Trying out the first soulbound reward cards I received. SHARE YOUR BATTLE.


The splinterlands have established new regulations. The card rewards in the daily chests this season are soulbound. So, do you possess the most recent card? I'm eager to get the new Soulbound card, just like you are. And I'll test the first Soulbound card I get in this post. Try it out in combat while also going into greater detail about this soulbound card.

So, I'm curious as to which card I received first when I opened the gift chest. I fight in the gold and silver leagues. I was only able to get two chests from daily quests after opening the first chest of the season. And this is what happens when I open it.

Opening the gold league prize chest did not disappoint. It turns out that both contain the most recent series cards. I got a double on the second card and unexpectedly turned it into gold. As a result, I get three common gold cards in one chest. It would be fantastic if you could open a legendary card and find a double card inside, transforming it into gold. Those who get it will undoubtedly be extremely fortunate.

I obtained the Terraceous Grunt and the Gobson Bomber. Both are standard cards. I'll will test the ability of Gobson Bomber, my first soulbound card.


Gobson bomber is a Common neutral elemental card. At the first level, this card has an arrow attack that deals 2 points of damage, a speed of 2 points, and a health point of 3 points. The abilities of the Gobson bomber are recharge and camouflage. That is, the Gobson bomber can only attack after a one-round break. He also has Camouflage abilities, which means will be safe in any position other than the first position.

When you combine 100 cards, the Gibson Bomber gains the Piercing ability, which means that the damage from a recharging attack can penetrate the opponent's shield. Fury abilities can be obtained by combining up to 400 cards. Because soulbound cards cannot be sold, transferred, or burned, you should fight more frequently and collect as many prize chests as possible to reach the maximum level of 400 cards.

Before we discuss the Gobson Bomber's capabilities, let's put it to the test.


This fight has two rulesets and a mana of 38 points. Additional rules, specifically Briar Patch and Up to Eleven, compelled me to play with the death element. Because I don't want to send an army of monsters with melee attacks that will cause the thorn effect to activate. So this is my battle line.

Because of his shield ability and six health points, I put Onyx Sentinel in the first line. Onyx is also prepared if the enemy employs melee monsters.
Riftwing comes in second place. My troops' abilities to fly, scavenge and backfire allow them to delay enemy attacks on my attacking monsters for more than two rounds.
Venari Bonesmith follows as the attacker for the enemy line in the front, with the goal of poisoning the opponent's tanks.
Magi necrosi is an attacker of opposing monsters who are not at the front of the line. In this situation, his camouflage ability keeps him safe.
To weaken the opponent's defense, Lira the Dark became the fastest attacker. The opportunity ability will seek out the most vulnerable opponent monster.
The last position was taken by the Gobson bomber. The hope of placing in the final position so that the ability to recharge can be carried out 2 or 3 times the attack. The attack is expected to occur after another monster breaches the opponent's shield defense.

Single line Black.png



All summoner effects are put into effect at the beginning of the round. both teams' health points are reduced by 1 point. as well as the decrease in magic attacks. We shared the same summoner, which is why it occurred. Gobson Bomber has also recharged his attacks at the start of the round. Right away, my Lira the Dark eliminated the enemy, Life Sapper. While my Venari bonesmith is in a precarious position because of the Lira the Dark opponent's . Fortunately, Venari Bonesmith poisoned Djinn Muirat prior to the round's conclusion.

Magi necrosi is Knocked out by an attack from Lira the dark. Venari Bonesmith received the Gobson bomber's attack as well. The battle against fellow Lira The Dark is in the front row. However, because ranged monsters cannot attack in the first line, that is my advantage. After recharging, Gobson Bomber can finish off Lira The Dark's opponent. As a result, the victory is on my side.

Onyx was defeated in the following round by Lira The Dark's attack. In the meantime, Lira The Dark and Magi Necros were able to work together to defeat the Cabalists. Due to the fact that Djinn Muirat still has a shield, the Gobson Bomber's attack of 6 damage points failed to eliminate the foe.

Lira the Dark was able to remove Djinn Muirat from the fight to start the third round. The Revealer moved forward to the front. My Venari Bonesmith was also eliminated by Lira the dark. Rfitwing's role as a tank in this round is very helpful.

Fourth round. Riftwing is frequently attacked by enemy monsters. However, he survives with only one health point remaining. Luckily the Gobson bomber managed to inflict 6 points of damage on the Revealer. Venari bonesmith advanced to the front of the opposing line-up as a result.

Riftwing was eliminated in round five. Magi necrosi advanced to the front lines. Venari bonesmith attacks while assisting the enemy's Lira The dark. Currently, Lira the Dark's attacks are unable to eliminate Magi necrosi. In this round, Gobson Bomber continues to recharge.

Magi necrosi is Knocked out by an attack from Lira the dark. Venari Bonesmith received the Gobson bomber's attack as well. The battle against fellow Lira The Dark is in the front row. However, because ranged monsters cannot attack in the first line, that is my advantage. After recharging, Gobson Bomber can finish off Lira The Dark's opponent. As a result, the victory is on my side.



  • My strategy was successful in winning this fight, despite the fact that the outcome was a wild guess. I was able to maximize the potential of monsters that were not melee attack monsters. Specifically, by examining the fight's additional rules

  • The Gobson bomber worked well from the middle to the rear of the combat line. To get the most out of the Gobson Bomber, put it in the last position. Because it will give him enough time to recharge his attack. The gobson bomber is protected from sneak attacks thanks to its camouflage capabilities.

  • After recharging, the gobson bomber attack will be a powerful blow that can eliminate the monster opponent in one strike. The gobson bomber's attack deals 6 points of damage at the first level I use. Naturally, the damage increases as the level does.

  • Use the Gobson Bomber in tandem with other monsters that can destroy an opponent's shields. It would be unfortunate if the recharge attack only hit the foe's shield.

  • By upgrading the gobson bomber to level 6, the problem with the opponent's shield can be solved. Since the gobson bomber will acquire a piercing ability at level 6, it will be able to deal damage even if the opponent is wearing a shield.

  • This card must be found through the treasure chests in order to unlock the highest level because it is soulbound. For a greater chance of cards appearing, up the battle and move up to the diamond league and higher.

Thank you to everyone who has read this far; I hope you enjoyed it.

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And have fun in the Splinterlands !!!.

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