Achieving Victory with Last Moment Luck. And Rare NFT Card Giveaway


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I shared a very interesting my battle with you in the video. Frankly, while I thought I lost this battle, I won this battle with the last moment chance.

I love seeing these kinds of battles because winning these kinds of battles is more exciting to me. I think the victory that comes with the last chance from a moment when you lose hope of winning makes everyone happy and a smile on their faces.

Frankly, battles like these teach me to never give up hope until the last moment. I love Splinterlands, it makes me both excited and happy, and it's a lot of fun.


I will also make a draw among those who share their battles similar to my battle in the video. I will send VENARI WAVESMITH as a prize to the winners. Please only share your interesting battles.

  • If there is 1 to 10 entries, there will be 1 winner.
  • If there are more than 10 entries, there will be 2 winners.
  • If there are more than 20 entries, there will be 3 winners.
  • If there are more than 30 entries, there will be 4 winners.
  • If there are more than 40 entries, there will be 5 winners.
  • If there are more than 50 entries, there will be 6 winners.

A player can participate more than once, provided that they share their interesting battles. To participate, simply share the link of an interesting battle in the comment.

Good luck.

Battle Link

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By the way, I forgot to add it to the content of the post, the winner will be announced in 3 days.

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