Splinterlands BATTLE Weekly Challenge | HAUNTED SPIDER The Poison Sprayer🕷



Hi all, welcome to my post about the Splinterlands card battle.
Today I will share the fight I had with Haunted Spider. This is the theme for this week's Battle Challenge of Splinterlands.
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haunted 3.png


The Haunted Spider is a common monster of the death type. This monster uses ranged attacks. The max level is 10 with 505 combined cards. Haunted Spider gains the poison ability at level 4.


The haunted spider card uses three mana points which can be used frequently in battle. With the ability to deliver poison, this is an advantage. Because if the enemy receives a poison attack, the number of health points will continue to decrease every round. For this card, I used it at level 1, which doesn't have the poison ability yet. However, the attack power of two attack ranged is extremely useful.

monster introduction.png

7.pngDRAGON SPIRIT Level 1 Ability : Flying
8.pngDEATH ELEMENTAL Level 1 Ability : None
9.pngHAUNTED SPIDER Level 1 Ability : None
10.pngTWISTED JESTER Level 1 Ability : Snipe


1.pngFAILED SUMMONER Level 3 Ability : Magic Reflect
2.pngBROWNIE Level 2 Ability : Gain Speed
3.pngWOOD NYMPH Level 3 Ability : Tank Heal
4.pngMUSHROOM SEER Level 2 Ability : Silence
5.pngGOBLIN DARTLING Level 3 Ability : None
6.pngFURIOUS CHICKEN Level 1 Ability : None



battle detail.png


Mana used is 17 points with the fight following the terms of Stampede. The Trample Ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the tramped monster is killed.


The fight begins with the addition of the Thorns ability by MYLOR CROWLING. All enemy monsters get bonus thorns and speed gain from BROWNIE. Meanwhile, on my deck line, I got a 1 magic point reduction from the silencing ability.

Enemies prepare for the battle to ward off magic and melee attacks. But I use ranged attacks.

MUSHROOM SEER and WOOD NYMPH are attacking the Dragon Spirit. The attack failed to get rid of the Dragon Spirit. Meanwhile, attacks from DEATH ELEMENTAL and TWISTED JESTER managed to get rid of WOOD NYMPH from the battle arena in round 1.
FAILED SUMMONER's health points are reduced by HAUNTED SPIDER.

round 2.png

In round 2, a combination of snipe attacks from DEATH ELEMENTAL and TWISTED JESTER managed to get rid of MUSHROOM SEER. while DRAGON SPIRIT is critical with 1 health point remaining. Thorn's ability doesn't work because all of my attacks are ranged type.

The HAUNTED SPIRIT defeats the FAILED SUMMONER in Round 3. And from my line of monsters, DRAGON SPIRIT was also eliminated from the fight. The elimination of FAILED SUMMONER made BROWNIE advance to the front row. Also, ELEMENTAL DEATH against BROWNIE face to face.

round 3.png

In round 4, GOBLIN DARTLING attacks DEATH ELEMENTAL, but due to the shield bonus, the attack does not reduce DEATH ELEMENTAL health points. In this round, GOBLIN DARTLING and BROWNIE were eliminated. which leaves 1 monster on the enemy side, namely FURIOUS CICKHEN, which was eliminated by DEATH ELEMENTAL in the 5th round.




In this battle, I have the advantage of reading the history of the enemy's battle. So I prepared an army that could dodge Thorns attack. The monsters I use also have fewer mana points. So I can place four cards. The placement of the Dragon Spirit in the starting lineup gives the archer at the rear an opportunity to finish off the enemy with a snipe attack.

HAUNTED SPIDER tasked with eliminating the enemy who was at the front. Because it doesn't have poison ability, then HAUNTED SPIDER has not shown its potential in this fight. But with the use of HAUNTED SPIDER with 2 ranged attack points, it is very advantageous to use less mana.

Even if the enemy uses high-level cards. If the use is not appropriate and you face an enemy that does not match the ability of the monster, then the possibility of losing will be high.

In this battle, I was able to defeat high-level monsters because I anticipated all the enemies' abilities and looked for openings to attack.

So the use of HAUNTED SPIDER is perfect for battles with few mana points. I use This card is often when facing battles with earth-type monsters. And the HAUNTED SPIDER Card will be better if it is upgraded to level 4 so that its poison abilities appear.

For this fight, my strategy of using HAUNTED SPIDER worked. For other battles, I will try to maximize the abilities of the HAUNTED SPIDER

Okay all, that's all I can share about the fight I played using HAUNTED SPIDER. Thanks for your support. See you in the next post. I hope I can contribute a lot to this community.

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