put behind The riftwing.

If you use this combination, timing is everything. The longer the battle lasts, the better the chances of victory.

So, what are the team's advantages and disadvantages?

  • The speed of this combination is its greatest asset. When fighting a slow-monster, The Riftwing will bulldoze the enemy who misses his attack.
  • In addition, the formation of these two cards can be used in both low and high mana battles.
  • Place the riftwing in the second position. The Venari bonesmith positioning behind the riftwing As a backup. Then add a safety behind the Venari Bonesmith to protect against sneak attacks.
  • This formation is vulnerable to opposing monsters with snipe or opportunity skills that attack directly in the center of the formation.
  • It will be strong if there is an additional rule, such as a bonus shield, but weak if there is a reverse speed rule.

How much does it cost to acquire this ability?

The Riftwing is a set of chaos cards that can be obtained by opening packs or purchasing them directly from the Splinterlands market. When this post was written, the market price for the regular version was only 0.05 USD. The price of the gold version is 1.13 USD.

When it comes to The Venari Bonesmith, you can either purchase it outright in the Splinterlands market or obtain a set of reward cards by opening a gift chest. The market price is 0.02 USD for the standard edition and 0.87 USD for the gold version due to the high volume of printing.

Let's see how the battle goes with the earlier combination of the two cards.

Magic vs.
Click Here to watch the battle.

The Thaddius Brood blocked The Obsidian's magical ability in this battle. So, with The Riftwing as a Tank, he can stay in the lead for a long time. The Carrion shade is introduced as an enemy battering ram as well as an additional life sacrifice for The Riftwing. The Venari Bonesmith is then in charge of using his poison to attack enemy tanks. The Creeping ooze has been added to protect the Venari bonesmith from sneak attacks while also slowing down enemies.

Versus Life
Click Here to watch the battle

The enemy deployed the crystal jaguar as a tank and the archer section at the formation's back. The Venari Bonesmith's placement with his poison is critical here in order to eliminate the front enemy. Arrow attacks can be countered by using The Riftwing as a tank. Because the riftwing's ability to fly and move fast will cause the archer to miss.

Death Vs ( Medium Mana Battles)
Click Here to watch the battle

That is the picture of the battle that you can use if you combine these two cards. Hopefully, it will assist you in increasing your win ratio in the battle of Splinterlands.

Splinterlands is a very interesting strategy game. We must understand how to read the opponent's tactics before battle, know which position is best for a specific monster, and use the appropriate skills for the battle rules.

And with that, I conclude this post; I hope I was of assistance or entertainment, and I thank you for taking the time to read my words; until next time!

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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