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Hello everyone, Welcome to my Splinterlands Social Media Challenge post. In this post, I will talk about Magic Reflect Ability, Opportunity Ability, Lookout Ability, Amplify Ability, and Void Ability, and I will also talk about an amazing battle. I hope it will be useful for you.

In Splinterlands, all abilities are very effective in battles when they are used with a good strategy, and some of them, combined with other different abilities, increase their effectiveness incredibly. Let's examine some of these abilities in battle.


Battle Link

Battle Ruleset

  • Counterspell: All Monsters have the Magic Reflect ability.
  • Equal Opportunity: All Monsters have the Opportunity ability.
  • Wands Out: Only Monsters with Magic attack may be used in battles.

According to the ruleset of the battle, all monsters in this battle will have Magic Reflect Ability and Opportunity Ability, and only Monsters with Magic attack may be used. Wow, the battle has three of my favorite rulesets and I will be using the strategy I believe will be most effective in this battle.

Void Ability

First of all, I will choose Immortalis as the Summoner so that all Monsters in my team have the Void Ability and I will be especially careful that the Monsters I add to my team do not have more than 2 magic attacks. Thus, if the opposing player does not have the Amplify Ability in their lineup, the Monsters in my team will not take Magic damage back. Additionally, thanks to the Void Ability, the damage caused by Magic attacks will be reduced by 50%.

In battle, all Monsters will have the Magic Reflect Ability, so I will also include the Amplify Ability in my lineup. When used together, the Magic Reflect Ability and Amplify Ability cause magic attackers to suffer more, so I like this combo. Additionally, all monsters in my team will have the Void Ability, which means that all enemy magic attack monsters will be able to take back more damage than the damage they deal.

In such a battle, such a strategy is the one that is very effective against magic attackers. But that's not enough, I want the enemies to suffer more, let's make my strategy even more poweful.

In this battle, all monsters will have the Opportunity Ability, so I also included the Lookout Ability in my lineup. In the last position I put Mycelic Slipspawn with the Taunt Ability, and right next to it I put Ujurak Mystic with the Lookout Ability. And considering that Mycelic Slipspawn will gain the Magic Reflect Ability and Void Ability in this battle, this strategy will be very brutal for the opposing team. Magic attacks of 2 and lower will not even deal damage to Mycelic Slipspawn, but they will take +1 increased magic back damage thanks to the Amplify Ability.

It is really difficult to counter such a strategy in such a battle. Also, including the Triage Ability in my lineup would have made my strategy even stronger, but I didn't think there would be much need for this ability in this battle, so I gave up. However, I added the Tank Heal Ability to my lineup to make it harder to destroy the Monster in the first position.


You can watch the entire battle from the video or from the Battle Link.

The battle lasted only 2 rounds, and at the end of the battle, while all the monsters on the opposing team were destroyed, no monsters on my team could be destroyed. The most interesting thing is that the Monsters in my team's backline took no damage in the battle. Since Quora Towershead had both magic and melee attacks, although it damaged Suidae Shaman, it had no chance of destroying it.

It is really difficult to counter such a strategy in such a battle, so I take care to set such strategies in such battles. Additionally, including the Triage Ability into such a strategy will prevent even the most powerful teams from achieving victory. In this battle, I could have added Spirit Hoarder with the Triage Ability to my team, but Spirit Hoarder only has 3 health and if I had added it to my team, I would have had to remove Suidae Shaman or Runemancer Florre from the team, so I gave up on adding Spirit Hoarder to my team. However, if the battle's mana cap was 45 or less, I would add Spirit Hoarder to my team.

Brief descriptions of the abilities I mentioned above;

  • Magic Reflect Ability : When hit with Magic damage, does half the Magic damage (rounded up) back to the attacker.
  • Amplify Ability : Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy units by 1.
  • Opportunity Ability : Units with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Unit with the lowest health.
  • Lookout Ability : Adjacent Units receive 1 less damage from attackers with sneak, snipe and opportunity. Additionally all units take half damage from ambushes as long as a Lookout unit is on your team.
  • Void Ability : Reduced damage from Magic attacks by 50%.
  • Tank Heal Ability : Restores a third of max health to the Unit in the first position each round.
  • Triage Ability : Heals the friendly back-line Unit that has taken the most damage by a third of max health.

I have already talked about the abilities above, so I will not talked about the abilities again, please take a look above, also if you have anything you want to ask, feel free to ask, I will be happy to answer them.

All Images Taken from Splintelands.

What are your thoughts on the battle and my strategy? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

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Thank you for reading.

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