Splinterlands Weekly Challenge | The Centauri Mage is a ranged attack counter. 🛡


Centauri mage is a rare card-type earth monster. I have this card which I got from opening the reward chest. For the earth card type, I use it more often against water-type cards. Because the combination of Unicorn Mustang and Failed Summoner is very effective to block water-type magic cards.

Monster introduction.

Centauri mage is a magic-type card with high Health Points.

century mage.png

Source from Splinterlands.com

This card has the ability "Return Fire" which is a counter-attack for enemies who use ranged attacks on him. At the 5th level increase, the Centauri mage will have the ability to "Repair" which is a protector for team members who suffered the most armor damage.
The attack speed of a Centauri mage at level 1 is 3 Speed Points.
Centauri mages are very advantageous when fighting against ranged types.

My battle

Preparing for battle.
During the fight this time, I got an enemy who often uses the type of water that I see through the history of the enemy fights. In standard battles using 26 mana points. I prepared Lyanna Natura as a summoner and gathered the members of the monsters for combat.

Team Lineup

Summoner : Lyanna Natura *1
Unicorn Mustang, Failed Summoner, Centauri Mage, Goblin Sorcerer, dan Child Of the forest.

Enemy lineup

Summoner : Tyrus paladium *1
Shieldbearer, Silvershield Knight, Divine Healer, Feral spirit, Elven cutthroat

The strategy this time did not satisfy me. From the start, I predicted that the enemy would use the water team with magic power. It turns out to be a miss and the enemy uses an earth type.

ronde 1.png

In the first round, I was locked in to attack the shieldbearer. With the enemy's shield bonus, the mustang unicorn has not been able to reduce the shieldbearer's health points. Only goblin sorcerers and Centauri mages reduce shieldbearer health points. But in vain because there is a divine healer on the enemy's side.
In this round, the child of the forest is killed.

ronde 2.png

In the second round, I was still busy overhauling the shieldbearer's defense. The goblin sorcerer and Centauri mage continued to attack with their magic. But still in vain because of the divine blade. The mustang unicorn keeps draining its HP. And in this second round, the goblin sorcerer fell, while the enemy did not lose any personnel.

ronde 3.png

In the third round, The Mustang Unicorn continues to experience a decrease in HP. And the Centauri mage also continues to be attacked by two sneak-type enemies. I'm getting helpless.

ronde 4.png

In the 4th round,
The mustang unicorn has run out of HP. So the failed summoner came forward as the front line. Centauri Mage is also a crisis.

ronde 5.png

In the 5th round.
Failed summoners and Centauri magicians were annihilated. And I lost while the enemy did not lose any personnel.

In this fight, I suffered a defeat. Because I misjudged the enemy cards he was going to use. I prepared a team to anticipate water and magic-type enemies. While the enemy uses an earth card type with melee attacks.
The enemies slaughtered me this time.

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Do you use Centauri mage often?

Centauri mage is a card type that is very suitable for combat against ranged attacks. The advantage of this card is its ability to repair armor. However, it may be gained after reaching level 5. As a novice, this card is for me. It's not something I use very often. Because the minimal amount of battle mana doesn't make it possible to put a Centauri mage in the team. But this card is very good if you get a fight with a large amount of mana.

That's my battle experience using the Centauri Mage.

Thanks for your support. See you in the next post. I hope I can contribute a lot to this community.

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