Splinterlands Art Drawing: Djinn Renova appears from a different angle. ✨


Hello guys, I hope all of you are doing good. I'm still learning how to draw, and I'd want to show you how I do it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There is the final result of my Djinn Renova Card skin.

Djin Renovaa.png

Basic Idea

A new update to Splinterlands' card series was just released. A Djinn Renova card from the "Life Monster" category is one of the cards. However, I was able to find just a few additional image references for this female figure. That's why I attempted to include another image of Djinn Renova.

Hopefully, Splinterlands will reveal more pictures of this character in the future. I hope that my design will appeal to everyone and that you will appreciate it.

How it was made

Please see the process and finished product below.

  • Drawing the guide line.

  • Drawings from the Splinterlands card were used to create face outlines.
    gambar 2.png

  • Stages colorize the image that has been created. The color chosen is the basic color.
    gambar 7.png

  • After providing detailed color details in the image, the next step is to make a card frame. I added extra detail to the image, in the form of energy in the shape of a whirlwind. It's precisely how I see djinn Renova casting its spells.
    gambar 95.png

  • This is what the image looks like after I've given it a background and placed it in the frame. I created two different variations. One is in the frame, while the other is made to appear to be outside of it.
    gambar 11.png

The process is in the form of a GIF file

djinn renova.gif

The final result

This is the final picture, which comes in two variants. I hope you enjoy it.

Djin Renovaa b.png

Djin Renovaa.png


All discussions are welcome below. I am hoping can make best art in future. Please share your ideas and criticisms below.
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Cheers Everyone.

Thanks for visiting my post.

🙏 I invite everyone to join Splinterlands🙏


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